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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chicago Gangs Getting Pushed Out of City and Into The Suburbs

The latest news is that Chicago gangs are moving west, into the western suburbs, that is, and the police have all these theories, as to why this is happening.

The demolition of housing projects.
I agree, when these hoodlums' baby mamas were given a new place to stay, part of the bargain is that they were told that only you and your six kids by six different daddies could reside there. Basically, when they release that clown you call "your man" from jail, he needs to find a new place to go.

Another theory is that gang members have found it more lucrative to buglarize homes in the suburbs. I agree, you can't keep robbing poor folks, it takes too long for us to replenish shit. You have to wait to rob our asses again around tax season.

The majority of the folks that are being arrested are juvneniles.
Kids know that shit won't happen to them, that's why they do these crimes, they get caught, released, and start all over again.

I thought that most suburbanites had weapons hanging next to a moose head or something like that, you know, those hardcore supporters of the "right to bear arms" types. I was under the impression that all the men and boys out there hunt. I imagine that there's nothing like hunting a bitch down crawling through your window attempting to rob you.

Here's my take on the situation...

You folks better get it together out there.

You see, I'm the type that would pretend I'm not home and just empty a whole case of hollow points on that fool when they try to break in.

I refuse to work hard for my shit, to have Ray-Ray and them, do a drive by/ walk through of my house.

Again, you folks in the burbs better get it together - the bad parts of the city are right on your doorstep.

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