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Monday, November 11, 2013

What makes a man, a man?

 Unfortunately I’ve had to listen to some of the dumbest shit on ESPN in the past few weeks regarding this crap between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.
Apparently Incognito is a DICK in everyone’s eyes but his teammates.

An incident happened a while ago between Incognito and a women at a golf course.
She was treated lousy. I won’t go into details but, she was handsomely paid by the Dolphins, to keep quite.
Past issues on and off the field  tells me what I need to know.
Richie is a DICK!!!
The situation between DICK and Jonathan Martin has rubbed the machos the wrong way.
All I’m hearing is Jonathan should have been a man.
Jonathan broke the code; Jonathan could never play with me.
Who says stupid shit like that??
The so called men past and present of the NFL!
Antonio Pierce…retired linebacker for the New York Giants,  and football analyst for ESPN, has pretty much been on a rant of rage and hate directed towards Mr. Martin.
So, Mr. Pierce he should be like your team mate Plaxico Burress and get caught with a handgun, arrested and having to apologize for making a dumb decision carrying a gun RIGHT?!!
Cause Mr. Pierce, that’s what real men do right?!!

How about you Ricky Williams?
y was a first round pick for the Saints, who also made manly decisions (dumb) during his tenure with the Saints and Dolphins.
Ricky criticized Jonathan as well, for not being a man.
Ricky, smoked so much weed while in the NFL that he became the most docile and lazy fuck on the planet. The man that Mike Ditka gave up so much for to get him on his team!
How dare you call him a quitter when you did the same, but for different reasons.
Jonathan's was an intellectual decision, while yours Ricky, was twigs and TOPS!!
I’ve saved the best for last!!
Lawrence Taylor…L.T., coke head, adulterer, Mr. found himself in a hotel with a minor a few years ago!!
This man is the postal child for dysfunction when it comes to MANLY men!
Lawrence, I can’t take anything you say and have respect for you.
Sir, you didn’t respect the game you played.
You had so much shit going on that I would be amazed you would remember!

The three of you are not men!
The three of you are what they call FUCK UPS!!

Unfortunately, society and good lawyers overlook your bullshit!!
To criticize a man for not wanting to fight is unacceptable!

I don’t know what transpired between Jonathan and Richie, my issue is with you fucking felons, weed heads, gun toting, underachieving, coke addicts and adulterers coming out of rehab or wherever to give and opinion on a guy, they never played with or probably never met!

If that’s what being a MAN is, I’ll take the intellectual from Stanford!