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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If I'm Elected...

Pretty sure I will hear from people for what I'm about to state.

I have no desire to vote at least not for awhile.

Our votes mean nothing!

This shit here is not Democratic or American!

I'm mad, angry and fed the fuck up!!!

This country is in a state of Chaos!

If some of you haven't noticed shit got real along time ago!

Yet we are quick to tell Putin, Castro and countless other world leaders how to treat people in their countries, when in fact Americans are treated like crap everyday.

I could careless what's happening in the Ukraine, Korea, Africa or Cuba.

Until we fix our situation here, that other stuff falls on deaf ears!

Kids are starving here, what do we do, show commercials of kids starving in other countries.

People trying to live off minimum wage.

We are concerned about the working conditions of factories in Taiwon making Iphones and Nikes!

Unemployment is on the rise and the only subject matter that's discussed is a fucking plane lost in translation!

Sorry about the people that were on the flight.

I wish the news would report the issues at hand, instead of the latest arrests of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber!

Don't wait until things affect you to ask for change!

Eventually it hits home!

I vote only to see the same results!

Politicians doing everything for special interest groups.

These motherfuckers were voted into office as a voice of the people that don't have a voice!

Instead when we are placed in the category of who gives a fuck!

Politicians getting caught up.

Taken bribes, trying to buy a Senate(Jesse Jackson Jr.)!

Using someone else's  campaign funds(Sandy Jackson)!

Using a crack pipe with the local whore in a hotel room(Marion Berry)!

Using campaign funds to take her family to Switzerland(Michelle Bachman)!

Being an average student with previous alcohol problems(George Bush)!

Being a compete idiot(Sarah Palin)!

I'm done with broken promises or should I say out right lies!!

I'm also very disturbed that when lies don't work, politicians try the scare tactic.

Which is something Paul Ryan has become a genius at doing!

If Ryan's not playing the panic card he's telling a half ass story about a boy and his paper bag lunch!

As usual when Ryan is caught exaggerating, no I'm sorry, shit is just swept under that Republican carpet.

During their campaigns, politicians tell me and you exactly what we want to hear!

IF I'M ELECTED.. I won't raise taxes

IF I'M ELECTED...I will bring jobs to this city and state.

IF I'M ELECTED...I won't let companies leave.

IF I'M ELECTED...I won't give tax breaks to the rich.

Ted Cruze

IF I'M ELECTED...I promise to provide more law enforcement.

IF I'M ELECTED...I will fight for education.

IF I'M ELECTED...I will provide relief for the middle class.

Here's an update folks, AmeriKuh doesn't have a middle class!!!

Here's an update folks, there aren't any decent jobs that the average AmeriKan can survive!

Here's an update folks, taxes are higher(Illinois and the city of Chicago)!!

Our nine finger mayor Rahm Emanuelle made a promise not to raise taxes.

That was just one of the lies that spewed from his mouth.

Fucking with him was like the morning after pill!!

Few days on the job, Rahm's first fight was with the Teacher's Union.

Union put up a good fight and lost.

In the middle of that shit, schools closed(he said he would try not to close schools).

Had we read between the lines, he told us everything, we just didn't listen.

We were too busy trying to elect anyone that had an affiliation with our President.

Of course the majority of the schools that closed were in bad areas in Chicago.

Guess who suffered...KIDS!!

Everyone that had a say in the future of schools in Chicago, have kids that attend a private school.

They can't relate  to whats going on because they don't have to deal with it.

Rahm and company started a new program with the money they took from teachers named it Safe Passage.

There isn't anything safe about this program.

Adults standing on different corners watching kids go home.

The people that work for Safe Passage don't have any weapons.

Just a cell phone and a nice pair of sneakers to run in when Ray-Ray starts shooting up the block.

Taxes: For some time senior citizens were given some what of a pass regarding paying property taxes.

Seniors paid but not what a non senior citizen would pay.

This is one of the promises "nine finger" broke.

Seniors now have pay the full tax. So, for a minute imagine being on a fixed income.

Imagine you now have to now pay full price to ride public transportation.

Imagine the rates going up as well with utility companies.

Again, imagine doing all this shit on a FIXED INCOME!!

Our fuel cost is one of the highest in the nation!

Our taxes are the highest in the nation!

Taxes on cigarettes and liquor is the highest!

Shit buying water will cost you!

Rahm alongside other politicians, found a way to nickel and dime the fuck out of Chicagoans and the state of Illinois.

After getting a lot of backlash for grabbing every dime out of everyone's pockets, Rahm made another promise.

Rahm won't raise taxes..BUT he has doubled the cost of a traffic ticket!

So if you were paying $125.00 multiply that times two.

Rahm will find a way to get us.

That's not a pimp move, that's a bitch move.

We been lied to, tricked and blinded by the bullshit!!

So forgive me if I'm not impressed.

Rahm has done more to Chicago in his short time as mayor than Daley did his first two terms.

Meaning he's fucking over Chicago at a quicker pace than Daley!

I can't take another Democrat, Republican, Tea "bag" Party or Independent.

All politicians are the it for themselves and the rich!

Ladies and gentlemen that is  only one promise they have kept.

Keep the rich wealthy and fuck the rest of the world or should I say the 98%!!!