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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Exactly Are We Occupying Again?

Okay, "Occupy" got my attention. Let's hope our cause is being fought in an orderly manner. Don't get me wrong. I know what "Occupy" was for, it is just the tagger-ons and other folks trying to profit from the original cause that has my undies in a bunch. People: PAY ATTENTION. Occupy was started because of the injustice of bullshit, mostly financial, that law abiding, hard working Americans were going through. Americans that are tired of getting it in the ass by Corporations and that sticking being co-signed by the government through tax breaks and the endless loopholes that are House and Senate approved. The anger that protesters are expressing is the lack of respect that we have been given as citizens of this so-called democracy. So, here's the dumb shit I don't want to see during an Occupy protest.... Don't do a "Jay-Z" and try to sell Occupy t-shirts as if its a UFC event or a Britney Spears concert. I don't want to see a "Christian" in the back ground carrying a sign that reads, and I quote, " He Is Risen". Huh? There is a time and place for random scripture but a financial rally isn't one of them. Please, people, I don't want to see the out-of-place characters like what I saw at the recent Occupy Chicago May Day Protest Walk. There was some black broad in a wheelchair screaming about the injustice going on in the prison system and the rates of black men in prison. Yeah, legitimate problems, but not the time or place. ACLU, Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Meals on Wheels, Animal Cruelty, MADD, GLADD, I don't give a damn, stay the fuck away! Find your own forum and leave Occupy alone. This movement, if channeled and properly focused, could be the catalyst of change for many Americans. It could really make a substantial difference, the history making kind. Its purpose should be sacred and not muddied by confusing messages that seems to follow every gathering. It looks sloppy, schizophrenic, incohesive, and the result is not productive or capable of gaining understanding and ground from others on the fence or not convinced that people united can make a change in our society. We don't need you assholes diluting it to look like were just a bunch of folks ranting, raving, and complaining about everything under the sun. Stay your uninformed asses at home and let the grown-ups be truly heard and make some concrete changes!