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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Congressman Manny Pacquiao Tries To Criticize President Obama On His Gay Marriage Stance

I don't how many times I've repeated that athletes and celebrities need to stay out of politics. My rage today is directed at professional boxer, knucklehead, and congressman from the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao. It seems that Manny has an issue with the President supporting gay marriage. First, let's get this straight - we all know that Manny was voted into office because of his celebrity and not his deep political thinking. If this backwards-thinking idiot was just your regular Filipino Joe from the Phillipines he would not have the office. Secondly, the Phillipines is a former U.S. territory state that has no voting or say-so in our politics. Manny really has no right to say shit about what's going on over here, which also makes me turn a deaf ear to anything that he has to say. And thirdly, when you are able to address and come up with solutions for the economic siituation, poverty, and the sad state of affairs in the Philippines, then Manny, you can attempt to give me your opinion. Of course, as usual, when folks like him want to really hammer their point home and get their point across, they turn to that novel "The Bible" to quote scripture and justify their bigotry and criticisms. So, Manny, being the devout Catholic that you are, please answer one question for me. Where the fuck were you when allegations of inappropiate behavior by numerous Catholic priests were being muted and hused up by your precious church all over the world? I know motherfucker, you're on mute like the rest of your Catholic bitches! Let's give you the current events that are happening in the world of Catholicism.... Another priest just admitted to fathering another child. A few more priests are under investigation for sexual abusing boys AGAIN - another class action suit that the Church will have to settle by writing some big checks to the molestation survivors! (Can you imagine the good all the money that is given in these cases could do for those that are suffering instead of being used to try and keep the Catholic Church's image nice and shiny?) But getting back to Manny....he has put himself in a position of being a hypocrital, misinformed, flavor of the month, being used by the Philippines' Conservative Party. Manny has gotten a reputation for voting with his fellow conservatives on issues like opposing contraceptives for women being made widely accessible and for voting "no" on sex education in I said before, a real backwards motherfucker! Since he likes to get "personal", let's go down the list of fuckery involving Manny... Manny recently made an appearance for (R-Nev.)Sharron Angle Reid who was running against(D-Nev.) Harry Reid, in their upcoming congressional. Harry was leading until Manny spoke on behalf of Sharron, then the tide turned in her favor. Which brings us to Manny's first fuck-up - Sharron Reid supports gay marriage - what a dumbass! I guess being a conservative, he thought all conservatives and Republicans think alike - next time, do your homework before you endorse someone, okay? Manny's second fuck-up, was his wife getting tired of his continued infidelites, and serving his ass with divorce papers back in November of 2011. It seems that Manny likes the ladies a bit too much. Yes, the same guy who is against gay marriage, can't keep his own Bible-approved hetero marriage straight. Recently, Manny said he's had a spiritual awakening. I call bullshit - he's just getting caught up in his own hypocritical way of thinking. He's trying so hard to belong, that he'll do anything to fit the fuck in with folks that are just as fucked up as he is. As a friend said, you can't "cherry pick" the Bible, either you living right or you living foul. Get your shit in order before you start playing judge and jury! In the end, Manny, you are like so many other celebs - Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Michael Steele, Herman Cain, just to name a few...once you've served your purpose, you too will be tossed out like last week's garbage!

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