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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adidas SLAMMED for Promoting Slavery Shoes

At first glance of this ridiculous shoe, I thought it was a joke, a really ugly joke, then I realized it wasn't, this was really a product that Adidas thought that they could pawn off this plantation style fuckery on the masses.

The official advertising by-line of the shoe was "your game is so hot, you lock your kicks to your ankles". 

What?  Now, Adidas, now I know that not only is your design team clueless, but so is your promotion team

How about I lock my shoe in the ass of the nimrod who got permission to come up with and promote this shit on the market!!!

What part of this is not offensive and stupid? 

Which brings me to another point. This type of bafoonery is really geared toward a certain demographic.  The group not concerned with shoe performance or true style.

This shoe was tailor-made for the thug-ass ghetto, don't want nothing, trying to floss folks, that will buy or steal anything new that they think will up their street style quotient.
And that doesn't exclude any race or group that caters to simplistic thinking with a group mentality.

The ultimate shoe, with the price tag that matches, with simple folks loving to spend money they don't have, on silly items that won't mean anything in four months or less.

It is like they can't wait to brag to the other un-educated idiots in his social circle  that he dropped two hundred dollars on a pair of shoes that he's wearing, walking up and down the street to destination nowhere!  I'm sure those shoes will lose some tread, on those half-dozen trips a day to the corner store to buy chips, juice, and the occasional malt liquor.

Ghetto does it to themselves. Think about it. Everything revolves around a prison mentality.

Sagging pants, showing underwear, white t-shirts, black hoodies, hanging out in groups on the corner, teardrop tatoos, music that promotes rape, violence and chaos, and the number one pet peeve, DIRTY ASS DREDLOCKS or as I'd like to call them Raggedy Andylocks! 

I happen to sport the doo and it has never occurred to me to have my hair look like I wash my hair daily in the Chicago River.

Can't blame Adidas.

Then again corporate America, I do need you to stop acting like the dumbasses on the street.

Stop being a follower and be above the bullshit!  Your pockets won't suffer.