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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Indiana Lawmaker Calls the Girl Scouts a Radical Group that Supports Planned Parenthood

Homosexuality, Race, Sex, and Religion, in that order.

If ever wanted attention and wanted to get a rise out of the country, all I need to do is open my pie hole and discuss one of these subjects.

This time it's Indiana House Representative, Bob Morris, and of course, he's a Republican.

Morris refused to support a resolution celebrating the Girls Scouts 100th anniversary recently.

His reasons? He says that the Girl Scouts are a radicalized organization that supports abortions and homosexuality. Huh? Say what?

Of course, whenever someone ask about how these idiots get their information, they always get it from a reliable sources, right?

Morris isn't any different.

His sources are those well informed, conservative constituents that surf the internet. As Morris has admitted, he did a small amount of research as well.

So, with small minds and small amounts of research, this is the brilliance and deductive reasoning that they came up with.

So to break it down, the Girl Scouts are a dangerous organization that promotes what a right-wing jackass and his fellow hate mongers believe represents what are all the wrongs in the world.

I say again, with all the dumb shit going on in Indiana alone, you would think Rep. Morris and his posse would have enough on their plates to worry about.

What's next, the Boy Scouts are new age, transgender supporting terrorists?

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