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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cops Use A Stun Gun On Pregnant Woman Over A Parking Dispute

Let start by saying I don't condone what happened to Tiffany Rent. But, clearly she had it coming. Tiffany Rent met fate at the hands of a Chicago Police officer, who is quite handy with a quick draw taser. Here's the back story attached to Tiffany's simple ass. Tiffany, eight months pregnant, was issued a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot in a Walgreens parking lot. Of course, it was on the South Side in scenic Roseland. "Say It With Your Chest" Tiffany, tore up the ticket that she was issued, and tossed the pieces in the officers face, technically according to the law, committing simple battery. The officer was about to issue "Trifling" Tiffany another ticket for littering and asked her for her identification. Tiffany "Go Hard" Rent, like the obvious lady she is, replied, 'I ain't giving you shit.' The officer then replied, 'You will be arrested.' Of course, Tiffany, not being one to back down, no matter what the situation or with whom, with little regard to her pregnancy, replied, 'You ain't arresting shit!' Now mind you, her two young children, ages 3 and 9, were in the backseat with her sister, while she is sounding off like a longshore sailor. (Way to teach the kids how to interact with authority figures, Tiff). When Tiffany "Say It With Your Chest" tried to drive off, she was left clutching her chest, when she realized that the wires from the taser were hanging off her chest. Wait, it gets better, folks.... The current baby daddy of her pending pregnancy, John Hobbs, suffered a dislocated elbow, while trying to come to his "lady's" rescue. The police basically did a NATO ass-whipping on the brother. Now, coming to the center stage, we have her family crying foul and saying that Tiffany is a peaceful woman - maybe she is, just not when it comes to wrongfully parking in a designated handicapped spot. Tiffany is church going woman , who feeds the hungry, and loves everything and everybody. Really? Maybe she forgot her WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelet at home when she went to Walgreens that day. So, what fucking display of harmony was Tiffany showing her kids during her verbal assault and tirade towards the police? Teach your kids how to be ignorant at an early age - it is nothing but learned behavior, that is passed down from one ignorant generation to the next! Then we wonder why these kids grow up stupid and misdirected! That's right Tiffany, park in a spot designated for the elderly or the physically challenged, toss a few expletives at the police, tear up a few tickets, rant and rave, and ride or die - go head, boo! And in the process, traumatize your kids (they may be immune to momma's bad behavior at this point), and get your baby daddy's ass beat! This is dysfunction at its finest, folks! All that extra shit could have been avoided had this dramatic, over-the-top bitch, would have just obeyed the law and parked in a normal spot! Or, she could have even used her pregnancy to her advantage by pointing it out, saying sorry, and acting like a sane person and not a crazed he-woman on steroids. She probably could have scored some sympathy points from the police. It is like people have never heard the good, prudent advice not to escalate things with the cops when in a "situation". You can handle the dispute later, through legal means, at least you'll probably be physically intact to tell your tale! Ranting and raving with the cops, even when you are justified, never amounts to a good situation. While leaving the police station, Tiffany was surrounded by friends and family, claimng that the baby doesn't move around in her belly like it did previously, this is coming from a person that has lost two kids before. She thinks that getting tased might have something to do with it. Lawsuit against the city in 10, 9, 8, 7,..... Where was the concern for her poor fetus when she put herself and unborn child in harm's way by over-reacting and acting the proverbial fool? If you take a real good look at Tiffany, on her release, she's dressed to the nines, hair is in place, wearing the finest fashions from Rainbow, the Plus Collection. She doesn't look too genuinely upset or bothered, remember, she's gotta look good for her close-up, Mr. DeMille! When the smoke clears...this bitch is about to give birth to another kid who doesn't have a chance when it's mother is cranking out the crazy 24-7. Stop spawning BOO and learn how to park in the right parking space!