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Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Will It End?

I wanna begin by giving a big shout out, hugs, kisses and congrats to Gabby Douglas for kicking ass for winning Team Gold and all around gold.

Now that's out the way, this message is for the Black Americans, Afro Americans, Brothers, Sisters and Homies who felt compelled to see something wrong with Ms. Douglas.

You angry hating, don't want to see the good in black folk fucks!

Here are a few of the quotes that I read.

"What's wrong with her hair"?

"Why her teeth so big."?

"All she doing is flipping, I can do that"!

"She think she white"!

Really haters?

Is that all you took from this young lady's experience during her performance at the Olympics.

These are some of the crazy quotes that's circulating about Gabby Douglas.

Most of this shit is filtered through social media geared towards black folks that have nothing else to do but tear someone down.!

We always say "we gotta do better".

The question is when will we do better?

Then you have that chosen few who hate themselves, their lives and or their situation.

So, since my life is a mess(or maybe you are in denial) why not knock a sister who has it together.

Here's what I saw.

Gabby Douglas representing the Olympics, Team USA and most importantly HERSELF in a dignified and mature manner.

Gabby Douglas showing strength, resolve and sportsmanship even when things didn't go as planned

Gabby Douglas becoming a media darling
Gabby Douglas making her mother and the rest of her family proud.

Can  I tell you what I liked not seeing because, Gabby and the other women athletes took me away from it for a minutes.

Sixteen and pregnant. Not the reality show.

Not hearing foul mouthed teens on train.

Folks trying to sell me Marijuana (Cush) on the train.

Young ladies hanging out on the corner with their baby strollers (there are usually three girls under 15) at 11:00pm

Seeing young ladies worrying about being the next Nicki Minaj or Beyonce.

Watching young ladies running behind young men.

Observing young ladies self esteem get lower and lower.

Black media how about showing more positive images for young folks.

I could give a damn about Lil Wayne, Basketball Wives or Chris Brown.

Show young America there is more to life than the latest True Religion Jeans or the next Polo shirt.

I know that's asking too much right? RIGHT?

But just for two weeks the WORLD was able to see there's more to a young black women.