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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Hero: My Salute To You Ronn Pitts

I didn't have a clue how I wanted to start this subject.
For that matter, what to say.
Usually, I'd have someone read before I post.
You know, make the necessary corrections
Also to make sure I don't come across as an idiot.

This particular subject is from my heart and I wanted it to be read as such.

I was told by my father, there's no such thing as Black History.
There's just history.

I understand where he's coming from.
His generation, fought for so much, dealt with so much.

So for Black(Just History)History Month, I would like to talk about my dad,
Mr. Ronn Pitts.

In the sixties, there were only a handful of black filmakers in America.

Dad, happened to be one of the handful.
Literature can only teach you so much.
I learned first hand through dad and my mother exactly how bad it was for Black Americans.

Were not going to bring up the harsh things that happened in the past.

I want everyone, that reads this piece understand, that we have pioneers, living and deceased that don't get their just due.

Right now, i'm discussing Ronn Pitts.
There's a video that's on YouTube "The Murder Of Fred Hampton". Ronn Pitts is the acutual person that filmed that footage.

Different people take credit for the video.
Some of these suckers weren't even born, but yet they filmed it.
What's unfortunate, Ronn Pitts didn't understand copyrighting your material.

He makes damn sure I do.
With Ronn Pitts, it didn't matter.
As long has the word got out, it wasn't a concern.
To Ronn Pitts, the biggest gift to him was people taking what he taught or filmed and learning from it.
Pass what he gave to the next person.
For me, there's a lesson learned whenever I visit and we talk. PRICELESS!

Just listening to Ronn Pitts speak about his life since he was nine is PRICELESS!
Movies I used to watch as a kid, that were filmed in Chicago,I now have a back story to them. I also know how he was involved.
His life is like the movie "Forrest Gump".
He's crossed paths with so many people in his life time.
He's changed, and shaped so many lives in a positive way!

Especially mine.
There are to many accomplishments to list about Ronn.
I'll leave that to you.
That's your history lesson folks.

He still instructs and mentors students at Columbia College
His passion for film making is still there.

He's as genuine a person you would want to meet
Boundless energy.
I like that way he works a room while filming.
Bouncing around, angles that he sees.
Watching is feet pat while filming.
To watch him operate is classic. PRICELESS!
He's like a little kid with his favorite toy when he's holding a camera. PRICELESS!

He's my guy!
He's my friend!
He's my mentor!
He's my dude!
Having him as my father,PRICELESS!