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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mayor Emanuel Weighs In On Latest City Violence & Chief McCarthy Vows Changes

Recently, Mayor Emanuel decided to finally speak out about the sudden spike in gang violence in the city.

Note to Emanuel, this shit is not a sudden spike.

Since Chief McCarthy made that dumb ass statement a few months ago, that Chicago made it through a weekend without one person being killed via gunshots, our city has been on a tear with violence.

This is my opinion. Please remember that.

When former Superintendent Jody Weiss was in charge, the city didn't have these extreme problems. We could argue all day about his methods, but they were more effective.

These so called thug and thuggettes were afraid of him and his zero tolerance approach.

Between the ACLU, the civil liberties brigade, and some punk ass aldermen and alderwomen and let's not forget Rahm, who didn't like Weiss for whatever reason.

I don't have to like the person that's working for me if he or she is doing a good job.

Weiss was pretty much ran out of town, but not before we were stuck with the tab of paying out his hefty contract.

Money well spent to a person who is not even working in Chicago anymore.

I don't want to compare Weiss to McCarthy. But to anyone paying attention to our crime outlook then and now, it's obvious.

McCarthy is too soft.

Jody Weiss was soft spoken but had this edge to him that made you see the wheels spinning in his head. You knew when he was about to get in that ass. You saw it coming.

With McCarthy, all I hear are birds chirping while flying in a circle and a guy that is in over his head.
McCarthy's too busy saying the right things and playing to the media, too busy kissing Rahm and other politicians' collective asses.

Too busy being a good ole boy with the Police Department and most importantly, doing too little to protect the city.

Rahm states he been to a few churches and he's seen what the power of churches in the community can do. Right now, I don't need anyone singing Negro spirituals like "We Shall Over come".

Don't ask me to help out. That's why I pay taxes. That's why I voted for you.

The second I bust a cap in a knucklehead's ass for fucking with me, then I'm on trial for murder.

Results are what we need and care about...what's with these new phrases..."Gang Audit" "city anti-gang strategy" that they are throwing around now?

What the fuck does that mean?

Stop sugar coating, side stepping, going around the valley and through the woods. Be honest and say you motherfuckers ain't got a clue and you are fucking stumped!

Ray-Ray, Biff, Juan, and Chip are tearing your asses up lately and I know you wish Jody "I'll put a foot in a bitch's ass" Weiss was in charge.

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