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Friday, December 30, 2011

Why??? Babysitter Beats to Death and Dismembers Little Girl

I wanted to get more information on this tragedy before reporting.

The scene was a trailer park in Indiana, that seems to be a haven for sex offenders and that really hurt.

Michael Plumadore admitted to killing the little missing nine year old girl. Plumadore then confessed that he used Ziploc freezer bags and Hefty cinch sacks to place pieces of the young lady. Yes, this evil bastard placed pieces of this gorgeous little girl in a freezer, dumping other parts of her around the surrounding area.

The mother of the young girl was worried about bringing the kids to the trailer park. The red flag should have been it's a trailer park in Indiana. The jokes write themselves. Trailer parks are like those small carnivals that travel from city to city. Every one has history with the law and that isn't good.

It seems the mother had to look after her grandfather who was ill with terminal cancer and was also a a resident in the trailer park. Wait, it gets better... Grandpa was a formerly convicted and registered sex offender.
I don't know, I think I'd said my goodbyes over the phone and tell that bitch to get right with his soul.

That mother taking her three kids to a trailer park full of sex offenders (there was a reported 15 in the immediate area), was like leaving a hen in a fox den. That mother pretty much served her kid up when she asked Plumadore to babysit.

She says that she inquired about him beforehand. Her dad(a sex offender)assured her that Plumadore(a possible sex offender) could watch her kids with no problems or issues. Another tidbit that has come ,is that it turns out that Grandpa and Plumadore met one another in jail. This is like a bad comedy.

That's right, America! Grandpa and that punk Plumadore were side by side and probably on a conference call with R. Kelly, Jerry Sandusky, and a few Catholic priests planning shit while incarcerated!

I'm sorry for your grief, mother, but you really didn't protect your child like you should have, your poor decision making led to this tragedy!

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