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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Racist Anti-Obama Sticker Makes News

I'm sure some have seen these racist ass stickers attached to vehicles.

What's really upsetting that no matter what, America seems to always insult Mr. Obama.

At every turn, something new comes up.
What has he done, other than to try and be a genuinely good guy.

This is becoming childish.

I've had it with the blatant disrespect. The lying.
The dis-regard for what these people are putting his family through.

Again, where the fuck were you guys when Cheney and Bush was tearing a new asshole in this country financially?

Where were the racist stickers and blatant disrespect to the President's face did we see then?
Think about it, did you see politicians screaming, "You lie" at the President and wagging their bony fingers in Bush's face on a presidental visit? No, you didn't.

These folks always have a reason to why they are acting like assholes to our current President: frustration about the economy, immigration ills, jobs that have been sent overseas, gas prices, indigestion, lack of a sex life, etc...
They need to be honest and just admit they feel that he doesn't deserve their respect, no matter how much he is attained or what office he holds. Dignity and respect to hell with you. Fuck him and fuck the office, and through it all none of these gung-ho, apple pie eating, American flag waving bastards say nothing about it.

It is something about a black person and especially a black man, in a position of power that makes some people completely lose it and act like the ignorant bastards they are in their hearts.

Yes, you have to love "post-racial America". The facade can only play for so long and then the true colors show. If they could be honest with the reasons behind their tirades, it would at least be meaningful.

People just hate to be labeled a "racist" even when they just isn't popular these days and associated with the "lower" classes but you that there are some suburban folks out there with a hood and robe in the back of their closet waiting for that mainstream comeback.

I will always defend Obama or anyone else that decides to fight for the 99% percent.

And all you "funny" mofos be warned, if I see that sticker on anyone's vehicle, good luck riding on slashed tires.

There's not one person on this earth that could tell me racism doesn't exist.

So, when I starting spouting out shit about past Presidents, or that I despise Santorum, both Bushes, Reagan, or "Cheesy Grits" Romney.

Don't think that I'm un-American.

The shit I see on a regular is un-American.

Land of the free my ass! People in America are the most hypocritical.

Only country to preach that shit and try to export it to other countries like we really practice it fairly, and yet we have politicians taking rights away at every turn.

Hell, some of us still waive a fucking rebel flag in the South - that shit alone is a slap in the face for blacks!

We can attack people of Muslim and Islamic faith without any remorse, okay, freedom of religion.

We can attack gays and label as broken people that need to be "fixed" or prayed for.

We've turned "immigrant" into a bad word with the broken policies that supported the dreams of corporations and Republicans looking for cheap labor and now all Hispanics are looked at like undocumented workers no matter their status.

All this shit goes on daily and because some are trying to think like an extreme Catholic or an extremist "Christian", everyone one that doesn't prescribe to their fairytale vision of what America was and should be.... and I'm fucking un-American.

Before you start, don't tell me to go back to Africa, or leave. I ain't doing shit!
Unless you are 100% Native American, then we all need to get the fuck out....but remember the majority of them were killed and died in poverty for white prosperity and Manifest Destiny.

Just as you have a right to act out, I have the same right to express what the fuck I feel!

At least for now....

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