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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich: Morality At It's Finest

Just saw a clip from the latest Republican Debate in South Carolina.

"Getting It In" Gingrich was upset by the first question from the moderator is seems that Newt was appalled, insulted, upset, and get this he felt violated.

Any other time, I would say don't bring personal matters into a political debate but this is the same guy who while married to his then second wife, was having a 7 year affair with now wife, Callista.

If you don't remember, during his affair, "Getting It In" who as Speaker of the House, was asking for the impeachment of President Clinton.
Gingrich said at the time that Clinton was destroying the moral fiber of our nation.

I suppose that screwing some bitch for 7years while married had nothing to do with moral fiber.

For those that don't know, this fool was kicked out as House Speaker because of the bullshit he's always involved. His own party gave him "no confidence" votes - how pathetic is that?

I hope Callista never gets ill, Newt has a tendency to quit a bitch when she becomes sick and needs support.
You see, "King of Morality" divorced his first wife after she was diagnosed with cancer.
"Mr. Classy" also left his second wife via a phone conversation shortly after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and was tending to her dying mother. And according to her, when his cheating with Callista came to light, he wanted her to accept the fact, and have an open marriage. This fat fuck has a habit of wanting his cake and eating it too.

To see these dumbass GOP supporters at the debate giving this fool a standing ovation was amazing! Now "Getting It In" Gingrich has the support of more idiots wearing blinders.

I wouldn't be so upset with people like him, if these assholes weren't always living in glass houses and tossing stones.

Supporters like his, are the ones to question our President on his citizenship; but look the other way when confronted with this portly, arrogant fuck about his infidelities and habitual lying. It is a slap in the face to all of us! I guess his proclaiming that his newfound religion, in the form of Catholicism, has wiped his slate clean - Yeah Right!

I know he won't last much longer in the race, the odds are strongly against it.

"Getting It In" Gingrich and that no emotion, political Stepford Wife, Callista will be home soon, and sitting their asses down finally.

Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race….About Time

Now that Cain, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Perry have dropped out of the Republican races, it's time to play "I'll be a bitch" role.

Now, Jon Huntsman, who couldn't stand Romney and made him the target of most of his attacks now backs him.
Rick Perry who doesn't like anyone that's not from Texas, is now backing Gingrich of all people.

Folks, this is why I don't play into this politcal game.

If I had been backing Huntsman, you have to be wondering, you told me a week ago that Romney ain't shit - now you're supporting his ass?

Who's the flip flop?

Rick Perry has so much venom running through his rich ass veins, that he is pushing for Gingrich, I guess to spite Romney.

Remember, Gingrich's leadership was in question.

He was the male version of Sarah Palin, didn't finish anything and would quit, or really in his case, asked to vacate and leave. His morals were in question because of infidelity and three marriages, questionable endorsements, and shady business dealings with Washington lobbyists and insiders.

So far, no one has claimed Rick Santorum.

It could be that he reminds us of Alex P. Keaton, from "Family Ties"...wearing different colored "Lands End" sweater vests from Sears. He really is trying to make that whole sweater vest look "happen" isn't he?

His ultra-conservatism puts off a lot of people too.

I mean this is the same man who vows to turn back the hands of time and make reversing Roe vs. Wade a priority of his presidency. He also wants to limit contraceptive choices for women. I mean, in Rick's world, if you prevent conception, it is murder. WTF???
Just because you have 7 children Rick, doesn't mean that all women want to be baby-making machines without choices.

His stance on gay marriage and gays raising children is another step into the early 20th Century....this guy is definitely not a man of today or hell, even yesterday!

But it's still early yet in this Republican game of musical candidates...

'Slavery' Math Problems Fallout Prompts Ga. Teacher To Resign

Just when you think the South is getting it together, I come across this headline.

Apparently the best way for a kid to solve problems during an assignment, is to add slavery references to the mix. You know, make the darkies feel comfortable.

Example: How many slaves does it take to pick fruit, or if a slave received two beatings everyday, how many would that be for week?

Only in the South, can some teachers try and get away with this shit.

Only one of the Georgian teachers who came up with this test has resigned from this big fiasco, and we're still waiting on the other "molders of young minds" to step forward and quit.

Of course, the Superintendent in the area, Sloan Roach, is white. She offered up the statement, 'Maybe we need to go over the curriculum with our teachers.
Um, aren't you supposed to do that shit before, during, and after the school year?
It seems that Sloan was not annoyed by what the teachers were doing, she was more annoyed that they were caught.

Now this good ole Southern school district has shredded all those assignments and are starting anew with new test questions. Let's see, time, money, and energy spent on correcting a bad decision that you would have thought someone would have caught earlier, and said, "maybe this isn't a good idea".

I grew up in Mississippi and almost everyday the South makes me realize, the best the decision I made, was to get the fuck out of dodge.

I know how I am. I act out here when someone says the wrong thing to me. I can only imagine that I would be "on" 24/7 down there now.

This old way of thinking is insulting and backwards, what's even worse is when we as black folks are asked to forget about it.
Then "they" say we are way too sensitive, and need to move on or ignore their ignorance.

Why should I ignore your bullshit?

Your lack of braincells in not my problem; but when you try to put your mess on "Front Street" and ask me to deal with it, then yes, it does become my problem too.

Maybe I'm missing something...

Between a member of the KKK running for public office, to the outgoing Governor of Mississippi giving pardons to murderers, to Confederate flags flying at state capitals, and to this backwoods 1950's way of thinking, where the hell are the black folks that should be taking a stand?

I know where - in church praying that shit will go away.

Yeah, good luck with that!

Best Paid Pastors Make Hundreds Of Thousands To Millions Of Dollars Annually

Pimpin ain't easy, but some men and women of the cloth, make this shit look like a cake walk.

From televangelists, to Pastors, to Fathers, and Reverends, these guys have taken that 10% to a higher level. I came across a list that was like a "who's who" of the modern religious shakedown.

Though some have been investigated about their finances, that doesn't stop them from building mega churches and purchasing private jets, let's not forget their real estate and other ventures.

Of course there were two guys that stood out from the rest.

Pastor's name is Creflo A. Dollar, no, I'm not making this shit up. Name so nice i'll say it twice...Creflo A. Dollar.

Mr. Dollar has a private jet, Rolls Royce, book deal, cable show, and has "Franchised" his brand (Churches), in several cities - talk about spreading the word! He has a home in Atlanta and an apartment in Manhattan.

Then there's the pimp of all pimps, Mr. Joel "Sell Out A Stadium" Osteen, another pimp that was investigated, and his true worth is still unclear. It pays to have good accountants, doesn't it?

Whatever he's worth, it must be a lot, you see Osteen has a 10 million dollar home, book sales through the roof, and tours the nation to preach the word - of course he isn't spreading the word for free, that would be too much like the Lord.

The ministry now, is about the bottom line, not about saving souls and helping the needy. If you don't have the cash, do you really think these preacher/pimps are going to give you a free ticket to hear God's word at one of their sell-out theater sessions?

Obviously, I need to seriously re-think my career moves.

What they do really doesn't effect me. I don't need someone to tell me what God said. I'm pretty sure if God is having conversations with these idiots, I think he'd be giving me a holla too, God doesn't discriminate, unlike some of these judgmental fools.

I'll be glad when all these knuckleheads that follow these fools finally realize it's a scheme.
I'm not saying that these religious heads have to live like paupers while they preach "the Word"; but wouldn't God's work be better served by helping a troubled family or a sick child, rather than purchasing a gold toliet, designer clothes, or a private jet?

They call it being "blessed"...I guess Jesus was a sucker for traveling among society's downtrodden and social outcasts, and being among them while he was living. I guess now, why be among the poor when you don't have to? I mean, what can they put in your collection plate?

You would think that will all the tax breaks churches receive, they would give back more to their communities, and not just to have the occasional give-away benefit for taxbreak purposes.

You have to ask yourself, is accumulating riches the ultimate endgame for these folks or is doing good works and spreading the wealth to those who need it?

In the end, you can't blame the pimps, you can only blame the "johns" who keep giving up the cash for their Sunday morning dose of "feel good" rhetoric.

Anyone that lives like kings and queens, and builds huge monuments of worship while you are struggling, are not about you or your salvation.

Preckwinkle Blames Medical Examiner for Body Pile-up At Morgue

One of the best investments that I've made is burial insurance.

If I had to depend on the County, my dead ass would need to grab a ticket and wait in line and I am serious.

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle says the blame is solely on Nancy Jones, a long time medical examiner. Jones was given the Chief Medical Officer's post by former Cook County Head, Todd Stroger.
That explains a lot.

Jones can keep her job, as long she stays out of trouble or resigns.

Anyone that knew Stroger knows, that crooked bitch threw a monkey wrench into everything related to county services and became the poster boy for Chicago nepotism run rampant.

New Board President Preckwinkle has the same issue as President Obama - taking over an office from a nimrod.

So, again budget cuts are being blamed as usual.

Just looking at that picture of dead bodies stacked high, wall to wall, is sickening. It's not responsible and very disrepectful of the deceased. It shouldn't have to matter how much or little you have when you die, everyone is entitled to a decent, swift burial.

Okay, we'll play the blame game another way.

For now Jones & Precwinkle , we need you guys to come up with an action plan..

Update: Preckwinkle has ordered one of her top people to oversee Jones' actions concerning the morgue situation clean up until further notice. Talk about having to micromanage!

No Shootings or Murders in City for 24 Hours - Yes, This Is News

Unfortunately, this is big news for Chicago. For a whole 24 hour period, not one murder was committed and no shootings were reported.

Were there shots fired? Of course there were.
There were shots fired and folks tried to quite possibly kill someone, its just that maybe the victims were running too fast or the one with the gun had bad aim.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy attributed this shit to the tremendous hard work of the men and women in blue.
Sorry, but no Superintendent, I think the potential criminals got a little creative with crime.

And not so fast Police Supt. Garry, I would not have a news conference with my chest out, discussing our 24 hour sabbath from extreme crimes.
It's not as if those reckless idiots out there need extra incentive to act crazier. Now, they have to make up for lost time by committing more violent acts - you know, make it really count.

I'm not one of those people that needs a false sense of security from the media. I know my city, we'll pick right up where we left off.

You tell me everything is ok and I'll tell you it isn't. You could tell me the sky is blue and I'll argue that it's green.
What I'm trying to say is that I don't believe everything someone says - as Whitney would say, "show me the receipts".

When crime across the board drops for more than a couple of weeks, where you can actually see a trend, then give me a call.

Honestly, until that happens, Chicago murder free for 24 hours, is not something to brag about.