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Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Stand Your Ground Case From Florida - This Time It's Two Males

Here we go again ladies and gentlemen, another senseless act of shooting violence in Florida, where the victims were two unarmed black men. Lukace Kendle, a 26 year old white hispanic man,(that sound you here is that minority card being played), happened by a parked car in front of a strip club where the two future victims were sitting last weekend. It is unclear how or if any altercation started, but whatever happened escalated to the point of the murder of 29 year old Kijuan Byrd, and the now barely alive, 31 year old Michael Smathers who is in critical condition. Mr. Kendle told police after his arrest that he felt threatened by them. Not sure how threatened you can be when you have a gun and two unarmed men that are sitting in a car outside of the strip joint that you work! How threatened can you feel, that you unload eleven bullets into one individual and the remaining four into the other victim? Oh yeah, two of those bullets were shot in the back of one of the victims. Obviously, Mr. Byrd and Mr. Smathers were trying to get out of this fool's way. Of course, Kendle is licensed to carry a firearm and works as a Miami night club security guard! Of course, Kendle walked around free for almost a whole week before he was arrested, because of the huge public outcry once the story got out and not because he actually killed someone and critically injured another. But there's that Stand Your Ground Law that Floridians holds so near and dear to their hearts. Kendle is now is behind bars and has been charged with second degree murder of Mr. Byrd and attempted second degree murder of Mr. Smathers. Black folks, especially black young men, it might be a good idea to migrate to another state - Stand Your Ground does not work in your favor, whether you are innocent or not. It can be used as a "get out of jail free" card, with not many questions asked, no matter the circumstances or details. I'm sure other details will come out about this case; but I do know that there is something really foul going on in Florida when it comes to laws and voting - but that's another post.

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  1. Ridiculous! You have no background on the situation and absolutely no idea what actually happened and yet you still spew forth your race-baiting liberal garbage.