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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Read the above link read before proceeding with this post.

I'm wondering why is this news?

We have black folks and black " leaders" coming out of the wood work to blast this jackass, over the wrong things!

Something as trivial as his relationship with Barney's.

Where the fuck were you "leaders" when Jay-Z and folks like him were rapping about the dumbest shit I ever heard?

That question is also directed towards C. E..ho's like Russell Simmons, Diddy, Puffy, Puff Dad or whatever he is called now!

It's okay when blacks just keep it in the community! It meaning the COONERY!!

Lost in translation are the two people that were profiled.

Jay-Z says he needs the facts.

The fact is, this pompous fuck has not cared about the black community from the day he was born!

Marcy Projects(selling drugs in the community).

Calling women in his music bitches and whores and selling millions in the process!

Marketing that whack ass over priced clothing line Rocawear!

This arrogant big lip fuck has been selling out for a while!

He has either been paid to advertise and name drop.

Reebok, Budweiser have signed checks to this dude.

To see people like Oprah interviewing this nimrod didn't sit well with me!

Hell, Jay turned his wife (Beyonce) into a brand.

This bitch is hitting thirty five and still stripping, shaking and bumping it til the wheels come off!

Again as long as its within the misguided ass walls of our community we are cool.

I guess Barney's is the new Trayvon Martin!...RIGHT??

I commend Shawn for one thing...his honesty.

He is as transparent as they come.

We pretty much know where he came from, what he did and what he wants to do.

I'm sure there are some surprises.

But what could be worse than visiting Cuba and being an rehabilitated drug dealer?!!!

And on that note I say...

Fuck Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and people like them.!

Folks like you do way more harm than good.!

And a special Fuck You goes to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jesse Jr. and his wife, Sandy Jackson.


In the name of greed, infidelity and fame whoredom, have ripped a new asshole in our community!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Here we are ladies and gents.

I'm sure if some of you work for the government, you have a little time on your hands.

Not sure if this is what was planned, but I think you motherfuckers (Congress)should consider an alternate route!

Let me help some of you that are in the dark about some shit.

The Affordable Care Act: was put into place for all Americans.

Unemployed, small business, minimum wage, part time, full time to name a few.

It caters to what you can afford.

No longer do I have to pay $200 a month for half ass insurance.

I can get a plan that won't empty my pockets.

I can now choose to get myself well and eat at the same time, as opposed to eating and \putting off my health, until I am financially able to take of what's ailing me.

No person in a free country should ever half to sacrifice one for the other.


I'm sure there will be some issues that have to be worked out.

But anything is better than what the "GUVMENT" thought was fitting for a working class middle American.

To the many Americans that are upset about the Affordable Care Act, do you realize this helps your pockets in the long run?

Of course you don't.

Some say "we don't want the "GUVMENT" telling us what to do or how to live.

Word to you..the "GUVMENT"  tells you what to do everyday!!

It's called laws you fucking morons!!

Most Americans aren't looking for a hand out, their looking for an out.

Meaning a way out of this mess called high insurance rates.

I'm certain insurance companies are not happy with this new law.

The HMO's and Blue Cross-Blue Shields are having a fucking fit!

Since the law was passed, I've received a ton of emails from insurance companies.

Trying to sell the idea that they are better.

Cobra the biggest insurance pimps of them all, promises to damn near turn me into the bionic woman for a fraction of the cost!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Can insurance companies, lobbyist and special interest groups  tell a room full of men / women to not fight for the health of America!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Could Congress shut down this country and  still get paid!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Could Congress who was voted in to work for the people, has yet to work for the people!!!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Can the 1% sleep well at night while the majority suffers!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Could folks be duped into thinking the health care act is really named Obama Care!

ONLY IN AMERICA..That folks are so fucking stupid to not know "Obama Care" is the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans attached our President's name to it to generate opposition.

As usual it worked!

ONLY IN AMERICA...We live in a country that wants me to sing America the beautiful,while we have that select few that promotes the ugly!

ONLY IN AMERICA...We are perceived as a free country, while ain't shit free about spending your last dime on taxes, gas, health care, child care and the environment!

ONLY IN AMERICA..Would our "GUVMENT"t have the nerve to tell other countries how to handle their business when our shit is on a continuous landslide!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Would you shut the whole" GUVMENT" down and watch the suffering begin!!

Chaos is here and these motherfuckers could care less!

That would include the other Americans who took issue!

When it doesn't affect you directly, you don't give a fuck!!