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Sunday, March 4, 2012

GLAAD Fires Back After 'Growing Pains' Star Kirk Cameron Calls Homosexuality 'Unnatural'

I guess its Kirk Camerons turn to be an ass.

Here's some of Kirk's quotes regarding same sex marriage:

It's unnatural.
Ultimately Detructive to Civilization

He goes on to say that marriage is old as dirt, as defined by the Bible, and we shouldn't redefine marriage.

Oh, but Mr. Cameron, those in control have added and changed verbiage in the Bible since the beginning. I guess you think that it hasn't been tampered with in all these years and is complete?

So whats the explanation behind that?

Which leads ME to believe, man has manipulated the word for centuries.
How is something that is supposed to be so sacred, manages to get rewrites, as if its a script, depending on the time period? Hmmm?

My other question, my evangelical Christian friends, is where the fuck are you, and other so-called men of God, when other Christians are acting out.

Let me share with you some destructive shit, Mr. Cameron!

Just recently a Christian education professor and self-proclaimed "Christian", at a Christian institution in Illinois was arrested for child pornography and illegal gun possession.

And who can forget Reverend Eddie Long, Atlanta's biggest Christian gay basher, who was recently involved in some steamy homosexual affairs, and had to settle a few lawsuits, partially with church money.
Apparently, I guess while holding the Bible, ole Mr. Long, was sticking it to the young boys in Georgia, giving them his own brand of "the Word".

Let's not even talk about the Pope's docile and silence over the Catholic Church having to bailout all the horny clergy, that have helped themselves to little boys and ruined lives.

I can't go into depth with all the "unnatural" bullshit we read about from "so-called" religious Christians, men of the Lord, or whatever the hell title they choose to give themselves these days.

Note to you and your kind:

This shit is stupid and tired.

This is what's "detrimental" and "ultimately destructive" Kirk to everyone.

So again, Kirk, I ask where are you and other so called leaders of the pack when your fellow standard bearers are committing horrendous and lewd acts while judging others for living their own lives, and gasp, leading a good life?

I think for the most part, you guys want the publicity, just to get a rise out of folks, or maybe to put down others to feel better about yourself because you think you have the right. Well, you don't.

I haven't seen or heard from your crank ass in years. Does "Growing Pains" even show in re-runs anymore?
Now all of a sudden you get fifteen minutes on CNN, you're trending in the top ten internet searches, and you think your opinion really matters now. Uhh, no, Kirk, no it doesn't - kind of like your acting career.

So, for every time one of you "I do this shit, for profit Christians" come out of the woodwork to bash the gay community, look for me.

I'm that bitch that will give you a quick reminder.

Get your own community in order, then holla at a sister when you all are living right.
In the meantime, just sitting here waiting for the next idiot to speak.

Perfection Required For Scoring a Slot at Some CPS College Preps

I remember as a kid, there were a few things that you had to do, to get accepted to a good school. The most important was getting exceptional grades.

The reading the way this new flawed system is set up now by the CPS, there's entirely too much pressure on kids - they won't have a chance to enjoy just being a kid.

To be even considered for admittance into a college prep school, the minimum score is 896 out of a possible 900 - no, that's not a typo. In some cases, it's 895 out of a possible 900. There's absolutely no room for error.

So now, we have kids damn near ready to take their own lives because they've needed straight A's since preschool to qualify for a “good” school.

Here's where it gets fucked up.

There are four tiers, that decide a kids fate.

Tier 1 describes a kid not in the best financial circumstance, in other words, poor.
Tiers 2 and 3 describe the lower class to the middle class, and Tier 4 is a kid from a more affluent family.

These special schools were created to keep the middle class from "bailing out of the system", and the system is treating the middle class like shit, as usual.

And here's why:

All the elite public high schools, require a kid from a middle class, (Tier3) family, to score more points than say a poor, (Tier 1), or a rich kid, (Tier 4).

Even if a middle class kid scores the same as say a poor or affluent kid, the middle class kid is looked over, and will be given a second or sometimes a third option.

Let's be real.

A lot also has to do with who you know...Right Rahm Emanuel?

My personal opinion is it's a little too much. I don't like people reciting information they got from "data" or a census that may determine why these dumbass decisions are made regarding a kid’s future. That information itself is false and debatable, and then you have to ask yourself, according to whom?

The middle class has been getting it in the ass in the workplace and in tax situations, for as long as I can remember. Now we’re asking the offspring of the middle class to sacrifice as well.

I guess they will be satisfied when there is no middle class left, which is the way things are going. These are the first generations of Americans that will not be doing as well financially than their parents, and even grandparents in some cases.

When is enough, enough?

This shit is so unfair. Middle class parents just want a level playing field for their children. Please cease with the smoke screens and just be honest for once.

Tell me upfront that my kid has as much chance of getting into one of the elite schools as a snowball’s chance in Hell. To get a decent education, you have to underprivileged or over privileged now – there is no middle ground.

You already know, that once some of these kids manage to get into these elite public schools, that's when we find out how fucking dumb they really are. That's when you realize mommy and daddy pulled some strings to get these mentally challenged fucks into the “right” schools.

They are so worried about the middle class bailing out on the system, when it's the other way around.

The system bailed out on the middle class a long time ago.