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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black Disciples Leader Who Ran Drugs & Gun Trade, Dead at 60

One of the most dangerous hobbitts of this century has left this world.

Jerome "King Shorty" Freeman died unbelievably of natural causes.

You would think with all the violence he inflicted upon the community, someone would have gotten hold of him. Jerome was head of the Black Disciples gang ruling the South Side of Chicago.

At 5 ft. tall, Jerome ruled the B.D.'s with platform shoes and an iron fist. Gun and drug trafficking was his job.
Jerome became even better at this job while behind bars, which says a lot about the penal system.

I refuse to call Jerome, "Mr. Freeman" as he is referred as by some people. I cannot respect in life or death a guy that took so much and cared so little about life, in particular another person's life.

This midget and people like him, set a standard of ignorance and buffoonery like no others. Assholes like him are looked upon as kings and the young in their communities idolize them and what (little) they stand for.
The countless murders that he committed or ordered and the selling of guns and drug sales have torn our community and others like it, to shreds.

Tio Hardiman, of Ceasefire, wants to make damn sure everyone knows that Jerome, in his retirement years, began a new life of peace.
Somewhere between the killings and prison, Jerome had a moment of clarity and decided to distance himself from the B.D.'s.

Tio, try to explain that "peaceful turnaround" bullshit to a person who lost a friend or family member at the hands of Jerome and his boys.

When they are doing a long bid in the pen, these misguided bitches always wanna chop off their dredlocks, cut off their braids, and find God and peace.

There's no closure for the people he's harmed.

At 60 years old, he found peace, so forgive me if I don't wish that little fucker the best in the afterlife.


  1. Who are you and where did you get your information from. You are either a little torched sole, Harboring some deep down hidden issues, or you spoke with the wrong informant. I am 37 year old and in all my days I have yet to see Mr. Freeman wear a pair of platform shoes. Nor have I ever seen the malice or death dealing be handed down from him. I won’t say that he like ever man on this earth has not committed sin but unlike all men he recognized his faults and did what he felt best and that was to help undo what he alone did not create. I watched this man sat a table with someone who took to the life from one of his own flesh and blood. Not only did he sit there but he opened up his arms and embraced that man helped him find a job and made sure no harm be fail that man. Has Mr. Freeman ever taken a life that I do not know for sure but what I do know and will tell you is that if he did. He understood the error in his ways and became an advocate for peace and a better life for those in the community where he once carried out his deeds. You say this Mr. Freeman care little about life then I wonder for the life of me why then did such a cruel person support needy children in that very community where I understand he did his deeds. Did you know the man came for a single mother and a preacher father that passed and left her with 13 children to support? While I understand that there are better ways to live a life and that there are better choices that could have been made. He chose at that time what he was strong at and in doing so he gave a lot. I can recall many a days when he purchased shoes, clothing, bought bikes, and bused children from Englewood to skating rinks and great America and then paid for it all out of that drug money. I do not recall him ever seeking out a kid and forcing him or her in to a life of selling drugs. I do however remember him encouraging them to go to school. But, you can’t make any person do what is not in them to do and maybe he was wrong with sheltering them and allowing them to do what they already made up there minds to do. So, you tell me was his means right maybe no but his heart sure was. People in this world fail themselves when they speak with only half truths. Stop being bias and tell the whole story and not just your overly exaggerated truth. Evil greedy people think of themselves and there own livelihood but Mr. Freeman often put people before himself and his family. I witnessed this caring less about where he laid his head and being more concerned in the end about help our youth remain at peace. Cease fire is right to honor him because he stop a lot of killings and was able to go and appeal to people and children you will never be able to reach for lack of understand and a bias point of view.

  2. At the end of the day, this man had blood on his hands but there a forgiving GOD who is the true King of Glory and hopefully he repented to this God, basked in God's grace and mercy accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior (and not the false god David Barksdale's introduced him to = money/pseudo power) and forgave himself. We have an eternal life to live. Each night you must ask yourself what have you done on this earth to make someone's life better. If you can name one thing each night, you are doing your work/fulfilling your purpose here on earth. He was the great uncle to Dantrell Davis. The little 7 year old boy who was shot in 1992. Freeman was in jail running the BDs and serving a sentence. What we do affects not only us but all of us as a whole...don't be naïve to think that this young 7 year old was not a victim to his great uncle's actions and thus furthered the generational curse that his great uncle perpetuated. Unfortunately, Dantrell was the sacrificial lamb...and at the end of the day when you are 60 years old, you think about what you did as a 20 year old and what you did then may come back to hunt you as a 60 year old if you are not serving the true and living God.