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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Racist Anti-Obama Sticker Makes News

I'm sure some have seen these racist ass stickers attached to vehicles.

What's really upsetting that no matter what, America seems to always insult Mr. Obama.

At every turn, something new comes up.
What has he done, other than to try and be a genuinely good guy.

This is becoming childish.

I've had it with the blatant disrespect. The lying.
The dis-regard for what these people are putting his family through.

Again, where the fuck were you guys when Cheney and Bush was tearing a new asshole in this country financially?

Where were the racist stickers and blatant disrespect to the President's face did we see then?
Think about it, did you see politicians screaming, "You lie" at the President and wagging their bony fingers in Bush's face on a presidental visit? No, you didn't.

These folks always have a reason to why they are acting like assholes to our current President: frustration about the economy, immigration ills, jobs that have been sent overseas, gas prices, indigestion, lack of a sex life, etc...
They need to be honest and just admit they feel that he doesn't deserve their respect, no matter how much he is attained or what office he holds. Dignity and respect to hell with you. Fuck him and fuck the office, and through it all none of these gung-ho, apple pie eating, American flag waving bastards say nothing about it.

It is something about a black person and especially a black man, in a position of power that makes some people completely lose it and act like the ignorant bastards they are in their hearts.

Yes, you have to love "post-racial America". The facade can only play for so long and then the true colors show. If they could be honest with the reasons behind their tirades, it would at least be meaningful.

People just hate to be labeled a "racist" even when they just isn't popular these days and associated with the "lower" classes but you that there are some suburban folks out there with a hood and robe in the back of their closet waiting for that mainstream comeback.

I will always defend Obama or anyone else that decides to fight for the 99% percent.

And all you "funny" mofos be warned, if I see that sticker on anyone's vehicle, good luck riding on slashed tires.

There's not one person on this earth that could tell me racism doesn't exist.

So, when I starting spouting out shit about past Presidents, or that I despise Santorum, both Bushes, Reagan, or "Cheesy Grits" Romney.

Don't think that I'm un-American.

The shit I see on a regular is un-American.

Land of the free my ass! People in America are the most hypocritical.

Only country to preach that shit and try to export it to other countries like we really practice it fairly, and yet we have politicians taking rights away at every turn.

Hell, some of us still waive a fucking rebel flag in the South - that shit alone is a slap in the face for blacks!

We can attack people of Muslim and Islamic faith without any remorse, okay, freedom of religion.

We can attack gays and label as broken people that need to be "fixed" or prayed for.

We've turned "immigrant" into a bad word with the broken policies that supported the dreams of corporations and Republicans looking for cheap labor and now all Hispanics are looked at like undocumented workers no matter their status.

All this shit goes on daily and because some are trying to think like an extreme Catholic or an extremist "Christian", everyone one that doesn't prescribe to their fairytale vision of what America was and should be.... and I'm fucking un-American.

Before you start, don't tell me to go back to Africa, or leave. I ain't doing shit!
Unless you are 100% Native American, then we all need to get the fuck out....but remember the majority of them were killed and died in poverty for white prosperity and Manifest Destiny.

Just as you have a right to act out, I have the same right to express what the fuck I feel!

At least for now....

Politician Makes Disgusting Remark Towards Women Concerning New Abortion Law

Republican Governor, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, of course, he's a Republican, said, "just close your eyes".

Ladies, let the magic happen. That's right ease into it.

Governor Tommy supports the "Woman's Right To Know Act", that is really an underhanded method of trying to guilt and shame women who are making a decision about terminating their pregnancies.

In this extreme waste of funds and resources, basically, a doctor gives you an ultrasound. You get not one but two personalized images of the fetal image. Then, the patient must listen to a detail of the fetal heartbeat before the doctor performs the abortion procedure.

Tommy says this is not intrusive, because it's not exactly probing your snatch internally. As long as its "jelly to belly", he doesn't think there's a problem. And he is forgetting about the actual language of the bill that includes the use of the transvaginal ultrasound that actually involves a probe inserted into a woman's vagina.

Yeah, lie back and take it, nothing like state sanctioned rape!

But au contraire, Tommy, there is a problem.

If a woman is there to have that particular procedure performed,
she doesn't want to see an image or hear a fucking heartbeat.
Trust me, a decision like that isn't made lightly by the majority of women who have it done, no matter what that pro-life leaflet and your Republican tennis buddy told you.

Here we go again placing your values above mine.

I guess when these radical ass pro-lifer folks bombing and killing people in the name of God was getting out of hand, they had to find a new way of upping the level of fuckery.

Ladies, this bill eventually will spread across America.

These Republicans are like rats and roaches.

They gather in bunches and 90% of them have the same mind frame like a fucking fungus. For people who don't have vaginas, they'd like you to think they know exactly what is correct for those who do.

Let's wreck some shit and leave it destroyed and in shambles and the shit being wrecked usually as to deal with a woman's body.

I don't want anyone,especially a man telling me what is best for me.

Where the hell were you conservative bitches were when funding for ovarion or breast cancer was being cut and delayed?
I know - making sure that there were male erection medication being rushed to the marketplace, we do have our priorities, right?

When did all this "turn back the clock" shit happen?

You're telling me, as a woman, i'm incapable of making a sound decision concerning my life and body? I am just a wayward girl who needs guidance from a compentent male and some brainwashed females to show me the right way?

Anything regarding my mind, body, and soul should be left up to some stiff shirt bitch right? Forget individual rights and thoughts.


Stay in your lane "Christians", I never merge into your shit when its business as usual for you.

Meaning, when you "faithful fucks" are caught in a hotel with a high priced whore, doing a line of coke, while your wife is at home, I don't get a grassroots group together to try and get a law passed to persecute your ass.

Then again, how do you really see women?

Be seen, be quiet, and do what I say as a male.

Lay there with your legs spread eagle, and shut the fuck up!!

Texas Loses Entire Women's Health Program Over Planned Parenthood Law

For the women that happen to be in love with the Republican Party,
here's something else to love.

Rick Perry, that stiff shirt dick who happens to be governor of Texas, has decided to shut down Medicaid funding for family planning to the state of Texas. He accomplished this by cutting off state funding which is a violation of federal law.

This funding provided female cancer screenings, contraceptives and basic health care for at least 130,000 of low-income women every year, most don't have any type of insurance.

The main reason he decided to discontinue state funding?

Well, some of the Planned Parenthood clinics provide abortions.

Conveniently and ignorantly pushing ahead this legislation though state or federal funding is never used to pay for the procedure, Rick has effectively screwed over poor and young women who won't have any access for screenings any longer - good job, Mr. Perry. I guess seeing what you're doing in your own state makes me glad your failed presidential run went no where fast.

So Ricky, you have an issue with some women making up her own mind about her own life and body, so you shut down whole clinics? Sounds like a dictator move, but then you are from Texas, where real men are men and women are girls, right?

This is another way for so called Christians and Republican MEN to decide what the fuck they see fit for women to do with our bodies.

The recent Congressional committee on contraceptive healthcare coverage is a perfect example of that. How the hell do you have a committee deciding what should be included for a woman's good or bad, and there's not a woman on the committee?

How the fuck is that possible.

Women ...wake the fuck up!!1

While were on the subject of women, where the hell are all the prominent, independent women of each state and the District of Washington D.C.

We'll get a few sprinkles here and there, but why don't I get a steady dose of Hillary, Condolezza, Whoopi, Rosie, Oprah, and Nancy P.?

I don't need a new car, I need one of you to take the wheel and drive it till the wheels fall off!!!

Men in Washington or in your own state, will throw that Christian word out there, and some of you dumb asses will fall hook, line, and sinker for the okey doke.

They say one thing that you may agree with, then they starting adding shit on that bill that you knew nothing about and wasn't mentioned.

I am not a fan of some religions, abortions, fat people wearing tight clothes. But I don't play God and try and judge and force people to bend to my will.

But thats the way of the world.
We are supposed to disagree.
We are supposed to be different.
And, I wouldn't want to be like everyone else.

I think what disgust me most, is that the rich want us act just like them.
Just not be rich.

That 1% wants to control every aspect of your life, so you aren't a problem for their comfort and continued success. They do this by paying legislators and candidates to push their agendas through - you have to love those Super PACs!

Now for you submissive bitches, like Santorum's wife, stay in your fucking lane, and keep quiet like you've been doing. All you are going to say is an echo of your husband anyway. I don't expect to put a dent in that "Stepford Wife" brain of yours.

In the meantime, independent women, we have to stick together, it is not only this generation at stake!

The Fuckery Continues...Short Stories

Let's take a look at these lovely tidbits together, shall we?

In the first, yet again, we find a Cook County Sheriff and his son nabbed in a federal sting. Lawrence A. Draus Sr. and Lawrence A. Draus Jr. were both arrested this past week and here's why.

Extortion, conspiracy, and trafficking contraband...cigarettes without the tax stamp.

These two idiots had been under investigation since mid-summer of 2010.

Lawrence Senior actually told an informant while being recorded that he was doing this for his son - "I want him to do good", he said.

Damn dad, good at what? Being a fucking moronic criminal?

Lawrence the Elder, a 35 year Cook County veteran officer, can pretty much kiss that pension goodbye.

Their lawyer reminded reporters that it is early in the case and that they're innocent until proven guilty.
Okay, whatever gets you through the day, defense attorney.
Both men were suspended once they were released from jail.

Next up, fourteen people were arrested after police forcibly evicted the Midwest Occupy Conference participants in St. Louis.

This will probably be one of those times when some folks reading my rant might become upset. First, I want to say that I was all for "Occupy" whatever city you were living. I believe in power to the people and making your voice heard. Then came the news that a few disgruntled, misguided, misdirected, confused individuals were turning "Occupy" into a circus act.

I'm still cringing after the folks with Occupy Chicago and some protest visitors to come, took it upon themselves to run the G8 Summit away after promising that it would be a logistical nightmare to control. Some were promising scenes reminiscent of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.

The folks here in Chicago claimed it to be a victory.

No bitches, it wasn't.

The same shit you were supposedly fighting for completely fucked over everyone who stood to gain from it.

You needed to take corporations out of the equation for a minute and think about the people who might have gotten temporary work, or better yet folks like me, who stood to get some overtime. You should have used your cause for less negativity.

So, to hear that you got your ass handed to you in St. Louis, oh well. Some claim that at least two protesters were hospitalized. If that's all, why are we being overly dramatic?

I'm also more than certain the flip mouth assholes of your Occupy, are just like the folks in Chicago.

Starting shit, creating unorganized chaos, and flipping your damn gums without an unified gameplan.

I don't know, if I see a baton, taser, handcuffs, and a gun, I don't need a few seconds to think about my next move.

So, please, you sour ass fucks, don't be upset because I'm not a fan of something that could have stood for good and social change and is now a cluster fuck of buffoonery!!