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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Man Charged in Church’s Shootings

Arthur "The Rifleman" Chaney who walked in Church's Chicken, with gun blazing, bullets flying, and shooting everything and everyone but the intended target was officially charged with murder.

Mr. Quick Draw was charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder - quite impressive for an idiot 22 year old.

What is running through a person's mind, in this case Art's, during an altercation that escalates to murder?

What and the fuck are these knuckle heads processing in their minds to make them just open fire on a restaurant full of people? I'm sure had you asked management to close early so you could finish your "discussion" she would have obliged.

What really disgust me is that these punks run fast as hell from the scene after shooting - no "manning up" from them....let's wreck havoc and take off like a coward. If you're man enough to pull a gun and shoot people, why run away? You're tough, right?

I always wanna be in court for fools like him. Arthur's whole family will come down to support him, a couple of friends throwing gang signs will make an appearance, there will be a baby's mama or two with a squealing child, and the crying mother of this mess of a son, and you know she'll get the best lawyer public assistance can buy.

I end this by stating once again: Be the man, take the bullet, and take the consequences for your actions, SON!!!

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