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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican Convention

Here's my take on what I saw.

Let's start with Mama Romney or Mrs. Mitt.

To say that your husband understands or can relate in any fashion to the ninety nine percent is an insult and a bold slap in the face to us that are struggling!

There is nothing normal about having money tucked away Swiss bank accounts!

There is nothing normal about nontaxable money hidden in the Cayman Islands!

There is nothing normal about shutting down companies to send those jobs overseas!

We can't relate to a person that owns quite possibly more than six homes!

We can't relate to a person that's made so much money, that he refuses to give information about his taxes!

Now Mrs. is harassing  the Latino community.

Mrs. Mitt claims the democratic party is pulling trickery and blinders over the Latino community's eyes.

"He feels your pain", "If you help him get into office, you are the first on his agenda"

She's right about that. No Dream Act or any other agenda that may benefit.

It will open season on the Latino community.

Which let's me segue into  Marco Rubio.

He was the token along with Condeleeza Rice.

Have Rubio do an introduction and BAM! Ole Mittster has locked up the Latino vote.

Rubio is just like any other token, when it benefits him or the party he uses the old my family came here as immigrants card.

Really who gives a fuck!

Your family busted their ass to get you to where you are and what's your way of paying it forward?

Screw that ninety nine percent!

It will always baffle me, how is it that broke folks want to vote for people that don't care about broke folks?

Now Paul Ryan.

I didn't have a segue for this moron.

You ever notice the way Paul speaks, it always sounds like a sense of urgency.

The same scare tactic that Bush used to get re-elected.

I don't have the words to describe how much this guy makes my crotch hurt! Literally!

He was not the best candidate for the job.

He was the youngest and I guess the cutest.

McCain said when he ran against  Mitt, "Mitt wasn't qualified"

These motherfuckers are the most flip flopping group I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Rambling Romney recently stated "there's nothing wrong with success".

For once, you are right. The shame of it all is that the one percent doesn't want to see ninety nine percent succeed.

Because of that and many other reasons, I have to vote to make sure you and the crotch catcher don't SUCCEED!!!!!