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Monday, February 6, 2012

Man Knifes Brother Over Fast Food Brownie

What do brothers usually fight over?
You'd probably name the usual stuff. A woman's affections, a nice car, some clothing, a parents attention?

In this case - Hell no!
Erik Cain and his brother, Gene Cain took it to a new, fucked up level.

Them boys were fighting over a brownie purchased at McDonalds, yes, you didn't misread that, they were fighting over a plastic-ass brownie!

I can honesty say that Mickie D's fries are to die for, but I've never thought to hurt someone over an order.

It all started when Gene cut the brownie in half. Well, that wasn't good enough and Erik wasn't in the sharing mood.

Erik took not one, not two, but three steak knives and went Stigmata on Gene, stabbing him in the forearem, a shoulder, and a wrist.

Don't count Gene out yet. Probably enraged and in disbelief that he got shanked over a dessert, Gene picked up a television, and threw it at Erik.

Erik fled, but was later arrested by police.

This wasn't the first time Erik turned into a Ginsu knife thrasher.
Last month, Erik was arrested for ...yeah, you guessed it - for slashing his girlfriend with a knife.

Ok, obviously, Erik has an anger problem.
The only good thing out of this is Erik manages to take it out on the people close to him and doesn't take the madness outside the family home.

Can you imagine this fool on the loose?!?

Ok, maybe a suggestion to his family, don't make "Angry Erik" upset and perhaps all utensils are tranferred to plastic and an effort should be made to keep Erik away from "the good stuff".

And by all means, please don't take any desserts from Erik. He apparently has a "sweet tooth" that none of us can truly comprehend.

Follow these simple tips and I'm sure Erik won't go Wolverine on your asses!

“Good Kid” Charged With Murder at Naperville Bar Over a Trivial Matter

In the words of the Naperville Police department, this was one of the most senseless crimes of murder ever committed.

The incident started over one guy, William Hayes, cracking jokes towards Daniel Olaska. Daniel was drinking beer out of a wine glass and Hayes found that amusing.

What's not amusing, is that Olaska pulled out a 5 inch blade and began slicing anyone in is path. The first person in his path was Shaun Wild, a friend to Hayes, who jumped in the path of Hayes and Olaska.

Olaska sliced Wild's arm and stabbed Hayes in the chest.

Olaska then tried to leave and Wild tried to stop him. Olaska using the same knife, stabbed Wild in the chest, piercing his heart.

Olaska tries to leave again, when an employee of the bar, Rafael Castenaza, tried to stop Olaska.

Olaska stabbed Castenaza in his arm so severly that the wound required several stiches.

Finally, the police arrived and stopped Olaska before he tried to leave again.

Bond for Olaska was set at $3 million dollars.
Olaska's lawyer says his client didn't have a criminal background to warrant such a heavy bond,(he sure has a record now). He also mentioned that he is a supervisor at the airport and that his client is a good guy.

The hell he is.

Accidents happen. This shit had intent and purpose.

This fool went on a full blown rampage with two patrons and an employee at a bar. Most good guys don't have an "hair trigger" temper.

By the way Olaska, where the fuck is your sense of humor?
Why did you need to stab and kill because your ego was bruised - are you that insecure?

After all the chaos and when the smoke clears,

We have a employee of the bar injured.(Good Guy)
We have another guy that survived a chest wound.(Good Guy)
Then there's Shaun Wild, a school teacher. MURDERED!(Good Guy)

Then there's Olaska, a volatile coward that needed a knife to prove what little manhood he assumes he has. (Jerk and Bad Guy)

Autistic Boy’s Autopsy Reveals That He Wasn’t Shot in the Head as Family Member Claimed

I'm in the middle with the tragic, accidental death of Stephen Watts.

Stephen, aged 15 years old, was fatally shot by the Calumet Police.

Stephen had Asperger's Syndrome which involves delayed development of basic skills, with the most notable, the skill to socialize or communicate with others.

That being said, The Calumet Police Department also had a history with Stephen Watts.

There were numerable occasions, over a dozen, where Stephen's family would call the police when Stephen became hard to control. It could get pretty violent, one of those times, he punched his mother in the face.

Other accounts on record, showed that the police had used tasers on Stephen to calm him down. Believe it or not, the family was okay with the shock treament in these incidents.

So, when the family summoned the police to the house again, on what was beginning to become a routine call, tragedy became reality.

Stephen was having another fit and wouldn't calm down, when he attacked and slashed an officer's arm with a knife,the two officers returned with gunfire, killing Stephen.

Now, Stephen's family members are upset.

The Calumet Police Chief stands by the officers involved in the incident.

Now here's why I'm on the fence...

The parents of Stephen knew his situation.
Because of his condition, maybe STEPHEN'S PARENTS should have figured out another way to get him help.

The Calumet Police aren't equipped to deal with Stephen's condition.
That should have been obvious, since the family let the popo tase his ass on several other occasions.

The parents and family members are at fault for blaming everyone except themselves.

In all honesty, I can't say how I would've reacted to being attacked by someone like Stephen, who had difficulty responding in situations.
Cleary, the police didn't have an officer with the appropriate skills on staff and stand-by to wait on a call from that household and ones like it.

But, to say that the police didn't have to kill him, because they've used tasers before, and the stupid ass rumor from a family member, that Stephen was shot in the head.

We don't know that.

Then again, to STEPHEN'S PARENTS had you and family members taken the time to use the proper channels, to get Stephen the proper help, we would not be minus one human being.

Were they too busy collecting that check from the state by having him in the household instead of a facility were he may have gotten more help.

"PRIMARY CARE TAKER" still comes with some responsibilities - shut the hell up!

You were thinking the same thing!

Teens Who Placed Noose Around Fellow Student’s Neck Are Charged with Hate Crimes

I'm more than certain, that these three cowards, if found guilty, will not serve anytime.

And here's why.

The court system can say because of conflict,(his mother is an administrator for the state's attorney), that the sixteen year old won't receive favorable treatment.

It's because of that, that he will.

His attorney will make it appear as if he's the victim.
You know, what harm can a butter knife do?
He'll tell the judge that his client has suffered enough, that he was under peer pressure. After all, his mother had to take him out of school for his safety.

He'll probably get two days probation and be right back at the same shit he was doing, laughing the whole time.

Meanwhile, I'd like to place a noose around that bitch's neck and shank that prick in the ass with the same butter knife he used to threaten Merritt.

The same applies to the 17 year old. He'll get probation and carry on as if nothing ever happened - I bet Merritt won't have the same luxury.

The 18 year old was charged as an adult and he's been expelled from Brother Rice.

Sucks doesn't it?

The system expects the Merritt family to get over this shit, right after it happened. Or they do a little victim blaming making Merritt the bad guy, the same one who got threatened with a knife and a rope placed around his neck.
They are probably even thinking that, you know, this would not have happened had Merritt stuck with his own kind. I guess we should all know how to self-segregate ourselves from other races.

The majority who basically runs the system, doesn't think much about these incidents, hate crime carries little weight. That would mean the folks who are doing this cowardly shit are doing it on a regular.

It seems that the second you decide to respond to this ignorant behavior,then you're the bad guy whistle blower.

It is sad...Herrmann and the two nimrods, who decided to gang up one,just happen to fuck with a guy that didn't have any balls.

I know some of you are thinking the same thing - Let some little fucker approach and threaten me with a butter knife.

Let's just say I'll be in court for attempted murder.