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Thursday, September 12, 2013

When It's Okay To Call A Person The "N" Word.

I'm  leaving the house to take a evening stroll, when I hear this "lady" shouting and laughing.

"Ha ha, now what?

"That's what you get!"

"I hope you die!"

I look to see who this"lady" is screaming at and its the only white neighbor on her block.

He's stunned and lying flat on his back.

From what I gathered two coward ass black dudes decided to beat him with an aluminum bat and leave him for dead.

I wish I could have recorded this bitch and her 4.5 kids harassing him!

This "lady" also allowed one of kids, who was maybe 9 years old, spray the gentleman with something.

So the ignorance is passed on!

I'll probably be choking the shit out of the kid in a few years!

When I see two older black guys approach him, I assumed they were trying to help him.

Nope!! These two bastards tell  witnesses, me included "don't call the police".

Of course I called 911.

As the paramedics and the police arrive, the big mouth bitch rounds up her version of the Waltons and runs away.

Like the average coward, fools move fast like they're roaches and the police are a can of fucking raid!!

Wait for it....That ladies and gents is the definition of a NIGGER, NIGGUH, NIGGA!!!

I  don't condone name calling.

When you have a ratchet ass chick and neighbors that should know better, hoping that a person  dies, they're placed in that category.

I used to feel sorry for these fools!

I don't!! I'm fucking exhausted! 

Hoping the best for you unproductive motherfuckers is a full time job!

A position I don't recall applying for! 

At the end of the day, he is a human being who needed assistants.

An older male came along with something in his waist band telling ray ray and them to stay away from him.

This gentleman also called the police and stayed until help arrived.

Karma is a bitch..."lady"! 

Just remember that when it slaps the fuck out of you and Ray-Ray!!

Then you simple fucks wonder why things are never right.

You question why life keeps riding your ass without a saddle!

Instead of wishing the worst for him. why not just put me out of my fucking misery and

                                   KILL YOURSELF!!

George Zimmerman...Update

Just a quick shout out to all the Zimmerman supporters.

He's an even bigger idiot than I thought.

Since that fool slithered his away out of a conviction, he's been a busy bee!

Zimmerman has managed to stay in the (I say on purpose) limelight.

A traffic stop(speeding).

Admitted during the stop that he had a gun in is glove compartment. 

Wife divorcing him.

Decides to venture over to his soon to be ex wife's father's house and give pops a pistol whipping.

One thing I can say, some of you may be right.
He's not a racist.

He's a complete ASSHOLE!!!.

He likes the attention.

Just looking and listening to his parents explains a lot.

The stoic personality, the "George has been raised not to show emotion".

He may not show any emotion, but that fucker is carrying on like he has no regard for people or life in general.

Not being in the news on the regular, I guessed ticked him off.

Unless someone else has another theory, I would say that fool is trying to get himself killed!

If I knew I had a target on my back, I would stay in hiding.

I wouldn't be driving around in my brand new pickup(thanks for the donations that went towards his trial DUMBASSES!!)

Then again, if my dad constantly got my ass out of a jam all my life, maybe I would be so bold to be so pompous!!!