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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chicago Gangs Getting Pushed Out of City and Into The Suburbs

The latest news is that Chicago gangs are moving west, into the western suburbs, that is, and the police have all these theories, as to why this is happening.

The demolition of housing projects.
I agree, when these hoodlums' baby mamas were given a new place to stay, part of the bargain is that they were told that only you and your six kids by six different daddies could reside there. Basically, when they release that clown you call "your man" from jail, he needs to find a new place to go.

Another theory is that gang members have found it more lucrative to buglarize homes in the suburbs. I agree, you can't keep robbing poor folks, it takes too long for us to replenish shit. You have to wait to rob our asses again around tax season.

The majority of the folks that are being arrested are juvneniles.
Kids know that shit won't happen to them, that's why they do these crimes, they get caught, released, and start all over again.

I thought that most suburbanites had weapons hanging next to a moose head or something like that, you know, those hardcore supporters of the "right to bear arms" types. I was under the impression that all the men and boys out there hunt. I imagine that there's nothing like hunting a bitch down crawling through your window attempting to rob you.

Here's my take on the situation...

You folks better get it together out there.

You see, I'm the type that would pretend I'm not home and just empty a whole case of hollow points on that fool when they try to break in.

I refuse to work hard for my shit, to have Ray-Ray and them, do a drive by/ walk through of my house.

Again, you folks in the burbs better get it together - the bad parts of the city are right on your doorstep.

From Darkey Springs to N***** Creek: America's Most Offensive Place Names revealed

Just reading this made me cringe. We are in the year 2012. Really?

Then again, the way America is, why the hell would I expect any different?
I don't have a comment, I just wanted to share.

From Jewtown in Georgia, to Wop Draw in Wyoming, thousands of places across the United States give an insight into our country's divisive past.

What do you think?

Read more:
There are 797 places with the name 'Negro'.

Read more:

Wendy Williams:Shut The Fuck Up!

I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, took a break, and now I'm back and angrier than before.

Let's start off by asking...What is it about black folks that we always have to put others down, to make us feel good about ourselves.

I ask this question because Wendy Williams, current T.V. non personality talk show host, decided to go hard on Ms. Viola Davis.

Yes, Ms. Davis the renowned actress, highly respected and Oscar nominee.

Wendy took issue with Ms. Davis going natural with her hair for the Oscars.
Wendy referred Ms. Davis as being reminiscent of the televison show 227.

Wendy, really? Who the fuck are you to say anything about hair?

Your crank ass has a crew of stylists grooming hair pieces for your ditzy ass everyday.

I'm upset because, I happen to be one of those sisters that wears a natural style. To each his or her own. I could care less about extentions, wigs, tracks, or whatever floats your boat. That's your choice, not mine.

What Wendy's shit starting ass should have been flipping her mule fucking gums about, was that fact that, Ms. Davis came from a poor upbringing and that she and her sister started acting at a young age, worked hard, and now Ms. Davis has acting and creative workshops for kids.

No, Wendy, that would be too much like right. We all know you hate to take the high road.

But, Wendy, since you want to criticize, let's fuck with you for a minute.

What if we harbor on the fact of you being rehabilitated coke head.
How about we discuss your husband cheating on you - my opinion he probably still is, and your dumbass took him back.

Your talk show should be a forum for uplifting, not starting shit.
You're so quick to tell everyone your age, as you say, "being a woman of a certain age", and yet you carry on like a 12 year old.

You are a flip/flop to a major degree. One moment you like a program, and then the next, you snap out telling the audience not to watch. Are you going through the "change"?

Your personal views are not needed, especially when they are negative and putting down others.

Your behavior towards Ms. Davis is unacceptable.

I've had with you and your kind of vile approach towards our community.
If you Ms. Williams, have nothing nice to say...which seems to be a lot of the time, then do like most people and keep that shit to yourself.

Hey Wendy, here are a few suggestions:

Keep your fake ass tears,
Your fucked up attitude,
Your adolecent behavior,
Your usually misinformed hot topics - you need to fire your team by the way,
And shove that shit under your wig!!

It's great to be back!!!

Man who called Whitney Houston N-word on Facebook resigns from youth baseball board

" I'm so sick of reading about this dumb stupid Nigger Whitney Houston"

That was the phrase posted on John Kelly's facebook page.

Kelly has now resigned from his position as president of the Oak Lawn Westside Baseball League.
The only reason this dipshit stepped down, was because he was receiving death threats towards himself and his family.
There wasn't any pressure from friends, colleagues, or other members of the baseball youth board.
After his remarks were made public, he was banned from managing a team for a year.
His response to all this, was: " I volunteer and this is the shit I go through"?

Unfortunately, Johnny boy, you do.

He thinks that Houston should not be looked upon as a role model. That's fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but really, you had to call her a "n" and post it on your Facebook for everyone to see your ignorance and your obvious problems with what is acceptable and what isn't when it comes to racial descriptions?

John,I guess you are the perfect role model.
That's right, you get to mentor kids, and show them what a classless act you are by spewing off racist rants, while preaching teamwork.

Because John is so insensitive to Ms Houston's passing, now he has to deal with e-mails, phone calls, and other sources of social media, taking jabs at his dumbass.

What's really fucked is that even though John can't coach, he's able to hang out with the young ones. Probably infecting them with his own issues about people and differences.

Through it all, there had been no apology, no remorse, no comment. Not from John, I totally expect that behavior from him.

I'm upset with the youth baseball board and their new president, Jim Hebel. I guess like most people who tolerate racist behavior and keep it going by their silence, they are waiting for it to "blow over" until the next incident.

Indiana Lawmaker Calls the Girl Scouts a Radical Group that Supports Planned Parenthood

Homosexuality, Race, Sex, and Religion, in that order.

If ever wanted attention and wanted to get a rise out of the country, all I need to do is open my pie hole and discuss one of these subjects.

This time it's Indiana House Representative, Bob Morris, and of course, he's a Republican.

Morris refused to support a resolution celebrating the Girls Scouts 100th anniversary recently.

His reasons? He says that the Girl Scouts are a radicalized organization that supports abortions and homosexuality. Huh? Say what?

Of course, whenever someone ask about how these idiots get their information, they always get it from a reliable sources, right?

Morris isn't any different.

His sources are those well informed, conservative constituents that surf the internet. As Morris has admitted, he did a small amount of research as well.

So, with small minds and small amounts of research, this is the brilliance and deductive reasoning that they came up with.

So to break it down, the Girl Scouts are a dangerous organization that promotes what a right-wing jackass and his fellow hate mongers believe represents what are all the wrongs in the world.

I say again, with all the dumb shit going on in Indiana alone, you would think Rep. Morris and his posse would have enough on their plates to worry about.

What's next, the Boy Scouts are new age, transgender supporting terrorists?