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Friday, December 30, 2011

Man Robbed of New Air Jordans at Gunpoint After Craigslist Posting

In Elmhurst, Il. news... Let's start this off by saying, when will we learn?

Mr. Rodney Payton robbed a person at gun point for one pair of Air Jordan sneakers, he was tracked down later in the getaway car. Okay, I wanna know who planned this dumb shit?
While you were planning this high stakes heist, Rodney, couldn't you have planned a better car for your getaway? Of course, Rodney, the dumbass stuck out like a black person at a KKK rally in Elmhurst.
Pepper spraying, stabbing, robbing... and all this over-the-top behavior for some Air Jordans?

Why are people like Rod, so compelled to be like everyone else? Why do they have this insatiable need to want stuff that everybody else has - especially when they can't afford them?

I wish I could get you young fuckers to not have kids at twelve years old -you only pass on your stunted ass values and limited knowledge to another generation. I wish I could get you to plan for a stable future. I really fucking hope I can see your asses with a job in 15 - 20 years.

Rodney, its bad enough that you robbed a person, but then, your scattered way of thinking told you to sell them on Craigslist. C'mon, the only thing people actually sell on Craigslist are butt cracks and penises!

Boy, I tell you, True Religion, Northface, and Air Jordans are like crack. I don't understand how these folks are thirsty as hell with the fascination with paying almost two hundred dollars for a pair of sneakers.

Trust me, I don't want to make Mike richer.

Suspect found in Church’s Chicken shootings

There are some places in America that I thought were still fairly safe to hang out...whites at a wrestling event, the police at any place that serves coffee, and black folks at any place that served chicken.

Here we have yet another senseless killing, where the gunman manages to always get the bystander(s)and not the intended target.

A few days ago, in the early evening, two lil boys(never young men in my eyes), began arguing outside in a Church's Chicken parking lot. When one of the guys ran into the restaurant, the other, a gun toting felon, opened fire.

Then, there there came the usual outcome...two people killed and five injured. Of course the boy who was the target managed to get away. My heart goes out to the two young men that were killed.

Is there any place safe to go???

I know, maybe we all should just stay home for a few days and hope these fucking cranks just kill each other off. My anger is directed towards Ray Ray, Tyquan, and them.

These fucks always want respect, grabbing their crotches, speaking a language I refuse to try and learn. Yeah, they love to say, "I'm the man" about being the fucking man and take the bullet that was meant for you.
You bitches need to go to the gun range and practice because you never hit your target. But then again, that would take effort and concentrated energy toward a goal and you know you aren't up to that! As you a-holes love to say, "real talk".

Then, there's the obvious lie that was just reported in the news that homicide killings are down in the city - I can't really tell, my last several post have been about killings.

Why??? Babysitter Beats to Death and Dismembers Little Girl

I wanted to get more information on this tragedy before reporting.

The scene was a trailer park in Indiana, that seems to be a haven for sex offenders and that really hurt.

Michael Plumadore admitted to killing the little missing nine year old girl. Plumadore then confessed that he used Ziploc freezer bags and Hefty cinch sacks to place pieces of the young lady. Yes, this evil bastard placed pieces of this gorgeous little girl in a freezer, dumping other parts of her around the surrounding area.

The mother of the young girl was worried about bringing the kids to the trailer park. The red flag should have been it's a trailer park in Indiana. The jokes write themselves. Trailer parks are like those small carnivals that travel from city to city. Every one has history with the law and that isn't good.

It seems the mother had to look after her grandfather who was ill with terminal cancer and was also a a resident in the trailer park. Wait, it gets better... Grandpa was a formerly convicted and registered sex offender.
I don't know, I think I'd said my goodbyes over the phone and tell that bitch to get right with his soul.

That mother taking her three kids to a trailer park full of sex offenders (there was a reported 15 in the immediate area), was like leaving a hen in a fox den. That mother pretty much served her kid up when she asked Plumadore to babysit.

She says that she inquired about him beforehand. Her dad(a sex offender)assured her that Plumadore(a possible sex offender) could watch her kids with no problems or issues. Another tidbit that has come ,is that it turns out that Grandpa and Plumadore met one another in jail. This is like a bad comedy.

That's right, America! Grandpa and that punk Plumadore were side by side and probably on a conference call with R. Kelly, Jerry Sandusky, and a few Catholic priests planning shit while incarcerated!

I'm sorry for your grief, mother, but you really didn't protect your child like you should have, your poor decision making led to this tragedy!

More Stupid Comments from IL. Gov. Quinn About the Sears Announcement

After Sears/Kmart began the process of closing stores yesterday, Quinn says he doesn't see closings affecting Illinois directly.

Really, you pompous bastard?!? It's not just about Illinois. It's about the fact that, people other than the corporate folks from Hoffman Estates are losing their jobs. The folks that lined your pockets get to keep getting big bonuses because your bitches(legislators) decided to give them a tax break. This all shucks,golly gee attitude is why you had a hard time getting re-elected to office, you jerk!

I don't want verbiage changed in a bill. I don't want transparency. Right now, I just want you fucks, even the ones I didn't vote for, to start doing your jobs by truly looking out for the citizens of this state and country! Represent us and not your bank account and stock portfolio interests!

So Quinn, explain to Illinois really why Sears/Kmart got a tax break?

It's only a matter of time and we're next on the chopping block.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Shoot-out At A Train Stop

Wow, unbelievable.... all I want to do is during my down time going home is listen to some music and decompress from a long day.

No chance of that cause now we have ghetto Wyatt Earp standing on the South Loop platform shooting folks.

The victim says he was just standing there. Later on, its revealed that the victim had gang ties and an arrest record. Should we be surprised?

I figure the reasons why these knuckleheads are migrating from the hood to the Loop and Gold Coast is because maybe the folks who had something to rob in their area are dead or in jail or had the good sense to move the fuck away!

I call it as I see it. No, I don't wish to see you raggedy folks downtown!

You are the sterotype that I despise! You bring the unnecessary ignorance, loudness, and ugly eyesore fashion. You make my eyes and ears hurt!

Shit, if I had a purse I'd clutch my shit too if you walked by.

Ghetto fab, White trash, being a thug is not cute.

No wonder you fuckers are profiled. I know stand out, you are noticeable in a negative way, you are the stuff of comedy sketches and you take yourself seriously? You tend to live up to every negative stereotype out there and then call foul when you live up to it.

I can't even go to or come from work without seeing one of you fast running bitches take someone's iPhone. Then again, I blame the owner of the phone - you should know better.

I'm so sick of this kind of shit being the standard for young men and women. This is a shout out to all races - GET IT TOGETHER!

The B-S Continues...Politicians Respond to Sears Closings Announcement

Trickery, Bamboozled, Tomfoolery, Quick Change Artists, Pulling the Wool over our eyes. Yeah, that's what I'll call the dumb shit that just took place between our Illinois Legislators & Sears Holdings/Kmart.

Maybe instead of calling them Sears Holdings, let's call them Sears holding Illinois Legislators' balls for good measure.

Sears Holdings asked for tax credits and special corporate considerations for the privilege of having their corporate headquarters remain in Illinois or they would be forced to move to another state.

My response would have been move bitches!

Of course after many palms being greased and not so transparent paperwork, Sears Holdings got what it wanted. The ink is not even dry on the paperwork and BOOM - two days later Sears Holdings announces that over one hundred stores are closing and people will their lose jobs.

I have some history working for Kmart back in the day, so I knew how this shit would pan out when they started haggling and whining with the state over staying or pulling up stakes.
Not too long ago Kmart laid off(fired) employees nationwide at the same time and made national news folks. Christmastime is a special time for Sears/Kmart...I guess they get sentimental over handing out pink slips over their hot cocoa.

Back to our legislators.... Rep. Silverstein spouts that maybe they should take a closer look the next time a business wants a tax credit.
Govenor Quinn says he didn't think that it wouldn't affect jobs in Illinois.

Really???? Quinn, how the fuck would you know - you're only in charge of the 5th most populous state in the country? It's not like you have to actually know what is going on with the business of your state as governor, right?

It seems that either our legislators are either fucking stupid or knew and just got paid (as usual) to push shit through. I think our guys in the capital are a little bit of both. Stupid enough to think that we don't know the majority of those pricks are taking bribes.

Not too long ago, I remember there was at least some sort of honor code you followed when you tried to screw the public over. Even the crooks tried to cover up their mis-deeds and we could never figure out who they were or what they had done until way late in the game.
Now, these bitches wear that shit like a badge of honor. One day they will tell you the state is broke and the next day they vote themselves a raise! They are all bold with their thievery now! The fat cats are being blatantly greedy and daring the public to say something about it!

The shame of it all is that the middle/ low income folks are getting it in the crotch yet again.

For those who don't know, there really isn't a reason to keep Sears' Hoffman Estates corporate office. That shit is like the Pentagon, it's like a mini city, where they have everything at their disposal. If you're corporate, it's a paradise where its inhabitants have gyms, a pharmacy, medical center, restaurants, spas, and other 5 star amenities. Hell, they don't have to even go home, which may be part of Sears' plan.

Former Mayor Daley ran this city in the ground with financially irresponsible deals that definitely didn't benefit the citizens of Chicago, alderpeople take bribes like it is their due - extra job perks, if you will, and if there is a god, Jesse Jackson Jr. might serve time next to his friend, former Governor Blagojevich - a person would have to be crazy to think he was innocent in that whole congressional seat bribe business. And then there is Quinn, our beloved Govenor who has never had a clue, at least publicly.

Representative Silverstein says he felt betrayed by Sears weak asshole, how the fuck do you think Sears/Kmart employees losing their jobs feel?

Here we are again folks, the neverending soap opera and embarassment of Illinois politics continues...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul? Are You In Trouble Again

Attention: In respect to wannabe Presidential hopefuls and career politicians. If you have some dumb shit going on in your past, and you don't want America to know about it, then sit your asses on the sidelines like me and rant from afar!

I never like putting a lot of faith into a politician because when there is fuckery involved, you find yourself becoming bitter and jaded. Which is where I am now.

If something was found on President Obama, I would not be surprised. I've resigned myself to the fact that we are all human and not some superhumans that are mistake free. Which brings us to Mr. Ron Paul.

The dumbass statements he's made in the past about homosexuals, Hispanics, and in particular black men are wild to say the least.
"95% percent of black men in Washington are criminals", "If a black man takes your purse and starts running, the victim's not catching him, because he can run fast", etc...

I want to know which survey dictates the percentage of black men that are 95% criminal. On the purse snatching dig, he is basically saying, I'm ass out because a brother is so used to running from shit, that I'll never catch him, he has got speed on his side, I guess he has great rhythm too.

I'm not upset he said it, black folks are so used to hearing dumb shit spouted off from every other race about what we are and aren't. Don't get me wrong, I'll call you out on it, or punch you in the throat...consider it a learning exercise.

I was upset that he didn't own up to the bullshit jabs he has taken at the gays and black men. The arrogance of Ron....Ron Paul Political, Ron Paul's Freedom Report, Ron Paul Journal Report, and Ron Paul Investment Letter.
This bitch is so into himself he's had or has four publications that he puts out to the public to read and become as ignorant as him.

To say that you don't read everything that you publish is hogwash.
You read it and probably get upset if it's not insulting enough.

What is really insulting is when you were called out on these quotes initially years ago, you said your words were "taken out of context" which means they were your words. Now, years later, you are saying you never wrote anything, I believe you used the term, "disavow" too. Which is it, your words or not?

Again, Palin, Edwards, Gingrich, Perry, Cain, Paul, hell, pick any Kennedy, if you've got some shit going on in your life, stay in the private sector because your dirty laundry isn't going to become clean with a well-crafted press conference!

By George, The Catholics Do It Again

Why is it that Chicago celebs seem to spew out the crazy for all of the world to see? Kanye, R. Kelly, Illinois Politics? I guess Cardinal George felt slighted and here we go.

Cardinal George compared the gay community to the KKK.

So for those that are Catholic and love this bitch, this read may not be for you.

This all stems from the fact that the Gay Pride Parade was rerouted for the coming year. The parade takes place on a Sunday, which means it has to go pass a Catholic Church located on the new route.
The issue George has is that Sunday's service would have to be cancelled. "We don't want the parade to morph into somthing like the KKK", he said.

Really George? The KKK?

Without getting into the fact that you pretty much demeaned every victim of the KKK's violence with that cheap statement, I wish, OMG, I just wish George, and the higher powers that be, would take the same initiative to not bail out and defend priests that take advantage of little boys.

With that extra church money they'd save, they could purchase more Prada loafers for Pope Benedict or they could buy I don't know a whore, stripper, or a mail order bride; so these freaks wouldn't feel compelled to poke a kid in the ass and steal away their innocence and perhaps faith in religion or people.

Use your time wisely. Don't worry about the gays. Get your own fucking house in order.

Gas Station Killed

Jo Jo Gaines is a gentleman that traveled a long way to work, traveling from 4800 N. to 4300 S. State St.

By working on Christmas day, it was an added bonus in addition to the time and a half, that he may not come in contact with a lot of patrons.

More than certain that Mr. Gaines never thought that on Christmas day, he would be staring down the barrel of a gun being held by a cowardly fuck.

As usual, these thug ass, useless, cowards have to make a stupid statement. By doing so, that punk took an innocent man's life at Christmas time. That's not the way a family wants to celebrate any holiday, by being notified of the death of a loved one.

This is not a conspiracy theory but there is something very eerie about this particular area too. Directly across the street from the B.P. gas station where Mr. Gaines was murdered, there is a recreational park where a young thirteen year old young man was gunnned down this past summer. Not too long after that, in fall, an adult male that worked at Alice's restaurant, which is one block east of the B.P. gas station, was gunned down standing outside while taking a break.

I don't know what the fuck is going on, but we are having a lot of unecessary shit going on in that area that seems to involve a lot of innocent lives taken.

But the minute I decide to go Charles Bronson and take matters in my own hands, there's flack behind it. This is why I stay packed.

We go down together fucking with me.

Coward Thief Who Preys On The Elderly

It's bad enough when criminals approach you and rob you of your possessions, but how fucking lazy can you be to drive by an elderly person and snatch their shit while their walking about minding their business on the street? Then you decide to drag their ass around the block for good measure because they don't want to give their purse up to you.

This my friends, brings us to Billy Tribbett.

Obviously, Billy T. has entirely too much time on his hands and tries to accomplish a lot by sitting on his ass. His lazy ass game plan for robbing the elderly hasn't even been working out for him. This was not the first time at the rodeo for Billy T.
Seems ole Billy loves to target the elderly on a regular basis. Two recent prior incidents, and he just can't stay away from the over 65 year old crowd.

C'mon, society really doesn't ask much of you Bill. How lame can you be to drive and look for elderly people to rob?
This bastard is definitely not even up to getting out of his vehicle and putting in a little legwork to get the illegal job done.

Billy T. even managed to get caught by the law while, yes, sitting on his ass. Now Billy T. is again doing what he loves best - say it with me, "sitting on his ass", in jail with a $350,000 bond attached to it.

I guess now Billy T. has a lot of time on his hands to think about how he's going to fight off the male population....I guess "sitting on his ass" might work out for him after all.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Matt Damon Criticizes The President again

I've always had an issue with Hollywood offering support to politicians publicly because when things don't work out the way their selfish asses want, celebrities get bent out of shape and start turning on their previous favorites. Which brings me to Matt Damon.

It's easy to say if we had a President with some balls that maybe the country would be in better shape. It's easy to say he didn't get it right in regards to education.

It's easy to say that he seems to roll over too much when it comes to big business like banks and the rest of coporate america.

What's not easy Matt, is getting Republicans and some Democrats to agree with you even when you are somewhat speaking on behalf of America.

It's not easy to get Congress and The Senate to agree on tax relief for 160 million Americans when we, as the majority, are not shaking hands and making deals with the same politicans who have special interests groups that give contributions to their campaign.

Also Matt, I would think as you portray yourself as an intellect, that even you notice that Mr. President has been shut down pretty much on every bill he has tried to pass.

Your criticism is directed at the wrong person. How about some fingerpointing at the people in the House and Senate who are making the lives of ordinary American citizens more difficult by voting against the best interests of the common good?

How about using your celebrity platform to expose the lobbyist and special interest groups that seem to own Washington and its politicians lock, stock, and barrel?

Washington is not like Hollywood. There aren't any scripts or neat little happy Hollywood endings. Boehner is not Steven Spielberg. You can't just walk up to him and say, "I want the GOP to pass every bill I send in your direction that can help as many Americans as possible".

Jeez Matt, if it were that simple, you would be President.

Murderer of Indian Head teen pleads nt guilty

John L. Wilson Jr., the simpleton that murdered teen Kelli O'Laughlin(Indian Head), has pled not guilty. Unbelievable.

Let's rewind a minute and start from the beginning. Junior was roaming around Indian Head this past fall. Junior wisely decides to break into the home of the O'Laughlins to commit home invasion. While he is in the process, young Kelli arrives home from school and interrupts John Jr.'s illegal activities. This big, burly buffoon decides to kill Kelli by stabbing her numerous times.

He then leaves and not satisfied with his a-hole behavior, he decides to use the phone he stole from Kelli, to call her mom and taunt her about her daughter's death.....class act, I know, but now it gets better.

Now Mr. Wilson's lawyer, John Paul Carroll is crying foul.

He feels his client is being treated unfairly. Yes, the guy who repeatedly stabbed a young teen who was under 100 pounds because she interrupted him while robbing her family's home.

In his best bitch rant, he's upset that bail was denied. He's also arguing that he wants his client transferred, because he has to travel 100 miles to communicate with him about his case.

So while he is concerned about this asshole's rights, where was the concern for Kelli's while his client, an arrogant bastard, was stabbing her? Where was the concern, when this demonic fucker was communicating with Kelli's mom adding to her pain?

Johnny Paul Carroll don't you dare ask me, the state, the judge or jury to feel sorry for your client - he doesn't deserve it like Kelli didn't deserve the premature death she got.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What rights is this idiot referring?

Woman With "Whites Only" Pool Sign: "I Have To Stick Up For My White Rights"

Okay, first of all, some of my best friends are white. For those that think racism doesn't exist in the post-racial fairy land America, this back in the woods, militia thinking broad is a prime example that it is alive and well.

The issue was that she thought a black girl's hair had chemicals in it and that would cloud the pool water at her building. After posting a sign that said "Whites Only", this national spokes person for white America, said her "white rights were being violated" when others complained.
I suppose white hair care products don't cloud chlorinated pool water too in her hillbilly world!

I've been around for awhile and have yet to see a Caucasian's rights taken, revoked,or rewritten especially at a pool. I'm black and I don't like seeing anyone play the race card let alone a person that has an issue with someone other than their race.

Coonery, @ an all time high.

Okay, I'm in court today. No, I didn't catch a case, I'm just there. True story.

There was a pregnant girl there named Precious accused of retail theft, specifically of stealing body glitter and fake nails and an older woman who was the complaining witness named "Cherry Delight". You know the State's Attorney cringed when he called her name!

Behind me were sitting three gentleman, and I use that term very loosely, that were no strangers to neighborhood pharmaceutical sales. These three could not sit up straight and were slouched over half know, putting their best foot forward for their court dates.
One of these mental giants complained a little loudly that the person calling people to the bench could not read the names from the docket. I guess trying to figure out how to pronounce all the Tyquanises, Escaladedes, and Joquishhnas do take a toll on the eyes and mouth after a while.

Here's the thing about our three intellectual hustlers though, I can't type what they were saying because it was too hard to understand.
I can't type ebonics, slang, ghetto-ese or for that matter lazy tounge speaking and slurred words. They wanted to criticize her reading, when I would bet my paycheck that none of them could even read Doctor Suess. Only thing these knuckleheads read are pounds and ounces.

I used to say, "thats our future". I've realized now that they are not our future and their goal has never been to age gracefully.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Man apologizes for killing teen on CTA bus, gets 70-year sentence

It's really hard to report what's going on outside of the Chi, when the fuckery keeps knocking at the back door.
It seems that Lil Milton Wardlow decided to open fire on a CTA bus, because somebody bumped against him and threatened this big BITCH!  Really Lil Milton?   Lil Milton seems to be a large dude.
Besides having an illegal weapon, this dumb fuck also has bad aim.  Put the gun away and just fight.
Oh, my fault, you hard as nigguhs can't fight unless there are 20 of you bitches ganging up on one.
Now back to this idiot. I don't wanna see preachers, reverends, or somebody's father walking along the streets screaming, "stop the violence". That shit ain't working.
Milt gets to live rent free for 70 more years on our collective tax dollars.   Why not kill him....death penalty, anyone?   Before you "he has rights" fucks respond, remember this is not the end. Milt isn't the first and he won't be the last.  
I always wondered how these useless nigguhs always miss the person they're aiming for but manage to always kill an innocent party.   My heart really goes out to Kiyanna Salter's family.
America's Best always has a sale on eyeglasses. Instead purchasing a gun bitches, try buying glasses.
The second pair are free for the other blind bitch you hang with.
Maybe once you can see, you nigguhs will kill each other. SORRY ASSES!!
Dropping the mic!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Slavery The Game?!?

Calling all the "Black Leaders"... I need you to stop riding Mr. President for one second. I need the Poverty Bus tour (Tavis Smiley & Cornell West) to take a detour.

The makers of this new video game Slavery The Game, obviously think that African American ancestors getting their asses beat on a regular and the women getting raped and kids being sold from their parents wasn't bad enough for past history, that they decided to remind us again just in case we forgot.

I've heard from every walk of life except for the fame whores:  Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Jessie Jackson Sr. & Jr., & Rev. Al Sharpton. I know if you weren't mentioned that was insulting enough.
I know our "so called spokespeople for black folk", are always in the news upset with Mr. President cause he ain't riding their dicks.
Here's the time for you Mr. Smiley. You had three days to spare to meet the President, why not contact the knuckle heads that are providing this game. XBOX & Playstation have decided to be a part of buffoonery - contact them too while you're at it.

I just want to know who gave the go ahead for game.  

Check out the trailer for this ill-conceived project.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 juveniles charged with mugging lakefront bicyclist

This just in: People stop riding and running along the lakefront @ night! Okay let's start by posting, i'm sick of  parents not keeping up with their kids! These little rugrats I guess decided instead of playing video games, or you know, what just staying their asses @ home, head over to the 31st street bike trail. The student on the bike is pretty much stopped, knocked off the bike, & was kicked. Kids take his bike and bookbag. Eventually, bike and bookbag were recovered. Bookbag only contained books( no wonder it was recoverd). Books to these knuckle heads is like morning sunrise to Dracula. I want to know who planned the escape? These not so bright individuals left 31st and took the crazy to 35th lakefront. Only 4 kids were caught of the many cowards that jumped a defenseless guy. I think what's most disturbing is the youngest kid was 10 yrs. old. So.... Where the F_ _ K is the mama,dad, babysitter, grandma, foster parent, pimp?

Single-room occupancy hotels disappearing across Chicago

For people who live in or near Chicago, know that Chicago has (or had) a lot of these hotels. Most of these places are located on the north side of town. I don't have an issue with progress. The question is where do these people go? Where does a handicapped, senior citizen on a fixed income relocate? Once again, the people in some minds that matter the least, are gettin in the rear, hard without vaseline and without permission. Were so busy making sure that, the young women having 4.5 kids by different baby daddies, gets a brand new apartment: W/appliances, hardwood floors, and only has to pay $400 a month( but can't/won't). That eventually will be trashed because she will move other family members in.
Hello, and welcome to Dare I Say... where you can post comments about anything thats on your mind.
Most of the comments hopefully, are backhanded, openhanded, closed fist, and fist pumping.
I'll try my best to give everyone something to chew on.  Either you can savor the subject and swallow or if your disgusted by it, spit it out.
This blog is not for the faint hearted or for those that don't value an opinion.
We will tackle Politics, Religion, Celebrity, and the local crap here in Chicago.
My mission is not to be in agreement all the time. I need everyone not to be blinded by todays news.

I'm here to wake your asses up! So.. let's get started.