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Monday, February 6, 2012

“Good Kid” Charged With Murder at Naperville Bar Over a Trivial Matter

In the words of the Naperville Police department, this was one of the most senseless crimes of murder ever committed.

The incident started over one guy, William Hayes, cracking jokes towards Daniel Olaska. Daniel was drinking beer out of a wine glass and Hayes found that amusing.

What's not amusing, is that Olaska pulled out a 5 inch blade and began slicing anyone in is path. The first person in his path was Shaun Wild, a friend to Hayes, who jumped in the path of Hayes and Olaska.

Olaska sliced Wild's arm and stabbed Hayes in the chest.

Olaska then tried to leave and Wild tried to stop him. Olaska using the same knife, stabbed Wild in the chest, piercing his heart.

Olaska tries to leave again, when an employee of the bar, Rafael Castenaza, tried to stop Olaska.

Olaska stabbed Castenaza in his arm so severly that the wound required several stiches.

Finally, the police arrived and stopped Olaska before he tried to leave again.

Bond for Olaska was set at $3 million dollars.
Olaska's lawyer says his client didn't have a criminal background to warrant such a heavy bond,(he sure has a record now). He also mentioned that he is a supervisor at the airport and that his client is a good guy.

The hell he is.

Accidents happen. This shit had intent and purpose.

This fool went on a full blown rampage with two patrons and an employee at a bar. Most good guys don't have an "hair trigger" temper.

By the way Olaska, where the fuck is your sense of humor?
Why did you need to stab and kill because your ego was bruised - are you that insecure?

After all the chaos and when the smoke clears,

We have a employee of the bar injured.(Good Guy)
We have another guy that survived a chest wound.(Good Guy)
Then there's Shaun Wild, a school teacher. MURDERED!(Good Guy)

Then there's Olaska, a volatile coward that needed a knife to prove what little manhood he assumes he has. (Jerk and Bad Guy)

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