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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Fuckery Continues...Short Stories

Let's take a look at these lovely tidbits together, shall we?

In the first, yet again, we find a Cook County Sheriff and his son nabbed in a federal sting. Lawrence A. Draus Sr. and Lawrence A. Draus Jr. were both arrested this past week and here's why.

Extortion, conspiracy, and trafficking contraband...cigarettes without the tax stamp.

These two idiots had been under investigation since mid-summer of 2010.

Lawrence Senior actually told an informant while being recorded that he was doing this for his son - "I want him to do good", he said.

Damn dad, good at what? Being a fucking moronic criminal?

Lawrence the Elder, a 35 year Cook County veteran officer, can pretty much kiss that pension goodbye.

Their lawyer reminded reporters that it is early in the case and that they're innocent until proven guilty.
Okay, whatever gets you through the day, defense attorney.
Both men were suspended once they were released from jail.

Next up, fourteen people were arrested after police forcibly evicted the Midwest Occupy Conference participants in St. Louis.

This will probably be one of those times when some folks reading my rant might become upset. First, I want to say that I was all for "Occupy" whatever city you were living. I believe in power to the people and making your voice heard. Then came the news that a few disgruntled, misguided, misdirected, confused individuals were turning "Occupy" into a circus act.

I'm still cringing after the folks with Occupy Chicago and some protest visitors to come, took it upon themselves to run the G8 Summit away after promising that it would be a logistical nightmare to control. Some were promising scenes reminiscent of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.

The folks here in Chicago claimed it to be a victory.

No bitches, it wasn't.

The same shit you were supposedly fighting for completely fucked over everyone who stood to gain from it.

You needed to take corporations out of the equation for a minute and think about the people who might have gotten temporary work, or better yet folks like me, who stood to get some overtime. You should have used your cause for less negativity.

So, to hear that you got your ass handed to you in St. Louis, oh well. Some claim that at least two protesters were hospitalized. If that's all, why are we being overly dramatic?

I'm also more than certain the flip mouth assholes of your Occupy, are just like the folks in Chicago.

Starting shit, creating unorganized chaos, and flipping your damn gums without an unified gameplan.

I don't know, if I see a baton, taser, handcuffs, and a gun, I don't need a few seconds to think about my next move.

So, please, you sour ass fucks, don't be upset because I'm not a fan of something that could have stood for good and social change and is now a cluster fuck of buffoonery!!

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