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Sunday, May 27, 2012

KKK Invites North Carolina Residents To A "Whites-Only" Cross-Burning

There really isn't a need to get upset about a backwards thinking group of assholes who obviously have nothing else better to do. I'v always thought that if I can't see you, then in my world, you don't truly exist. In my book, only a coward hides their identity, only a weak bitch needs reassurance, and only a dumb fuck is a follower! You have to really be a sour ass prick that has to a be around other like-minded sorry asses, to feel like you belong to something! In this case, unfortunately that something is the KKK. Yeah, this ragtag team of low IQ misfits still exists and try to pull off white power "self-esteem building" events in states like North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. Unfortunately there's not much people can do, outside of shooting all these fucks in the kneecap. I figure if you do that, at least they can be identified and branded as dumb fucks, no words needed. Let's look at the big picture... These people want any attention that they can get - it's like dealing with a bunch of two year olds. 'Look at me, listen to me, I'm upset 'cause whites are the new minority - let's take back "our" country'! Their way of thinking will never change because it has been passed down through generations of stupidity, and when you are closed off to the world, aside from the internet, where the only sites that you look up are Aryan Nation and Stormfront, there is little to combat the racism - so again, it is to be expected. However, what I won't tolerate is disrespect in my backyard or while I happen by one of you sorry sheet-wearing bitches! Other than that, have at it - burn all the crosses and destroy all the Wal-Mart sheets that your welfare, unemployment, or SSI can buy. Just be a good ole boy and stay the fuck out of my way!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Congressman Manny Pacquiao Tries To Criticize President Obama On His Gay Marriage Stance

I don't how many times I've repeated that athletes and celebrities need to stay out of politics. My rage today is directed at professional boxer, knucklehead, and congressman from the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao. It seems that Manny has an issue with the President supporting gay marriage. First, let's get this straight - we all know that Manny was voted into office because of his celebrity and not his deep political thinking. If this backwards-thinking idiot was just your regular Filipino Joe from the Phillipines he would not have the office. Secondly, the Phillipines is a former U.S. territory state that has no voting or say-so in our politics. Manny really has no right to say shit about what's going on over here, which also makes me turn a deaf ear to anything that he has to say. And thirdly, when you are able to address and come up with solutions for the economic siituation, poverty, and the sad state of affairs in the Philippines, then Manny, you can attempt to give me your opinion. Of course, as usual, when folks like him want to really hammer their point home and get their point across, they turn to that novel "The Bible" to quote scripture and justify their bigotry and criticisms. So, Manny, being the devout Catholic that you are, please answer one question for me. Where the fuck were you when allegations of inappropiate behavior by numerous Catholic priests were being muted and hused up by your precious church all over the world? I know motherfucker, you're on mute like the rest of your Catholic bitches! Let's give you the current events that are happening in the world of Catholicism.... Another priest just admitted to fathering another child. A few more priests are under investigation for sexual abusing boys AGAIN - another class action suit that the Church will have to settle by writing some big checks to the molestation survivors! (Can you imagine the good all the money that is given in these cases could do for those that are suffering instead of being used to try and keep the Catholic Church's image nice and shiny?) But getting back to Manny....he has put himself in a position of being a hypocrital, misinformed, flavor of the month, being used by the Philippines' Conservative Party. Manny has gotten a reputation for voting with his fellow conservatives on issues like opposing contraceptives for women being made widely accessible and for voting "no" on sex education in I said before, a real backwards motherfucker! Since he likes to get "personal", let's go down the list of fuckery involving Manny... Manny recently made an appearance for (R-Nev.)Sharron Angle Reid who was running against(D-Nev.) Harry Reid, in their upcoming congressional. Harry was leading until Manny spoke on behalf of Sharron, then the tide turned in her favor. Which brings us to Manny's first fuck-up - Sharron Reid supports gay marriage - what a dumbass! I guess being a conservative, he thought all conservatives and Republicans think alike - next time, do your homework before you endorse someone, okay? Manny's second fuck-up, was his wife getting tired of his continued infidelites, and serving his ass with divorce papers back in November of 2011. It seems that Manny likes the ladies a bit too much. Yes, the same guy who is against gay marriage, can't keep his own Bible-approved hetero marriage straight. Recently, Manny said he's had a spiritual awakening. I call bullshit - he's just getting caught up in his own hypocritical way of thinking. He's trying so hard to belong, that he'll do anything to fit the fuck in with folks that are just as fucked up as he is. As a friend said, you can't "cherry pick" the Bible, either you living right or you living foul. Get your shit in order before you start playing judge and jury! In the end, Manny, you are like so many other celebs - Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Michael Steele, Herman Cain, just to name a few...once you've served your purpose, you too will be tossed out like last week's garbage!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

100th Blog Posting!

Who would have thunk it? The 100th article has been posted. So, I had a reflective moment in trying to pick out my favorite posts. There were quite a few, but hands down, I chose the post I wrote about my father Ronn Pitts. Of course, my choice would be on a more intimate level. Mr. Pitts was one of the few surviving people from that turbulent 50', 60's, 70's era. He survived the bullshit, racism, unecessary beatings by the police, and has managed to maintain his sanity and a healthy sense of humor. I was also curious to ask you the readers, to comment on one or some of your favorite posts. This blog has been a passion of my mine. I wanted the reader to feel anger and rage over most of the topics that were posted. DareISay... is for everyone to think out of the box if you will. I always wanted to touch upon subjects that let's say, are taboo. I go hard and hit hard. I want to thank each of you for taking time out of your busy lives to give DareISay a read. From the hits and comments, I know I made the right decision to start this blog. We may not always agree, but at least we can agree on a few things - this world is fucked up! The economy, politics and current events, give me more than enough ammuniton to keep ranting. Free Speech! DareISay...Your Foul Mouth Piece!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Psst....listen, Bristol Palin has something to say. Like we are supposed to drop everything to listen to the "words of wisdom" coming from this dingbat's mouth. Bristol criticized the president for endorsing gay marriage....this coming from a person who ruined her mothers fucked up attempt to run gunshot with McCain during the 2008 Presidential election. Ms. "High Morals" decided to get knocked up with an unplanned pregnancy and flaunt that shit like it was okay when she should have sat her ass down instead of showcasing her lack of any apparent talent on "Dancing With the Stars". The world was told to forgive this whore for being who she is at heart - a whore. We all know that if the Obamas' girls became knocked up there would be no grace or easy forgiveness. Let's get back to Bristol... Elizabeth Hasselbeck, that other paragon of brain power from "The View" was her biggest fan saying "people make mistakes" and "everyone deserves a second chance". That may be true in some cases; but not when the person is obviously obsessed with remaining relevant by leeching onto any controversial topic available. Did you know that this bitch is shacked up with yet another guy? Yes, after pimping the fuck out of organizations screaming "just say no" and promoting abstinence and celibacy, she decides to co-habitate with another guy who happens to love using racial slurs and making fun about people with Downs Syndrome on his Facebook page. And, to further step up her whoring game, she and her new beau are trying to shop a new reality show about their "situation" to the cable networks. Really, Bristol, with your fucked up choices, you really think your opinion actually matters with intelligent, thinking people? Exactly, preaching, primping, and pimping - learned right at Mama Sarah's knee. The fucking hypocricy of a no-nothing that the media still likes to get a sound bite from - must have been a slow news day! I would love to talk with this simple chick, but you and I know it would a one-sided conversation! And doesn't this wayward whore have enough on her plate? Full-time mom, full-time jerk, and full-time LIVING IN SIN....yet she has enough time on her hands to grab a mike and lend her unwanted criticism to the masses. This is where I start to have issues with so-called "Christians"... When something is not to their liking or it is not deemed "normal" to them, the Bible comes flying out and they start reciting shit, speaking in tongues, and wanting to spread the fucking word! It doesn't matter how effed up their own situation is - I guess it is easier to criticize others than truly being Christ-like and working on your own issues! But Bristol and people like her, can fornicate, drink, curse, steal, lie, gossip, or any of the evils of the world. They feel as though they can treat other people who aren't like them, like crap and feel that they are justified because of their own indignant righteousness - not very Christ-like at all! This bitch and neanderthals like her, act like the public is wearing blinders to their mess, and try to sweep their shit to the side like they aren't as fucked up as they truly are. Where the fuck is Sarah Palin? You really need to come and get your daughter and put a muzzle on her stupid ass! And while you're at it, Sarah, place a crosshairs on this bitch!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

There's A New Swiss Miss In Town

Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann is a now a citizen of Switzerland! Ole Shelly B. just could not keep quiet, she had to shout it on the mountainside ala Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! In a way, I wanted that rambling, crazy old broad to keep her brand of crazy right her in the U.S.A. I may be selfish, but perhaps on second thought, she should spread her antics on the international scene and double bonus, be closer to the Swiss bank accounts I know that she and her hubby have in Switzerland. Shelly says she has wanted to become a citizen for a while, being that she was eligible through her husband, and that her family decided to do it as a unit. I say why not.... You motherfuckers promote "the crazy" as a unit. You've become famewhores always looking for the next "photo-op" as a unit. You spew out lies and misinformation to the public as a unit. And, you went into debt with your campaign destined for failure as a unit. So, why not fly all that crazy overseas as a unit? Its obvious that Minnesota is too small for Shelly B....that stage is not large enough to hold her. There are plenty of politicians that have dual citizenship and didn't feel that they had to hold a press conference and entertain the media with the details. Because "Big Mouth" Bachmann is so pro-America, I would have thought this bitch would have kept mum on the matter. Mark my words, this not the last we will from Big Mouth Bachman, this is the first of many "news" announcements that she and her camp will make in the next six months before election time. This bitch is setting herself up for something. I believe that chick and unit cra-zay are heading for the border for a reason. Perhaps, she and her husband are going to set up international offices for her "pray and counsel the gay" away business - you know, because they've been soo successful here. Ha! I also believe that the word has gotten out about Big Mouth Bachmann in Switzerland, you know how bad news travels fast about crazy ass Americans!

Now Santorum Endorses One-Time Rival, Romney

Really Ricky? How the tide has you are endorsing Mitt Romney. The bitter taste of defeat hasn't left your piehole and now you want me to believe this shit? Not too long ago, you called Romney the worst candidate for the Republican party. Not so long ago you were tearing Romney a new asshole about not being conservative or consistent with policies and opinions. Hell, not so long ago, you took a picture with Linsay Lohan and denied that, though there is photographic proof to the contrary. So, why should we believe you now? Did you go to sleep one night and have an epiphany, it came to you in a dream, right? Or, did one of those angels on your shoulder tell you that Romney has changed and is worth your support? Or, are you angling to get a job in a possible Romney presidency? This is why politics is a big joke. The Republican party basically told "Sanitorium" that he better play the game or give up politics, or either he realized it on his own. I'm sure he wants to remain relevant, you know that there will be a book deal soon. That wavy head heathen was forced to endorse Mittens. The two of you on the same side is like a box of dynamite in a fire - it is just not a good idea. Combustible bullshit in more ways than one!!!

Election Year Bulls%@!

The time has come to vote for the President of the United States of America again. I know, I know, Obama's stint was a short-ass four years. When Bush II was in office, it seemed like his shit dragged on for decades, didn't it, though it was only eight years. I touched on it a little bit earlier about how I've always wondered, when the media tells the public about "so-called" public opinion. If you didn't ask the entire nation, then how are you coming up with these results? I know I've never been asked - how about you? Polls don't mean shit unless everyone is involved. What pompous fuck chooses where these polls are held and who is asked? What pencil-pushing little shit decides how many people will be asked these "pertinent" questions? As, I've stated before, I'm an old crank, and I have never been ask to partake in these opinion polls ever. Think about it, if the election was based on you, the media is now telling us that Romney now has a sizeable lead, so, what would be the point in going out to the vote? If I was one of those slow bitches that pays attention to all the stupid rhetoric spewing from the TV, then chances are I would keep my easily swayed ass at home. This an important election coming up. Not just for president, but for we, as Americans who should be tired of getting it in the ass by the rich and corporate classes by now. I've been reflecting back on the President's performance for these past years and no, he didn't get an "A", but he doesn't deserve a "F" either. It seems like with a stacked Congress full of whining, racist, childish, selfish, "wanna get my way", so-called representatives of the people, Obama has spent a great deal of time conceding and bending over backwards to get the most basic issues accomplished. I'm speaking of both Republicans and Democrats, by the way. To those Republicans and Right Wingers out there.... When you can dupe the majority of Americans to think that health care for all, regardless of income or lack of income,is a bad thing, then you are a bad motherfucker! When you can dupe the majority to not pay attention to the fact that you as Republicans and some Democrats vote consistently in the interests of corporations and not the people who placed them in their office, then, you a bad motherfucker! When you can dupe the public to believe that subsidized child care, Social Security, and government pensions will be non-existent because of congressional budgets don't put American citizens as the priority, then, you are a bad motherfucker! When you can convince many people that George Bush II's years in the White House were the "good, old years" compared to now, not only do you have a skewed view of reality and history, because that's when some of the policies that failed us, as a nation were implemented, then, you are a bad mother - shut your mouth! When you try to pretend that people of color and same-sex orientation actually have a meaningful "seat" and voice in your conservative party, contrary to your history that they do not, then, you are a bad motherfucker! When you can try to bamboozle an entire nation to more than likely vote Republican, through a media blitz and carefully selected polls, ladies and gents, then, yes, you are some bad motherfuckers!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Exactly Are We Occupying Again?

Okay, "Occupy" got my attention. Let's hope our cause is being fought in an orderly manner. Don't get me wrong. I know what "Occupy" was for, it is just the tagger-ons and other folks trying to profit from the original cause that has my undies in a bunch. People: PAY ATTENTION. Occupy was started because of the injustice of bullshit, mostly financial, that law abiding, hard working Americans were going through. Americans that are tired of getting it in the ass by Corporations and that sticking being co-signed by the government through tax breaks and the endless loopholes that are House and Senate approved. The anger that protesters are expressing is the lack of respect that we have been given as citizens of this so-called democracy. So, here's the dumb shit I don't want to see during an Occupy protest.... Don't do a "Jay-Z" and try to sell Occupy t-shirts as if its a UFC event or a Britney Spears concert. I don't want to see a "Christian" in the back ground carrying a sign that reads, and I quote, " He Is Risen". Huh? There is a time and place for random scripture but a financial rally isn't one of them. Please, people, I don't want to see the out-of-place characters like what I saw at the recent Occupy Chicago May Day Protest Walk. There was some black broad in a wheelchair screaming about the injustice going on in the prison system and the rates of black men in prison. Yeah, legitimate problems, but not the time or place. ACLU, Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Meals on Wheels, Animal Cruelty, MADD, GLADD, I don't give a damn, stay the fuck away! Find your own forum and leave Occupy alone. This movement, if channeled and properly focused, could be the catalyst of change for many Americans. It could really make a substantial difference, the history making kind. Its purpose should be sacred and not muddied by confusing messages that seems to follow every gathering. It looks sloppy, schizophrenic, incohesive, and the result is not productive or capable of gaining understanding and ground from others on the fence or not convinced that people united can make a change in our society. We don't need you assholes diluting it to look like were just a bunch of folks ranting, raving, and complaining about everything under the sun. Stay your uninformed asses at home and let the grown-ups be truly heard and make some concrete changes!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Open Your Damn Mouths!!

Would you motherfuckers please give me some feedback! Hate it, love it, I don't care! Comment! Feel like i'm ranting to myself. Your asses don't have to be on mute. We will agree to disagree. Let it roll!! Freedom Of Speech Bitches!!