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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Michael Dunn...Not Guilty!!!!!

That's how BLACK AMERICA viewed the outcome of the trial of Michael (I felt threatened) Dunn.

The most important count was a mistrial!

The count that got his racist ass arrested in the first place!

The count that took the life of a young man doing nothing but being black!

The count that should have sent this motherfucker way for life!


The same prosecutor that handled the Zimmerman case, fucked this up as well.

Angela Corey, the prosecutor for the case, has said to demand  retrial for 1st degree murder.

Before anyone wants to quote and say because it was not premeditated that they could not try him for mansalughter.


I'm sure in Florida, there are countless BLACK AMERICANS who didn't know their rights, were tried and convicted for the same shit that Michael(I felt threatened) Dunn got away with!

Here's my theory and Michael(I felt threatened) helped with this thought process.

As was reported, he did not like the young men in the SUV speaking to him in that manner.

He assumed as most whites that have that racist gene.

That black folks should be seen and not heard.

That we should know our place!

That at the end of the day, in his and all racist's mind, we ain't shit!!

How dare Jordan Davis talk back to him.

There are a lot of people that want shit to go back to the way it used to be.

Some are absolutely glad we are killing each other or dying from drug overdoses.

What AMERIKA needs to be concerned about the wave of black on white crime that's occurred!

How much more do you think black folks will take?!!

If the punishment doesn't fit the crime, chances are people will take matters into their own hands.

I don't condone violence, unless you are defending yourself.

I just happen to notice shit before it happens.

These kids today just need a hint of a reason to act a damn fool!

The more injustice that occurs against BLACK AMERICANS, the worst it will get!

 Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton,shit even Rodney King. To name a few.

How much more bullshit do think a race will take?

It's quite apparent that Florida has had issues with black folks for years.

 Harry and Harriette Moore founded the NAACP in Brevard County Fla.

In 1951 their house was bombed and both were murdered!

Who did it you asked?

Three cowardly BITCHES from the KKK!!

Folks, it only took 55 years of investigation to figure that out.

It was also convenient for the three bitches to be dead.

Isn't that always the case, too old or too dead.

I don't expect the most prominent BLACK
celebrities to have a say.

Too busy worrying about their image!!

Too busy worrying about their endorsements!

Too busy worrying if they will rub AMERIKA the wrong fucking way!

 Florida better get another prosecutor!

Florida better changed their laws.

Florida better get their shit together!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Do You Expect Me To Feel?!!!

In the past few days I've become angrier!!

For those that know me, it doesn't take much.

The violence here has spiked some what.

No more than usual.

It's just put me in a bad space mentally and emotionally.

Maybe because its black history month.

We should be on a prideful high.

But instead, more of these lil fuckers out here getting arrested, getting killed and getting away with murder.

 An off duty Sheriff sent a thug to the after life, when that fool and his two friends picked on the wrong guy.!

Two out of three idiots were arrested for another incident (MURDER)!

Shop owner trying to close his store was killed by three COWARDS!

From watching the news, one of his older relatives said it wasn't him and he wouldn't do anything like that.

He goes to church. Yet it was reported that he had served three years for illegal use of a weapon.

So "Miss he not that type of guy" its obvious he has more knowledge of weapons than you think!!

Why is it always the women that are related to these fools that have the dumbest shit to say?!!!

If lil Ray-Ray is sporting tattoos on his cheeks and neck, that's a red flag!!

He has no desire to be part of the work force.

He plans to be a rapper, drug dealer or spend the rest of his life working in the basement of Macy's shipping and receiving, where he won't be seen or heard!!

Folks posting that these fools were respectful to them.

That be mindful that they had family that loved them.

What about the strangers?

Where is the outcry when we kill one another?!!

Where is Jaime Foxx?!!

He always has an answer as to why Lil Man and them rob and kill or promote dog fighting!!

People that are living their lives, not looking for trouble!

But of course if another race said something about the incident, they would be a racist RIGHT?!!

Cold blooded killers just like ZIMMERMAN right?!!

So folks miss me with that bullshit.

These fools out here reckless, taking our asses out for sport!

You expect me to mourn or feel sorry HELL NO!!

If that gun law passes where I can carry, best believe I'm on high alert.

Can't get gas!

Can't close my store!

Can't shop!

Can't go out with friends or family!

 Shit,we can't breath without one of these stupid bitches trying to take from us!

They don't want to be saved!

They don't want to work!

They don't want to get an education!

They don't care!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Martin Luther King's children at it again!!

We're only in the first week of black history month.

Here's what's going on with THEM King kids.

Bernice, Dexter and Martin III...better known as Martin Luther King Jr's kids, are at it again!

Martin III & Dexter are suing their sister Bernice.

They want what appears to be the most valuable assets left of Dr. King's legacy!

A bible that he carried and his Nobel Peace Prize.

The very thing he practiced & preached,
(PEACE) didn't translate to his kids!

They didn't get the memo.

I'm guessing all four including Yolanda(deceased) agreed to never part with these two items.

Since Yolanda's passing, these three have been crabs in a barrel.

One moment its Bernice and Dexter against Martin III.

One moment its Bernice and Martin III against Dexter.

So now its Martin III and Dexter against Bernice.

Questions have swirled around THEM King kids for years.

How THEM King kids have run Dr. King's estate in the ground.

So busy drowning each other that THEM King kids only come up for air to grab another piece of history to sell.

I can say for me, that this was supposed be our Camelot (Kennedys) for Black America.

This was supposed to be a first family for generations to come.

Before Barack and Michelle, they were the last family that we looked to for hope.

That we as Black Americans could hold heads high, chest out and smile with pride.

Well that shit ain't happening.

At this point it's kind of comical

As my dad said "We took a lot back then".

Lot meaning a lot of ass beatings just for being black.

So I'm wondering what the fuck was it for?

We should  celebrate and cherish what Dr. King accomplished

But THEM King kids won't allow that!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Black History Month

I never think to celebrate black history month.

I just make it a point to celebrate 365 days a year.

But it's not just history for black Americans.

The lessons are for people of other ethnic backgrounds.

I figure others have more to learn and need to realize we are more than what has been shown.

We are not just professional  athletes. 

We are not just rappers.

Contrary to popular belief we don't have own the market when it comes to getting drugs in the hood. 

We are intellectuals.

We are professionals.

We are educators.

We are so much more than what the media purposely portrays.

So, I thank everyone for using social media, that show black Americans from the past 

that has and will continue to have a positive influence on America and beyond.