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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What If Trayvon's Killer Were Black?

I had been asked by a few people if I would attend the Trayvon Martin protest. My answer was no.

I figured, I had said my peace about that subject in one day of ranting on this blog. There wasn't anything left. I toss a few sentences and usually look forward to the next subject matter.

But that is not to say that I am dismissing Trayvon, I'm not.

What happened to him was tragic; but there's never a shortage of tragedies that come around, in particular murder right here in Chicago. I'm going to be more specific - in the black community.

So, while giving Zimmerman a piece of my angry mind, I started wondering...what if Trayvon's killer were black?

Would he get as much publicity? Let's face it, probably not.

This is really fucked up what I'm about to say and here's why...

There's more black on black crime in Chicago than any other racial combination. Everyday, we read or witness a crime where Ray-Ray, Lil' Man Man or Pookie decided to do a walk by or drive by and an innocent bystander takes the bullet as opposed to the intended target.

Some of us will kill our own, with no forethought, no afterthought, and no remorse, every chance that they get. Seemingly, the rest of us are so conditioned to accept our race's stupid ass decisions to cause havoc on society and innocent people.

By the rest of us not being united in calling out their bullshit, we seem to be okay with these bitches selling drugs, raping women and kids, and treating our community like a mini Beirut or Afghanistan.

Our community has become so desensitized to the bafoonery, that its like breathing air and this type of behavior is almost becoming expected.

What it says is, "we're fine with you motherfuckers from the community killing us, but you better not be white or any other race, because then I'll be pissed". We'll cause an uproar over Zimmerman or people like him.
Folks, that shit is a joke! It's also a dumbass, backwards way of thinking!

Murder is murder no matter who commits the act, one incident can't possibly out weigh the other.

To me, that alone appears racist.

Whenever someone outside our race takes one of our lives, we go full throttle, the NAACP, Rainbow PUSH, Rev. Jackson, and Al Sharpton are called on to make a statement or appearance. When it is black-on-black murder, its a shake of the head, if that, and back to business as usual.

Not so long ago, I posted a story on a young man who was well-liked, that owned his own business, had a promising career, and was gunned down in cold blood by a 17 year old knucklehead from his neighborhood while coming home from grocery shopping. Shot dead in front of his home.

The incident got some press and then disappeared quickly.

So, where were the marches for this young man?
Where were the public outcries for him or victims like him?
Where were the so-called national spokesmen and spokeswomen?
Where were the local and national debates on crime and consequences?
Where were the Facebook and Twitter tributes?
Where were the moments of silence?

When is enough, enough?

I don't want to be one of those people who accepts this deviant behavior as normal.
Bad behavior should never be acceptable.
Killing our own should never be part of daily life.
Watching your community being torn apart is not ordinary.

That's why I constantly talk about how fucked up some of our folks are.

The conversations about our community ills should not just be for the barbershop, hair salon, gossip hour, or the privacy of our home like it is a secret from the rest of society.
Contrary to our magical thinking and putting our collective heads in the sand, the word is out people, our dysfunction is known beyond the community, and now it is time to start dealing and correcting our "dirty secrets".

On a regular basis, we need to start calling out the fucked behavior of some parents, athletes, and celebrities for their actions, demand they be more responsible, and we need to stop condemning the few, brave folks who do call them out.

It's like the word "nigger", we can call each other that shit all the time, yet, when someone outside of being black says the word, we take issue.
There is too much confusion over usage rights and negative history attached to that word, why we fight to hang on to the right to use it "lovingly" among each other, is downright stupid in the 21st century.

How about this....what if whites or latinos, or Asians had a word that other groups couldn't say, one that was exclusive to their group, would you think that was a bit "discriminatory"? We have to move past that word, just give it up already...we have bigger fish to fry anyway.

We will toss out a few marches in Englewood, folks locking arms while marching, chanting, "we're not taking it anymore", but until the community decides as a whole to get it together, we are fucked, and no one will take us seriously.

So, while celebrities and us regular folk are wondering about George Zimmerman, I want to see the same reaction, when the next black person decides to kill another black person.

At the rate were killing one another in Chicago, I should know before the end of the day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

This Piece of Shit – Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty for Second Time

I couldn't pass up this story, being the owner of two dogs, I was disgusted.

Phillip Rinn, a white dude that lives in Aurora, has a problem. His problem you ask? He hates dogs but insists on being a dog owner.

In 1993, this "dog lover", chained his dog to his car and drove down the road dragging the dog in an attempt to kill his dog.

The dog wouldn't die, so he turned the dog into a fucking speed bump, and left the dog in a ditch.

Dog's best friend excuse was that the dog chewed on the vinyl of his car and tried to bite his wife.

Phillip, you sadistic fuck, maybe it's you and your wife that's the problem.

Just maybe, the reason why he's chewing on shit because his nerves were fucking shot!

Maybe the reason he's trying to bite your wife is because he was asking this bitch for help, and she wasn't doing shit but sitting on the side lines, watching beating after beating!

If I had a nickel for everytime my dogs chewed, destroyed, or pissed on my shit, I would be rich. It is called patience, bastard, they eventually learn what not to do.

Most recently Rinn Tin-Tin pleaded guilty to a felony of beating another dog damn near unconscious. This time he went Ike Turner on a 60 pound, Lab-Shepherd mix. Luckily, a neighbor heard the racket and called the police.

Rinn is 6 feet tall and 350 pounds of angry fat fuck.

A few teeth were knocked out of the dog's mouth, jaw line swollen, and right eye fucked up! Miraculously, the dog has since made a full recovery.

Phillip Rinn-Tin-Tin, having a pet requires responsiblity and a lot of patience and understanding. If you don't have that, don't fucking be a pet owner!

We're supposed to grow to understand each other's personalities - our pets are quirky just like us.

I know my Shepherd has an issue with my phone's ringtone, so I keep that shit on vibrate....I don't feel like hearing the howling and seeing the pained look in his eyes.

One incident was all it took.

Once, when my phone rang, he walked up to me, took the phone out of my hand with his mouth, and bit down on it, cracking the back.
I wasn't upset, because I was fucking with him by making it ring, and he wanted me to understand that he wasn't having it. Since he couldn't talk, he resorted to putting my phone out of commission.

I know my Lab mix has a foul temper,(like me).
She's evil as hell. She doesn't forget shit. So if I tick her off, she schemes, and waits for the right time to resort to payback.
And that means finding a shoe with a rip, a sock with a hole, or a jacket that her vindictive ass tore, everything is in plain view, no secrets.

Again, learning personalities and having patience.

We train them and they train us as well.

But Phillip, you evil bastard, you, and people like you who hate yourself and life need your asses beat.

Jail is not enough.

I won't bring race into the picture, because their all assholes of all shades. But anyone that causes harm to an animal needs to feel the same pain as their pet or animal.

I'm still not a fan of Michael Vick's crank ass and he could break every record in the NFL, that bitch still got over!

So Phillip, how about no jail time for you. Let's just start a "soul train" line, and beat all the extra lard off your ass and see how you feel afterwards.

The question I have is why was he allowed to own another dog, after the last incident?

I'm not certain about Illinois law compared to other states regarding animal cruelty but it is amazing that he wasn't monitored in some way.

I know as a dog lover, I know that I don't need to see these folks get away with this shit with just community service, a free ride in jail, a slap on the wrist, probation, or paying a minimum fine.

I need to see some skin being removed, losing what's most important to them - their ass!!!

Newt Says Obama’s Comment About Trayvon Was “Disgraceful”

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man a.k.a. Newt Gingrich is at it again.

"Stay-Puft" stated that Obama's comment about Trayvon Martin could have been his kid is "disgraceful".

Mind you, this is coming from an asswipe that can't get his own shit in order enough to win any primary lately.

Stay- Puft says that Mr. President is dividing this country up. Really?

So, your comments about blacks, all negative by the way, wasn't divisive enough, huh? Your comments about immigration aren't a divider either right?
You're a regular paragon of positivity, aren't you?

I also need to understand why "Fat Bastard" was on Hannity's radio station, which happens to be a major source of dividing the country through the media.

This angry fart won't bow out gracefully, huffing and puffing along the way...

"I'm such a media whore", "I want to stay relevant", "I'm such a sour ass loser", "Why won't anyone take me serious enough to win an election?"

I guess had the President spoke about a white kid it would have been okay.

Here we go yet again with Newt dismissing the tragedy of a minority.

The President, I guess, should never speak of the tragedies that go on with black folks. I guess some folks are rubbed the wrong way.

I guess some think that he's playing favorites. That shit alone is funny.

So, for the idiots that only want him to speak on behalf of blacks, shut the fuck up!

For the folks that want him to speak on behalf of whites, shut the fuck up!

For the folks that want him to speak on behalf of Latinos, shut the fuck up!

He isn't the "Black President" but "The President"!

I appreciate him when he speaks on behalf of all Americans period!

To Newt, The Tea Party, Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann, Sarah "Quitter" Palin, the deadlocked Congress, Sean "The Hair" Hannity, Glenn "KKK" Beck, Rush Limpdick, and the always impartial Fox News....on behalf of the President, please SUCK MY ASS!

Mayor Emanuel Weighs In On Latest City Violence & Chief McCarthy Vows Changes

Recently, Mayor Emanuel decided to finally speak out about the sudden spike in gang violence in the city.

Note to Emanuel, this shit is not a sudden spike.

Since Chief McCarthy made that dumb ass statement a few months ago, that Chicago made it through a weekend without one person being killed via gunshots, our city has been on a tear with violence.

This is my opinion. Please remember that.

When former Superintendent Jody Weiss was in charge, the city didn't have these extreme problems. We could argue all day about his methods, but they were more effective.

These so called thug and thuggettes were afraid of him and his zero tolerance approach.

Between the ACLU, the civil liberties brigade, and some punk ass aldermen and alderwomen and let's not forget Rahm, who didn't like Weiss for whatever reason.

I don't have to like the person that's working for me if he or she is doing a good job.

Weiss was pretty much ran out of town, but not before we were stuck with the tab of paying out his hefty contract.

Money well spent to a person who is not even working in Chicago anymore.

I don't want to compare Weiss to McCarthy. But to anyone paying attention to our crime outlook then and now, it's obvious.

McCarthy is too soft.

Jody Weiss was soft spoken but had this edge to him that made you see the wheels spinning in his head. You knew when he was about to get in that ass. You saw it coming.

With McCarthy, all I hear are birds chirping while flying in a circle and a guy that is in over his head.
McCarthy's too busy saying the right things and playing to the media, too busy kissing Rahm and other politicians' collective asses.

Too busy being a good ole boy with the Police Department and most importantly, doing too little to protect the city.

Rahm states he been to a few churches and he's seen what the power of churches in the community can do. Right now, I don't need anyone singing Negro spirituals like "We Shall Over come".

Don't ask me to help out. That's why I pay taxes. That's why I voted for you.

The second I bust a cap in a knucklehead's ass for fucking with me, then I'm on trial for murder.

Results are what we need and care about...what's with these new phrases..."Gang Audit" "city anti-gang strategy" that they are throwing around now?

What the fuck does that mean?

Stop sugar coating, side stepping, going around the valley and through the woods. Be honest and say you motherfuckers ain't got a clue and you are fucking stumped!

Ray-Ray, Biff, Juan, and Chip are tearing your asses up lately and I know you wish Jody "I'll put a foot in a bitch's ass" Weiss was in charge.

Idiot! Young Man Who Shot Officer in Chest Denied Bond

Paris & Paris....Paris Sheldon and Paris Fortune.

For Paris Fortune, it turns out it was unfortunate that he knew Paris Sheldon. We'll make this sad tale short.

Paris Sheldon, while running from the police opened fire, Paris Sheldon shot an officer, then, Paris Sheldon ran and banged on the door of Paris Fortune, who would not allow Paris Sheldon entry to his home.

Paris Sheldon, determined to evade the police, decided to run home to Mama's house entering through the basement.

The police and the canine unit were able to track down Paris Sheldon to mama's house.

I guess Mama, who was probably tired of Paris Sheldon's constant bullshit, called her son on the phone, and told him to bring his brave, "I wanna shoot the police, i'm a man first" ass upstairs.

Mama was so tired and disgusted with her son, that mama gave the police permission to search the basement. Of course, the weapon that shot the officer was recovered.

And wait, it only gets better.

Remember, Paris lead the police on a chase that started at his friend, Paris Fortune's house?

Well, the police searched Fortune's house, and found a 9mm gun. Paris Fortune, whose fortune ran out, was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.

What the fuck is this ride or die shit?

What a friend. Your punk ass gets caught up, and you wanna lead the police to my felon ass knowing that my shit wasn't right either.

That's a friend for you. A stupid friend, but that's on him.

If I were Paris Fortune, it would be unfortunate for Paris Sheldon if I got my hands on him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Only in Chicago – Lawmakers Ask Dems to Elect Recently Indicted State Rep

Only in Chicago...

Chicago was just given the dubious title of the most corrupt city in the nation.

That honor should have been state wide.

Did that bother the powers that be?
Hell no.

Let's bring in spring with a bang,

State Rep. Derrick Smith was arrested for allegedly taking a bribe of $7,000.

$7,000 to write a letter of support for a grant for a daycare center.

Derrick, why did you need the money?

Looking at your picture, you certainly aren't missing any meals.

I'm more upset with you guys getting your asses caught in a sling over chump change.

I'm not for dirty politicians.
In fact I despise them.

Politicans have the best of both worlds.

Decent salary, everything at your disposal, and able to vote into play the dumbest shit for their and special interest groups personal gain.

Great life right?
Yet these dumb fucks are always caught up.

Danny Davis, who and I quote "We know our colleague was charged with criminal activity, but a charge is not a conviction".

Danny, PLEASE will you sit your well beyond your prime, state misrepresenting ass down!

You of all politicians, should not speak on anyone's behalf.

You my friend and politicans like you, are part of the problem.

Good OLD boys network that has this city and state fucked up.

By the way, who are the dumbass with a voter's registration card, that keeps voting for your ass in office?

It's not me.

If Derrick accepted a bribe from an informant then, he needs to fade to fucking black.

If he's taking small bribes, that's a hint and a half that this twisted fuck is easy pickings.
All I have to do is dig deep in my pockets, knock the lint off, and hand his ass some change while winking one eye.

What the hell is Derrick representing?

How to take from the poor to line his own pockets?
That shit is the reverse of what he suppose to do!

Why am I helping?

Don't say because he is black.

That type of mindless thinking doesn't apply to me.
Remember when black folks voted for Todd Stroger because he was black.

That fucking midget tore cook county a new one, while smirking.

He rode the shit out of tax payers money.

Promoting unpromotable bitches, giving big raises to family members.

Stroger treated cook county like a friends and family retail event

The only positive out of Derrick Smith's situation, is that he's showing me what he is capable of not doing. That's being honest

Now if only knew what he was capable of doing.

I just don't have the patience to find out.

The Assassination of Trayvon Martin

Really what else would you call what happened to Mr. Martin?

When a parent says goodbye to their kid leaving their house, they don't expect that to be the last goodbye.

In this case, Trayvon came from Miami to visit his dad at a supposed quiet, gated community. But then, you have a portly ass racist George Zimmerman, hovering around the area as the unofficial neighborhood watch captain, acting a damn fool.

It turns out that George has logged more than forty six calls to 911 about people he thinks are "suspicious" in recent years.
I'm certain 99.9% of the people who he would call about were black and Trayvon unfortunately fit the description.

So, on a night when Mr. Martin was walking home from the store, with a pack of Skittles and an iced tea, Zimmerman spotted him and called 911.
During the conversation, Zimmerman, I'll call him Predator, tells the dispatcher in a calm voice that Mr. Martin looks suspicious. In short, the dispatcher asked Zimmerman the Predator, to stop following Mr. Martin immediately. Within moments, there were gun shots and a kid screaming for his life, and shortly thereafter, nothing but silence.

I can just imagine Zimmerman after assassinating Mr. Martin, beating his chest like a fucking ape in the rain, and walking away, leaving a young man dead on the ground.

Trayvon was just TWENTY YARDS away from his house and this fat bastard creeps up with his cowardly ass and kills this young man in cold blood.

Neighborhood watch my ass…. kill a kid for no reason!

Let's start with the fact that there isn't an official neighborhood watch in that area. It is legal for Florida residents to have a gun as long as it's registered. So, why the fuck was Zimmerman carrying his shit around like Wyatt Earp in a gated community?

Zimmerman and the Sanford Florida Police Department agreed it was self defense. I say they agreed because who else was involved in this conversation? The HELL it is.

What can a defenseless kid carrying a pack of Skittles and an iced tea possibly do to your fat ass?

It is not a surprise when incidents like this happen in Florida, beyond Disney it is a pretty fucked up place to be. Race relations in that area suck and history leads me to believe that.
It has lead to tension, tempers flaring, and you can take it from there.
The shit going on down in the Sunshine State is not brand new, sad part it will never get old either.

Across America, from the shitty way people treat the President to another Racist Ass Town, USA, to innocent kids getting shot out of fear of stereotypes - black folks are going through it.

The problem I see is that it now seems to be happening more to young kids as opposed to adults, it’s like America is trying to tell kids, stop striving for shit, you will never be president, your life is worthless.
Don't go to college….that’s for elitists not you….right Rick Santorum?
This shit was a set up from the beginning and Zimmerman is the worst kind of predator.

His racist bullshit seems geared towards anything harmless, unassuming, unguarded, defenseless, “not seeing shit coming” type of BLACK kid.
With too much time on his hands, this bitch sits and waits to see who walks by his window - then it's off to the races. It doesn't take much to set him off on his delusions that he is protecting his neighbors from the “black threat”.

Just being a young black man is sufficient enough.

In short, this is what happened…
He called 911
Followed Mr. Martin
Walks up to Mr. Martin
Assasinates Mr. Martin
And walks away.
And in their response, the police in the area, are just as bad, and they are his accomplices in this crime.

If you read the story, and the people who have stepped up and told what they saw and heard that evening, these “men” with badges have switched shit up, have dismissed witnesses, and basically turned this shit into a cold case file.

But not so the Justice Department and the FBI are now involved.
So, now the police department has to actually do some work. I guess sending a narcotics officer instead of an homicide officer to the scene is not going to cut it now that the Feds are involved.

Once again, Black people again are asked not to be so sensitive to the matter - justice will be served and this too shall pass.
Black Americans should not be asked “to settle” and be calm for the same shit all day, every day.
The minute you get a rise out of our collective asses, the media portrays us as overreacting. Slavery has been over for years, so what is the big deal, right? Well, if you had to deal with this kind of irregular behavior on a daily basis or hear of someone who has, you would react too.

Imagine your own race for a minute….

Imagine being pulled over, searched, and being called every name in the KKK handbook, except the name on your birth certificate.

Imagine going into a store and becoming the immediate priority of the security staff or the flip side - being treated if you don’t belong there and being ignored.

Imagine hearing a racist asshole begin every excuse with "I'm Just A Concerned Citizen…."

Imagine hearing something stereotypical and demeaning come out of someone’s mouth and then excuse those words by saying that they aren’t racist because they know someone black.

Imagine being a person of dark complexion and hearing jokes that demean your color – the skin you were born in.

Imagine a person that doesn’t cave into straightening their hair “European style” and wears a natural hair style, being treated differently or having to endure people wanting to “touch” their hair like they are in a petting zoo.

Imagine folks clutching their bags or purses as you walk by. (That shit has happened to me and I'm a woman.)

Imagine people expecting every word that comes out of your mouth to be some combination of urban rap or plantation speak and the blatant look of shock when it doesn’t. “He/she speaks so well” isn’t necessarily a compliment.

Imagine your individual life’s experience being merged with every other person who happens to share your color, it is like no black person has an identity, we are all one big episode of “Good Times”.

Imagine being blamed for all the short comings of this country despite the fact that you only make up about 13% of the population. TV really put out the message that those “darkeys are running this country into the ground”.

We’re the only race thrown under the bus on a regular basis and while under the bus, the driver turns our ass into a speed bump…going forward, reverse, forward, and reverse several times.

Try to put yourself in the place of the parents whose child was gunned down by some fat fuck who took it upon himself to do an unlawful citizen’s assassination because apparently he doesn't think black kids should walk around without their freedom papers or their master tagging along!

Who made this ass the trustee of the gated community? I guess the badge in his head was all he needed to carry out his mission.

I think one of the craziest things to emerge from this case was Predator’s dad saying that he isn’t racist – he is half Hispanic after all. Really? Being half Hispanic makes you above racism now? He is probably self-hating too.

Obviously, if this predator is arrested, there are a few things I see coming….

Because of the numerous 911 calls, his defense attorney will say he's insane or was temporarily so, and if his case goes to trial, he will be guilty by reason of insanity.

Or, his attorney could really stress the fact that Predator was defending himself, against the person who he was actually stalking, and used his last resort, his gun, when the teen asked him why he was following him.

The Predator will get seven years and be out in three years, when he gets out; he will apply and receive permission to again carry a firearm.
He will then slip into his old ways, and the Predator will begin his assault on black folks again.

Too many times, this is how the story begins and ends.

Black lives are seemingly not worth much in this society, and the younger they are, the more people shake their heads and tsk, tsk, and turn away. Not enough is done to protect lives.

For once I would like to see a happy ending.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Racist Anti-Obama Sticker Makes News

I'm sure some have seen these racist ass stickers attached to vehicles.

What's really upsetting that no matter what, America seems to always insult Mr. Obama.

At every turn, something new comes up.
What has he done, other than to try and be a genuinely good guy.

This is becoming childish.

I've had it with the blatant disrespect. The lying.
The dis-regard for what these people are putting his family through.

Again, where the fuck were you guys when Cheney and Bush was tearing a new asshole in this country financially?

Where were the racist stickers and blatant disrespect to the President's face did we see then?
Think about it, did you see politicians screaming, "You lie" at the President and wagging their bony fingers in Bush's face on a presidental visit? No, you didn't.

These folks always have a reason to why they are acting like assholes to our current President: frustration about the economy, immigration ills, jobs that have been sent overseas, gas prices, indigestion, lack of a sex life, etc...
They need to be honest and just admit they feel that he doesn't deserve their respect, no matter how much he is attained or what office he holds. Dignity and respect to hell with you. Fuck him and fuck the office, and through it all none of these gung-ho, apple pie eating, American flag waving bastards say nothing about it.

It is something about a black person and especially a black man, in a position of power that makes some people completely lose it and act like the ignorant bastards they are in their hearts.

Yes, you have to love "post-racial America". The facade can only play for so long and then the true colors show. If they could be honest with the reasons behind their tirades, it would at least be meaningful.

People just hate to be labeled a "racist" even when they just isn't popular these days and associated with the "lower" classes but you that there are some suburban folks out there with a hood and robe in the back of their closet waiting for that mainstream comeback.

I will always defend Obama or anyone else that decides to fight for the 99% percent.

And all you "funny" mofos be warned, if I see that sticker on anyone's vehicle, good luck riding on slashed tires.

There's not one person on this earth that could tell me racism doesn't exist.

So, when I starting spouting out shit about past Presidents, or that I despise Santorum, both Bushes, Reagan, or "Cheesy Grits" Romney.

Don't think that I'm un-American.

The shit I see on a regular is un-American.

Land of the free my ass! People in America are the most hypocritical.

Only country to preach that shit and try to export it to other countries like we really practice it fairly, and yet we have politicians taking rights away at every turn.

Hell, some of us still waive a fucking rebel flag in the South - that shit alone is a slap in the face for blacks!

We can attack people of Muslim and Islamic faith without any remorse, okay, freedom of religion.

We can attack gays and label as broken people that need to be "fixed" or prayed for.

We've turned "immigrant" into a bad word with the broken policies that supported the dreams of corporations and Republicans looking for cheap labor and now all Hispanics are looked at like undocumented workers no matter their status.

All this shit goes on daily and because some are trying to think like an extreme Catholic or an extremist "Christian", everyone one that doesn't prescribe to their fairytale vision of what America was and should be.... and I'm fucking un-American.

Before you start, don't tell me to go back to Africa, or leave. I ain't doing shit!
Unless you are 100% Native American, then we all need to get the fuck out....but remember the majority of them were killed and died in poverty for white prosperity and Manifest Destiny.

Just as you have a right to act out, I have the same right to express what the fuck I feel!

At least for now....

Politician Makes Disgusting Remark Towards Women Concerning New Abortion Law

Republican Governor, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, of course, he's a Republican, said, "just close your eyes".

Ladies, let the magic happen. That's right ease into it.

Governor Tommy supports the "Woman's Right To Know Act", that is really an underhanded method of trying to guilt and shame women who are making a decision about terminating their pregnancies.

In this extreme waste of funds and resources, basically, a doctor gives you an ultrasound. You get not one but two personalized images of the fetal image. Then, the patient must listen to a detail of the fetal heartbeat before the doctor performs the abortion procedure.

Tommy says this is not intrusive, because it's not exactly probing your snatch internally. As long as its "jelly to belly", he doesn't think there's a problem. And he is forgetting about the actual language of the bill that includes the use of the transvaginal ultrasound that actually involves a probe inserted into a woman's vagina.

Yeah, lie back and take it, nothing like state sanctioned rape!

But au contraire, Tommy, there is a problem.

If a woman is there to have that particular procedure performed,
she doesn't want to see an image or hear a fucking heartbeat.
Trust me, a decision like that isn't made lightly by the majority of women who have it done, no matter what that pro-life leaflet and your Republican tennis buddy told you.

Here we go again placing your values above mine.

I guess when these radical ass pro-lifer folks bombing and killing people in the name of God was getting out of hand, they had to find a new way of upping the level of fuckery.

Ladies, this bill eventually will spread across America.

These Republicans are like rats and roaches.

They gather in bunches and 90% of them have the same mind frame like a fucking fungus. For people who don't have vaginas, they'd like you to think they know exactly what is correct for those who do.

Let's wreck some shit and leave it destroyed and in shambles and the shit being wrecked usually as to deal with a woman's body.

I don't want anyone,especially a man telling me what is best for me.

Where the hell were you conservative bitches were when funding for ovarion or breast cancer was being cut and delayed?
I know - making sure that there were male erection medication being rushed to the marketplace, we do have our priorities, right?

When did all this "turn back the clock" shit happen?

You're telling me, as a woman, i'm incapable of making a sound decision concerning my life and body? I am just a wayward girl who needs guidance from a compentent male and some brainwashed females to show me the right way?

Anything regarding my mind, body, and soul should be left up to some stiff shirt bitch right? Forget individual rights and thoughts.


Stay in your lane "Christians", I never merge into your shit when its business as usual for you.

Meaning, when you "faithful fucks" are caught in a hotel with a high priced whore, doing a line of coke, while your wife is at home, I don't get a grassroots group together to try and get a law passed to persecute your ass.

Then again, how do you really see women?

Be seen, be quiet, and do what I say as a male.

Lay there with your legs spread eagle, and shut the fuck up!!

Texas Loses Entire Women's Health Program Over Planned Parenthood Law

For the women that happen to be in love with the Republican Party,
here's something else to love.

Rick Perry, that stiff shirt dick who happens to be governor of Texas, has decided to shut down Medicaid funding for family planning to the state of Texas. He accomplished this by cutting off state funding which is a violation of federal law.

This funding provided female cancer screenings, contraceptives and basic health care for at least 130,000 of low-income women every year, most don't have any type of insurance.

The main reason he decided to discontinue state funding?

Well, some of the Planned Parenthood clinics provide abortions.

Conveniently and ignorantly pushing ahead this legislation though state or federal funding is never used to pay for the procedure, Rick has effectively screwed over poor and young women who won't have any access for screenings any longer - good job, Mr. Perry. I guess seeing what you're doing in your own state makes me glad your failed presidential run went no where fast.

So Ricky, you have an issue with some women making up her own mind about her own life and body, so you shut down whole clinics? Sounds like a dictator move, but then you are from Texas, where real men are men and women are girls, right?

This is another way for so called Christians and Republican MEN to decide what the fuck they see fit for women to do with our bodies.

The recent Congressional committee on contraceptive healthcare coverage is a perfect example of that. How the hell do you have a committee deciding what should be included for a woman's good or bad, and there's not a woman on the committee?

How the fuck is that possible.

Women ...wake the fuck up!!1

While were on the subject of women, where the hell are all the prominent, independent women of each state and the District of Washington D.C.

We'll get a few sprinkles here and there, but why don't I get a steady dose of Hillary, Condolezza, Whoopi, Rosie, Oprah, and Nancy P.?

I don't need a new car, I need one of you to take the wheel and drive it till the wheels fall off!!!

Men in Washington or in your own state, will throw that Christian word out there, and some of you dumb asses will fall hook, line, and sinker for the okey doke.

They say one thing that you may agree with, then they starting adding shit on that bill that you knew nothing about and wasn't mentioned.

I am not a fan of some religions, abortions, fat people wearing tight clothes. But I don't play God and try and judge and force people to bend to my will.

But thats the way of the world.
We are supposed to disagree.
We are supposed to be different.
And, I wouldn't want to be like everyone else.

I think what disgust me most, is that the rich want us act just like them.
Just not be rich.

That 1% wants to control every aspect of your life, so you aren't a problem for their comfort and continued success. They do this by paying legislators and candidates to push their agendas through - you have to love those Super PACs!

Now for you submissive bitches, like Santorum's wife, stay in your fucking lane, and keep quiet like you've been doing. All you are going to say is an echo of your husband anyway. I don't expect to put a dent in that "Stepford Wife" brain of yours.

In the meantime, independent women, we have to stick together, it is not only this generation at stake!

The Fuckery Continues...Short Stories

Let's take a look at these lovely tidbits together, shall we?

In the first, yet again, we find a Cook County Sheriff and his son nabbed in a federal sting. Lawrence A. Draus Sr. and Lawrence A. Draus Jr. were both arrested this past week and here's why.

Extortion, conspiracy, and trafficking contraband...cigarettes without the tax stamp.

These two idiots had been under investigation since mid-summer of 2010.

Lawrence Senior actually told an informant while being recorded that he was doing this for his son - "I want him to do good", he said.

Damn dad, good at what? Being a fucking moronic criminal?

Lawrence the Elder, a 35 year Cook County veteran officer, can pretty much kiss that pension goodbye.

Their lawyer reminded reporters that it is early in the case and that they're innocent until proven guilty.
Okay, whatever gets you through the day, defense attorney.
Both men were suspended once they were released from jail.

Next up, fourteen people were arrested after police forcibly evicted the Midwest Occupy Conference participants in St. Louis.

This will probably be one of those times when some folks reading my rant might become upset. First, I want to say that I was all for "Occupy" whatever city you were living. I believe in power to the people and making your voice heard. Then came the news that a few disgruntled, misguided, misdirected, confused individuals were turning "Occupy" into a circus act.

I'm still cringing after the folks with Occupy Chicago and some protest visitors to come, took it upon themselves to run the G8 Summit away after promising that it would be a logistical nightmare to control. Some were promising scenes reminiscent of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.

The folks here in Chicago claimed it to be a victory.

No bitches, it wasn't.

The same shit you were supposedly fighting for completely fucked over everyone who stood to gain from it.

You needed to take corporations out of the equation for a minute and think about the people who might have gotten temporary work, or better yet folks like me, who stood to get some overtime. You should have used your cause for less negativity.

So, to hear that you got your ass handed to you in St. Louis, oh well. Some claim that at least two protesters were hospitalized. If that's all, why are we being overly dramatic?

I'm also more than certain the flip mouth assholes of your Occupy, are just like the folks in Chicago.

Starting shit, creating unorganized chaos, and flipping your damn gums without an unified gameplan.

I don't know, if I see a baton, taser, handcuffs, and a gun, I don't need a few seconds to think about my next move.

So, please, you sour ass fucks, don't be upset because I'm not a fan of something that could have stood for good and social change and is now a cluster fuck of buffoonery!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The South Is Seemingly Stuck on Santorum...

So, Rick Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi.

Folks you should not be surprised. In my opinion, the Southern states are are the most racist, conservative, backward, backwoods thinking states in the United States. If some people of the South had their way, we would still be living in the 1800's and minorities would be soo fucked.

It is like modern thinking ended around the Civil War down there - I mean most of their state capitals still have versions of the Confederate Flag flying.
They've convinced themselves that the Confederate cause wasn't the act of traitorous terrorism against the U.S., but of preserving their glorious way of life built on the backs of slave labor and booting Native Americans from their own land.

But I digress...

To prove my point, these are just a few recent stupid ass situations that only folks in the South would try to accomplish while promoting their dumbass way of thinking.

The Feds had to block a recent Texan voter ID law because a huge block of Latinos wouldn't be eligible to vote and over half of the GOP voters in Alabama and Mississippi think that President Obama is a Muslim.

Yes, Zeke and them think O-bam-ma is one of those "praying to Mecca" basterds despite provable evidence to the contrary.

Really, Dirty South, we're still harping on this shit?

I guess when they questioned his citizenship and that didn't work, they went back to that mad lab of fuckery they call a brain, and said that he is not a Christian either.

I guess throw whatever you can and see what sticks to the wall, right?

At least one Louisiana Senator had the good sense to help repeal the Creationist law for schools this week that excluded teaching evolution,a fact-based science, in classes there. It gives me hope that there are some Southerners that do live with us in the 21st century.
How that law remained on the books for more than three years is amazing - talk about putting your kids at a global disadvantage. I guess they have just gotten the news that the earth is not flat too.

I would say it is laughable, but when Americans start believing the shit that Santorum is shoveling, there's a serious cause for concern.

Santorum stated that going to college changes the "Christian way of thinking". Mind you, this is coming from a guy who has a few graduate degrees under his belt. Do as I say, not as I've done.
He got his but doesn't want you to get yours.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Basically, Santorum said I want all Americans uneducated.
That way, the major corporations that are backing my "Christian" ass don't have to pay you a high salary with benefits, cause you believed the hype.

Rick "Slave to Sweater Vests" Santorum has also tried to call the President "an elitist" for wanting people to be able to get higher education if they want it, the operative words being, "if they want it". Ricky out-right lied and said the President wants everyone to go to college, damn him! How effin crazy is that?

Has anyone wondered why Republicans, at least the high ranking Republicans have not endorsed or backed Santorum or Romney?

They're nervous of the prospect that either one of these guys could successfully represent their party against Mr. Obama.

Which brings us back to the Tea Party and the Republican party, (basically the same party), trying anything and everything to discourage voters away from the President.

The desperation is amazing and reaching fantastical proportions!

I'm just waiting for Fox News, Rush "Limpdick" Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michele Malkin, the Breitbart Report, and the Tea party to come up with the next lie made straight for fiction and TV.

Let's see: Mr. President...

You love your wife and don't seem to be an adulterer.
Seems to be a great and attentive father to your children.
A methodical thinker who analyzes the facts and tries to make decisions for the long term.
Don't throw tantrums or fits or goes to war because "God told you to".
You try and make sure to look out for the poor and middle class despite the efforts of Congress to block meaningful legislation for the lower classes.
You try not to play the good ole boys game.

Wait...that's not a man that should be President.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke is not a ‘slut’ or ‘prostitute’

Whenever you speak the earth shakes, Rush Limpdick. Sure she is, Rush, because when you say it, it has to be the truth, right?

Without regard as usual for accuracy or facts this is was the comment that started it all:

"What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke [sic] who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex -- what does that make her?
It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.
She wants to be paid to have sex.
She's having so much sex she can't afford the contraception.
She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex".

Really, Rush Limpdick, anything for ratings right?

The man known for his rational and sensible thinking skills was forced to apologize to Sandra Fluke, the brave law student who decided to take part in the recent birth control hearing in Congress recently.

She commented not on any public assistance programs that would use taxpayers’ money for contraceptives; but on insurance co-pay and availability of birth control plans offered by insurers.

Very different from the trash that old Limp was trying to pass off as truth.

There's nothing like advertisers detaching themselves from your sorry ass for you to try and sing a different tune.

Screw with a person's money, and they will slapstick, moonwalk, doubletalk, talk in tongues, turn a trick, or whatever you want them to do, to keep them checks rolling in.

The Fat Man is no exception.

I love the comments and comparisons that Limpsick has made in the past....

"If they were rappers, they would get awards."

"I'm a huge supporter of women. What I'm not is a supporter of liberalism. Feminism is what I oppose. Feminism has led women astray. I love the women's movement — especially when walking behind it."

"We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax."

"Exercise freaks ... are the ones putting stress on the health care system."

"Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it."

"Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society."

"They oughtta change Black History Month to Black Progress Month and start measuring it."

"The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them."

"If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people, I'm serious, let the unskilled jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do — let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.

“That people say crazy things about Sarah Palin and nothings done".

Very short memory Limpdick - not so long ago, Palin was the reason for the chaos last year regarding the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and others, with that crosshairs bullshit. I didn't see your biased and wholly inappropriate ass calling her out!

Now, we're up to twelve sponsors and counting that have jumped ship.
Through it all, old pompous ass Rush, keeps that ego and that piehole running - probably with the help of some more illegal prescription meds that got him into trouble before, his being high or mentally deficient is the only justification for the things that ooze out of that cesspool he calls a mouth!

"We have sponsors waiting to advertise", he still rants as if this too shall pass. I guess he thinks if he says it, it will be true.

What I don't appreciate, is the media calling this shit his Don Imus moment.
No it isn't. It's another man acting a fool through national media and at a woman's expense, which unfortunately, we've become accustomed.

What's even more disturbing, when all this blows over, Limpdick's sponsors will return to a degree.

I applaud Ms. Fluke for not accepting Limpdick's apology, why should she?

He didn’t mean it.

So many times men say crazy, do crazy, and act crazy towards women, and we view it as acceptable behavior, shrug our shoulders, and wait on the next insult.

I wanted to wait a few days before posting anything about this idiot.

I wanted to make sure advertisers weren't trying to get back into to bed with Rush on the hush-hush.

Now advertisers are saying that they would never sponsor a person like Rush.

That in itself is bullshit.
That fool is on the air, because you bitches know he creates controversy.

For some reason you think listeners attracked to Rush would be attracted to your product.

Get a grip, get a clue and get a fucking life.
Doesn't work.

A Tale of Three Short Stories Involving Stupidity

In the first of our tales, it seems that the threats that Jennifer Hudson’s brother-in-law’s made against her family is going to be admissible in his upcoming trial.
William Balfour,the idiot now ex-husband of Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia, made numerous threats leading up to the murders of three members of the Hudson clan.
The defense didn't want the public to hear any of the rants and threats towards the Hudson family and lost their final request to have the details banned from trial.

William became upset that Julian traded up on his ass, rightfully so, and decided to get another fella - one with a job and hobbies other than drinking a 40 while sitting out front in his boy's car and standing in front of the neighborhood liquor store watching day turn into night.

Could you blame her?

I'd get tired of seeing that white t-shirt wearing idiot, gang banging, being ignorant, and twisting his damn fingers too.

Short Stack later became so enraged that he shot, no, he murdered,the mother and the brother of Julia and Jennifer, and for his sick finale murdered Julia's son after a day's search for him.

So, let's just say, Balfour, you will be spending the last years of your life in prison. In other words, enjoy becoming someone's Bottom Bitch - don't forget your lube!

Our second tale involves a woman who threw alcohol in a CTA driver’s face during a weekend's fare dispute.

I know I shouldn't type this, but this is one of those occasions where you wish that maybe the person was diagnosed as missing a few screws. It would explain a lot about their actions. Unfortunately, that kind of information hasn't come to light yet, so, this is just effed up!

Our liquid wielding damsel's name is Patricia Washington. Seems that, Patty became upset with the CTA bus driver when he told her that the bus pass she tried to use was invalid and no good.
When the driver asked Patty to leave the bus, Patricia pulled out the closest thing to a weapon out of her purse that she could find - rubbing alcohol, and proceeded to toss it in the bus driver's face.

Well, witnesses on the bus got involved and when the smoke cleared, you had two people in the hospital. One patient being the bus driver, who suffered chemical burns to the eye, and the other patient being Patty.
Apparently, the witnesses opened a can of whip ass on Patty, before she was taken into custody...serves her right for making them late and having to fill out witness reports!

Our last story in our trio of stupid stories, involves two teen girls in China who committed suicide to travel back in time - no, you read right!

The two friends wanted to travel back in time to find a remote that one had misplaced. It seems that the girl was extremely afraid to tell her parents and afraid of the discipline that would follow, so one of them or both, came up with the idea of traveling back in time to find the remote. They got this idea from a popular television program about some Back to the Future ish!

I don't think they were able to make it back to the past....wherever they are now, I do believe they wish they could go back in time, to undo this stupid ass act of suicide.

You think China censorship is harsh now....

Just wait, the whole country will be subjected to only Godzilla movies and Spectra Man 24/7.

Is it just me, or are kids getting dumb as hell when it comes to common sense? Has all this computer gameplay made them oblivious to real life and its pitfalls? Life ain't the Sims, kids.

I loved Fat Albert as a kid, but I knew I shouldn't drag my ass through a dumpsite or junkyard to hang out with my friends.

Now, young folks need a block of instructions for everything.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

GLAAD Fires Back After 'Growing Pains' Star Kirk Cameron Calls Homosexuality 'Unnatural'

I guess its Kirk Camerons turn to be an ass.

Here's some of Kirk's quotes regarding same sex marriage:

It's unnatural.
Ultimately Detructive to Civilization

He goes on to say that marriage is old as dirt, as defined by the Bible, and we shouldn't redefine marriage.

Oh, but Mr. Cameron, those in control have added and changed verbiage in the Bible since the beginning. I guess you think that it hasn't been tampered with in all these years and is complete?

So whats the explanation behind that?

Which leads ME to believe, man has manipulated the word for centuries.
How is something that is supposed to be so sacred, manages to get rewrites, as if its a script, depending on the time period? Hmmm?

My other question, my evangelical Christian friends, is where the fuck are you, and other so-called men of God, when other Christians are acting out.

Let me share with you some destructive shit, Mr. Cameron!

Just recently a Christian education professor and self-proclaimed "Christian", at a Christian institution in Illinois was arrested for child pornography and illegal gun possession.

And who can forget Reverend Eddie Long, Atlanta's biggest Christian gay basher, who was recently involved in some steamy homosexual affairs, and had to settle a few lawsuits, partially with church money.
Apparently, I guess while holding the Bible, ole Mr. Long, was sticking it to the young boys in Georgia, giving them his own brand of "the Word".

Let's not even talk about the Pope's docile and silence over the Catholic Church having to bailout all the horny clergy, that have helped themselves to little boys and ruined lives.

I can't go into depth with all the "unnatural" bullshit we read about from "so-called" religious Christians, men of the Lord, or whatever the hell title they choose to give themselves these days.

Note to you and your kind:

This shit is stupid and tired.

This is what's "detrimental" and "ultimately destructive" Kirk to everyone.

So again, Kirk, I ask where are you and other so called leaders of the pack when your fellow standard bearers are committing horrendous and lewd acts while judging others for living their own lives, and gasp, leading a good life?

I think for the most part, you guys want the publicity, just to get a rise out of folks, or maybe to put down others to feel better about yourself because you think you have the right. Well, you don't.

I haven't seen or heard from your crank ass in years. Does "Growing Pains" even show in re-runs anymore?
Now all of a sudden you get fifteen minutes on CNN, you're trending in the top ten internet searches, and you think your opinion really matters now. Uhh, no, Kirk, no it doesn't - kind of like your acting career.

So, for every time one of you "I do this shit, for profit Christians" come out of the woodwork to bash the gay community, look for me.

I'm that bitch that will give you a quick reminder.

Get your own community in order, then holla at a sister when you all are living right.
In the meantime, just sitting here waiting for the next idiot to speak.

Perfection Required For Scoring a Slot at Some CPS College Preps

I remember as a kid, there were a few things that you had to do, to get accepted to a good school. The most important was getting exceptional grades.

The reading the way this new flawed system is set up now by the CPS, there's entirely too much pressure on kids - they won't have a chance to enjoy just being a kid.

To be even considered for admittance into a college prep school, the minimum score is 896 out of a possible 900 - no, that's not a typo. In some cases, it's 895 out of a possible 900. There's absolutely no room for error.

So now, we have kids damn near ready to take their own lives because they've needed straight A's since preschool to qualify for a “good” school.

Here's where it gets fucked up.

There are four tiers, that decide a kids fate.

Tier 1 describes a kid not in the best financial circumstance, in other words, poor.
Tiers 2 and 3 describe the lower class to the middle class, and Tier 4 is a kid from a more affluent family.

These special schools were created to keep the middle class from "bailing out of the system", and the system is treating the middle class like shit, as usual.

And here's why:

All the elite public high schools, require a kid from a middle class, (Tier3) family, to score more points than say a poor, (Tier 1), or a rich kid, (Tier 4).

Even if a middle class kid scores the same as say a poor or affluent kid, the middle class kid is looked over, and will be given a second or sometimes a third option.

Let's be real.

A lot also has to do with who you know...Right Rahm Emanuel?

My personal opinion is it's a little too much. I don't like people reciting information they got from "data" or a census that may determine why these dumbass decisions are made regarding a kid’s future. That information itself is false and debatable, and then you have to ask yourself, according to whom?

The middle class has been getting it in the ass in the workplace and in tax situations, for as long as I can remember. Now we’re asking the offspring of the middle class to sacrifice as well.

I guess they will be satisfied when there is no middle class left, which is the way things are going. These are the first generations of Americans that will not be doing as well financially than their parents, and even grandparents in some cases.

When is enough, enough?

This shit is so unfair. Middle class parents just want a level playing field for their children. Please cease with the smoke screens and just be honest for once.

Tell me upfront that my kid has as much chance of getting into one of the elite schools as a snowball’s chance in Hell. To get a decent education, you have to underprivileged or over privileged now – there is no middle ground.

You already know, that once some of these kids manage to get into these elite public schools, that's when we find out how fucking dumb they really are. That's when you realize mommy and daddy pulled some strings to get these mentally challenged fucks into the “right” schools.

They are so worried about the middle class bailing out on the system, when it's the other way around.

The system bailed out on the middle class a long time ago.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chicago Gangs Getting Pushed Out of City and Into The Suburbs

The latest news is that Chicago gangs are moving west, into the western suburbs, that is, and the police have all these theories, as to why this is happening.

The demolition of housing projects.
I agree, when these hoodlums' baby mamas were given a new place to stay, part of the bargain is that they were told that only you and your six kids by six different daddies could reside there. Basically, when they release that clown you call "your man" from jail, he needs to find a new place to go.

Another theory is that gang members have found it more lucrative to buglarize homes in the suburbs. I agree, you can't keep robbing poor folks, it takes too long for us to replenish shit. You have to wait to rob our asses again around tax season.

The majority of the folks that are being arrested are juvneniles.
Kids know that shit won't happen to them, that's why they do these crimes, they get caught, released, and start all over again.

I thought that most suburbanites had weapons hanging next to a moose head or something like that, you know, those hardcore supporters of the "right to bear arms" types. I was under the impression that all the men and boys out there hunt. I imagine that there's nothing like hunting a bitch down crawling through your window attempting to rob you.

Here's my take on the situation...

You folks better get it together out there.

You see, I'm the type that would pretend I'm not home and just empty a whole case of hollow points on that fool when they try to break in.

I refuse to work hard for my shit, to have Ray-Ray and them, do a drive by/ walk through of my house.

Again, you folks in the burbs better get it together - the bad parts of the city are right on your doorstep.

From Darkey Springs to N***** Creek: America's Most Offensive Place Names revealed

Just reading this made me cringe. We are in the year 2012. Really?

Then again, the way America is, why the hell would I expect any different?
I don't have a comment, I just wanted to share.

From Jewtown in Georgia, to Wop Draw in Wyoming, thousands of places across the United States give an insight into our country's divisive past.

What do you think?

Read more:
There are 797 places with the name 'Negro'.

Read more:

Wendy Williams:Shut The Fuck Up!

I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, took a break, and now I'm back and angrier than before.

Let's start off by asking...What is it about black folks that we always have to put others down, to make us feel good about ourselves.

I ask this question because Wendy Williams, current T.V. non personality talk show host, decided to go hard on Ms. Viola Davis.

Yes, Ms. Davis the renowned actress, highly respected and Oscar nominee.

Wendy took issue with Ms. Davis going natural with her hair for the Oscars.
Wendy referred Ms. Davis as being reminiscent of the televison show 227.

Wendy, really? Who the fuck are you to say anything about hair?

Your crank ass has a crew of stylists grooming hair pieces for your ditzy ass everyday.

I'm upset because, I happen to be one of those sisters that wears a natural style. To each his or her own. I could care less about extentions, wigs, tracks, or whatever floats your boat. That's your choice, not mine.

What Wendy's shit starting ass should have been flipping her mule fucking gums about, was that fact that, Ms. Davis came from a poor upbringing and that she and her sister started acting at a young age, worked hard, and now Ms. Davis has acting and creative workshops for kids.

No, Wendy, that would be too much like right. We all know you hate to take the high road.

But, Wendy, since you want to criticize, let's fuck with you for a minute.

What if we harbor on the fact of you being rehabilitated coke head.
How about we discuss your husband cheating on you - my opinion he probably still is, and your dumbass took him back.

Your talk show should be a forum for uplifting, not starting shit.
You're so quick to tell everyone your age, as you say, "being a woman of a certain age", and yet you carry on like a 12 year old.

You are a flip/flop to a major degree. One moment you like a program, and then the next, you snap out telling the audience not to watch. Are you going through the "change"?

Your personal views are not needed, especially when they are negative and putting down others.

Your behavior towards Ms. Davis is unacceptable.

I've had with you and your kind of vile approach towards our community.
If you Ms. Williams, have nothing nice to say...which seems to be a lot of the time, then do like most people and keep that shit to yourself.

Hey Wendy, here are a few suggestions:

Keep your fake ass tears,
Your fucked up attitude,
Your adolecent behavior,
Your usually misinformed hot topics - you need to fire your team by the way,
And shove that shit under your wig!!

It's great to be back!!!

Man who called Whitney Houston N-word on Facebook resigns from youth baseball board

" I'm so sick of reading about this dumb stupid Nigger Whitney Houston"

That was the phrase posted on John Kelly's facebook page.

Kelly has now resigned from his position as president of the Oak Lawn Westside Baseball League.
The only reason this dipshit stepped down, was because he was receiving death threats towards himself and his family.
There wasn't any pressure from friends, colleagues, or other members of the baseball youth board.
After his remarks were made public, he was banned from managing a team for a year.
His response to all this, was: " I volunteer and this is the shit I go through"?

Unfortunately, Johnny boy, you do.

He thinks that Houston should not be looked upon as a role model. That's fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but really, you had to call her a "n" and post it on your Facebook for everyone to see your ignorance and your obvious problems with what is acceptable and what isn't when it comes to racial descriptions?

John,I guess you are the perfect role model.
That's right, you get to mentor kids, and show them what a classless act you are by spewing off racist rants, while preaching teamwork.

Because John is so insensitive to Ms Houston's passing, now he has to deal with e-mails, phone calls, and other sources of social media, taking jabs at his dumbass.

What's really fucked is that even though John can't coach, he's able to hang out with the young ones. Probably infecting them with his own issues about people and differences.

Through it all, there had been no apology, no remorse, no comment. Not from John, I totally expect that behavior from him.

I'm upset with the youth baseball board and their new president, Jim Hebel. I guess like most people who tolerate racist behavior and keep it going by their silence, they are waiting for it to "blow over" until the next incident.

Indiana Lawmaker Calls the Girl Scouts a Radical Group that Supports Planned Parenthood

Homosexuality, Race, Sex, and Religion, in that order.

If ever wanted attention and wanted to get a rise out of the country, all I need to do is open my pie hole and discuss one of these subjects.

This time it's Indiana House Representative, Bob Morris, and of course, he's a Republican.

Morris refused to support a resolution celebrating the Girls Scouts 100th anniversary recently.

His reasons? He says that the Girl Scouts are a radicalized organization that supports abortions and homosexuality. Huh? Say what?

Of course, whenever someone ask about how these idiots get their information, they always get it from a reliable sources, right?

Morris isn't any different.

His sources are those well informed, conservative constituents that surf the internet. As Morris has admitted, he did a small amount of research as well.

So, with small minds and small amounts of research, this is the brilliance and deductive reasoning that they came up with.

So to break it down, the Girl Scouts are a dangerous organization that promotes what a right-wing jackass and his fellow hate mongers believe represents what are all the wrongs in the world.

I say again, with all the dumb shit going on in Indiana alone, you would think Rep. Morris and his posse would have enough on their plates to worry about.

What's next, the Boy Scouts are new age, transgender supporting terrorists?