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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Court Filing Describes Slaying of Rising Fashion Star

On Dec 19th 2011, another senseless act occurred. Dionne Deshawn Moody was murdered. The only thing Mr. Moody did wrong was try to be nice to a stranger. This stranger however, had a different motive.
The coward in question is Cortez Smith. A 17 year old whose violent act altered not just his life; but several others.

What's interesting is that Cortez lived a block away from Mr. Moody. I'm gonna assume that Cortez had seen Mr. Moody on occasion, seeing the well adjusted young man going to and from work everyday.

The problem with people like Cortez is that you see it, you want it, and you'll take it at any cost. Unfortunately while doing so, bad decisions are made.

From what the Chicago Tribune reported, Cortez approached Mr. Moody and asked him did he have change for $10.00. Mr. Moddy placed his groceries down and pulled out his wallet. Meanwhile, Cortez pulled out a gun.
Long story short, Mr. Moody tried to get into his house and Cortez shot Mr. Moody in the back of the head.

Why pull out a gun? Why shoot him? Why kill him?

The other alternative would have been to just rob him. I don't condone robbery, but I'll settle for the lesser of two evils.

This is why people like Cortez make it bad for the next guy. It is why people are so hesitant to extend a helping hand to those who might actually need it.

Cortez will spend if not his whole life, maybe 85% of it in jail. One bad decision unfortunately took two lives that night.

I've come to the conclusion that I no longer feel for people who commit senseless acts.

There's no reason Mr. Moody should not be on this earth right now. I really don't want to hear that Cortez didn't have a father. I didn't either, but I, and several other people have managed to be okay.

Now I'm sure on January 24th, 2012, on Cortez's next court date, there will be family members standing in court in solidarity to let Cortez know, they love him. Which is a joke.
Meanwhile you have another family that has just laid to rest Mr. Moody to let them know they love him.

I never met Mr. Moody but I know people who knew him. They all had nothing but nice things to say about him.
I will not call Mr. Moody a rising fashion star - anyone that is doing their own thing successfully in my opinion, has already made it.

Due to the dumb decision that Cortez made on that night, it's a shame that the rest of the world never got a chance to see Mr. Moody's work.

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  1. I know Cortez, I just don't see him doing this... I feel for the Moody family, but, I have to believe Cortez is innocent.