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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The South Is Seemingly Stuck on Santorum...

So, Rick Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi.

Folks you should not be surprised. In my opinion, the Southern states are are the most racist, conservative, backward, backwoods thinking states in the United States. If some people of the South had their way, we would still be living in the 1800's and minorities would be soo fucked.

It is like modern thinking ended around the Civil War down there - I mean most of their state capitals still have versions of the Confederate Flag flying.
They've convinced themselves that the Confederate cause wasn't the act of traitorous terrorism against the U.S., but of preserving their glorious way of life built on the backs of slave labor and booting Native Americans from their own land.

But I digress...

To prove my point, these are just a few recent stupid ass situations that only folks in the South would try to accomplish while promoting their dumbass way of thinking.

The Feds had to block a recent Texan voter ID law because a huge block of Latinos wouldn't be eligible to vote and over half of the GOP voters in Alabama and Mississippi think that President Obama is a Muslim.

Yes, Zeke and them think O-bam-ma is one of those "praying to Mecca" basterds despite provable evidence to the contrary.

Really, Dirty South, we're still harping on this shit?

I guess when they questioned his citizenship and that didn't work, they went back to that mad lab of fuckery they call a brain, and said that he is not a Christian either.

I guess throw whatever you can and see what sticks to the wall, right?

At least one Louisiana Senator had the good sense to help repeal the Creationist law for schools this week that excluded teaching evolution,a fact-based science, in classes there. It gives me hope that there are some Southerners that do live with us in the 21st century.
How that law remained on the books for more than three years is amazing - talk about putting your kids at a global disadvantage. I guess they have just gotten the news that the earth is not flat too.

I would say it is laughable, but when Americans start believing the shit that Santorum is shoveling, there's a serious cause for concern.

Santorum stated that going to college changes the "Christian way of thinking". Mind you, this is coming from a guy who has a few graduate degrees under his belt. Do as I say, not as I've done.
He got his but doesn't want you to get yours.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Basically, Santorum said I want all Americans uneducated.
That way, the major corporations that are backing my "Christian" ass don't have to pay you a high salary with benefits, cause you believed the hype.

Rick "Slave to Sweater Vests" Santorum has also tried to call the President "an elitist" for wanting people to be able to get higher education if they want it, the operative words being, "if they want it". Ricky out-right lied and said the President wants everyone to go to college, damn him! How effin crazy is that?

Has anyone wondered why Republicans, at least the high ranking Republicans have not endorsed or backed Santorum or Romney?

They're nervous of the prospect that either one of these guys could successfully represent their party against Mr. Obama.

Which brings us back to the Tea Party and the Republican party, (basically the same party), trying anything and everything to discourage voters away from the President.

The desperation is amazing and reaching fantastical proportions!

I'm just waiting for Fox News, Rush "Limpdick" Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michele Malkin, the Breitbart Report, and the Tea party to come up with the next lie made straight for fiction and TV.

Let's see: Mr. President...

You love your wife and don't seem to be an adulterer.
Seems to be a great and attentive father to your children.
A methodical thinker who analyzes the facts and tries to make decisions for the long term.
Don't throw tantrums or fits or goes to war because "God told you to".
You try and make sure to look out for the poor and middle class despite the efforts of Congress to block meaningful legislation for the lower classes.
You try not to play the good ole boys game.

Wait...that's not a man that should be President.