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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christian Group Uses “Crosshairs” in Ad to Get Support For Banning Gay Marriage

I've always been a firm believer that if you're trying to shock me into agreeing with some shit, somethings definitely wrong.

Christian groups are the most annoying at this, I've found. The Republican party checks in at a close second, but I digress...

So-called "Christians" have a tendency to tell their dumbass followers that the world's a mess and that this or that particular group is the reason. One of their favorite scrapegoats are the gays.

A certain Christian shock group is now using a picture that shows a straight couple in an open field embracing. Covering the picture is a "crosshair" symbol. Are we to assume that the gays are aiming and trying to do away with straight marriage? Christian? I think not.

Here's the problem, these types of Christian motherfuckers worry too much about everything instead of the right thing.

It seems like for every small civil right that is gained for gay people and gay couples seems to make these bastards more anxious about their standing in society - why the paranoia?

Don't worry, gay marriages if legal, won't threaten your marriage, which has more than a 50% probability of failing anyway for hetero first marriages, second marriages are even worse - they stand at about 60 -67% failure rate.

Oh, here's a good one. Why is the (straight) divorce rate up? Obviously straight folks are having a hard time staying together and that ain't got shit to do with gay folks. Why are these hypocrites so threatened?

You have to ask yourself, what is really going on?

Let's give you sour bitches some real subjects to really chew about truly free education disappearing, growing poverty levels, the horrible economy, the fact that women and girls are abused at crazy rates by supposed "loved ones", etc...

Why are you "Christians" getting caught up with judging others and all kinds of "un-Christian" shit? You should be out doing charitable deeds and being a part of the solution instead of creating another problem!

And on the subject of gays, some of the most vocal Christians don't have the best track record.

How about Reverend Long who stormed the streets of Atlanta blasting gays and their deviant behavior? Later on, it comes out that Rev. Long likes giving it to boys in the ass, okay, Rev. Longstroke!

Then, there was Ted Haggard who as the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, used to regulary "blast" gays in his fire and brimstone sermons. Turns out, Teddy had a full-time male lover at his church and a part-time piece who doubled as his masseur. Yes, folks his wife has stood by him as evidenced on "Oprah" as he grapples with his on/off again the way, he is now sorry for all the gays he hurt in his sermons....uh, okay.

Let's continue to Jimmy Swaggert who got caught in a hotel room with a prostitute and constantly solicting sex. Let's not forget Jim Baker and all the adulterous shit he did.

Last, but not least, there is Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. who fathered an out-of wedlock kid several years ago. With the exception of Jackson, these losers had you spend money blindly to build up their egos and mega churches.

Smoke screens are for losers.

The last time "crosshairs" were used in some fingerpointing propaganda, Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was critically injured and several people were shot and killed. The gunman had supposedly been partially "inspired" by some information from that mental midget, Sarah Palin's "politicians in the crosshairs" site.

The same "Christians" that are blasting gays, are the same ones doing the most dirt.

You throw stones, then I need to toss boulders at your mis-directed asses!

Man Charged in Church’s Shootings

Arthur "The Rifleman" Chaney who walked in Church's Chicken, with gun blazing, bullets flying, and shooting everything and everyone but the intended target was officially charged with murder.

Mr. Quick Draw was charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder - quite impressive for an idiot 22 year old.

What is running through a person's mind, in this case Art's, during an altercation that escalates to murder?

What and the fuck are these knuckle heads processing in their minds to make them just open fire on a restaurant full of people? I'm sure had you asked management to close early so you could finish your "discussion" she would have obliged.

What really disgust me is that these punks run fast as hell from the scene after shooting - no "manning up" from them....let's wreck havoc and take off like a coward. If you're man enough to pull a gun and shoot people, why run away? You're tough, right?

I always wanna be in court for fools like him. Arthur's whole family will come down to support him, a couple of friends throwing gang signs will make an appearance, there will be a baby's mama or two with a squealing child, and the crying mother of this mess of a son, and you know she'll get the best lawyer public assistance can buy.

I end this by stating once again: Be the man, take the bullet, and take the consequences for your actions, SON!!!

Police officer shot at 2nd job

Clifton Lewis, a Chicago Police officer who had taken a side job at a convenience store to help pay for his wedding,(he proposed to his fiance on Christmas Day), was shot and killed by two hoodlums trying to rob the store where he was employed. Reports state that Officer Lewis never stood a chance to defend himself - he was basically ambushed.

In recent years, it seems police officers seem to have a bullseye on their backs. From all personal testimonies, Officer Lewis set the standard as to how a black man and more importantly, how a good man should present himself.

He was a great father to his 11 year old daughter, was a beloved father figure to his fiance's son, who by the way, is in college, and he loved the community where he lived and was always there to help others.

We always hear about the "bad" cops which makes Officer Lewis' death even more sad. Maybe it's just me, but I'm so sick of the "gangsta league" getting away with shit.

Why can't we just pick these bitches off? No, really hear me out.

It just seems like these rejects look for uniforms and badges, so why can't I just drive by and put a bullet in everyone's head who's wearing a black hoodie or a white t-shirt and hanging on a street corner or porch all day, everyday?

I want justice for all the innocents killed by these trashy hoodlums!

The old negro spirituals method of walking down the street with arms locked and trying to reason and talk sense into these fools isn't working. I get so sick of people talking about compassion for these fools and their plight. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions and maybe choosing to do the right thing?

Sometimes a stronger stance has to be taken - how many of the good guys have to be taken out by these fools who don't value anything or anyone?

Oh, I forgot, we have to remember, that the ACLU and other civil rights groups are worried about us violating their rights.

Where the fuck are they when innocent people rights and lives are taken?