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Monday, March 26, 2012

Idiot! Young Man Who Shot Officer in Chest Denied Bond

Paris & Paris....Paris Sheldon and Paris Fortune.

For Paris Fortune, it turns out it was unfortunate that he knew Paris Sheldon. We'll make this sad tale short.

Paris Sheldon, while running from the police opened fire, Paris Sheldon shot an officer, then, Paris Sheldon ran and banged on the door of Paris Fortune, who would not allow Paris Sheldon entry to his home.

Paris Sheldon, determined to evade the police, decided to run home to Mama's house entering through the basement.

The police and the canine unit were able to track down Paris Sheldon to mama's house.

I guess Mama, who was probably tired of Paris Sheldon's constant bullshit, called her son on the phone, and told him to bring his brave, "I wanna shoot the police, i'm a man first" ass upstairs.

Mama was so tired and disgusted with her son, that mama gave the police permission to search the basement. Of course, the weapon that shot the officer was recovered.

And wait, it only gets better.

Remember, Paris lead the police on a chase that started at his friend, Paris Fortune's house?

Well, the police searched Fortune's house, and found a 9mm gun. Paris Fortune, whose fortune ran out, was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.

What the fuck is this ride or die shit?

What a friend. Your punk ass gets caught up, and you wanna lead the police to my felon ass knowing that my shit wasn't right either.

That's a friend for you. A stupid friend, but that's on him.

If I were Paris Fortune, it would be unfortunate for Paris Sheldon if I got my hands on him.

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