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Monday, March 26, 2012

This Piece of Shit – Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty for Second Time

I couldn't pass up this story, being the owner of two dogs, I was disgusted.

Phillip Rinn, a white dude that lives in Aurora, has a problem. His problem you ask? He hates dogs but insists on being a dog owner.

In 1993, this "dog lover", chained his dog to his car and drove down the road dragging the dog in an attempt to kill his dog.

The dog wouldn't die, so he turned the dog into a fucking speed bump, and left the dog in a ditch.

Dog's best friend excuse was that the dog chewed on the vinyl of his car and tried to bite his wife.

Phillip, you sadistic fuck, maybe it's you and your wife that's the problem.

Just maybe, the reason why he's chewing on shit because his nerves were fucking shot!

Maybe the reason he's trying to bite your wife is because he was asking this bitch for help, and she wasn't doing shit but sitting on the side lines, watching beating after beating!

If I had a nickel for everytime my dogs chewed, destroyed, or pissed on my shit, I would be rich. It is called patience, bastard, they eventually learn what not to do.

Most recently Rinn Tin-Tin pleaded guilty to a felony of beating another dog damn near unconscious. This time he went Ike Turner on a 60 pound, Lab-Shepherd mix. Luckily, a neighbor heard the racket and called the police.

Rinn is 6 feet tall and 350 pounds of angry fat fuck.

A few teeth were knocked out of the dog's mouth, jaw line swollen, and right eye fucked up! Miraculously, the dog has since made a full recovery.

Phillip Rinn-Tin-Tin, having a pet requires responsiblity and a lot of patience and understanding. If you don't have that, don't fucking be a pet owner!

We're supposed to grow to understand each other's personalities - our pets are quirky just like us.

I know my Shepherd has an issue with my phone's ringtone, so I keep that shit on vibrate....I don't feel like hearing the howling and seeing the pained look in his eyes.

One incident was all it took.

Once, when my phone rang, he walked up to me, took the phone out of my hand with his mouth, and bit down on it, cracking the back.
I wasn't upset, because I was fucking with him by making it ring, and he wanted me to understand that he wasn't having it. Since he couldn't talk, he resorted to putting my phone out of commission.

I know my Lab mix has a foul temper,(like me).
She's evil as hell. She doesn't forget shit. So if I tick her off, she schemes, and waits for the right time to resort to payback.
And that means finding a shoe with a rip, a sock with a hole, or a jacket that her vindictive ass tore, everything is in plain view, no secrets.

Again, learning personalities and having patience.

We train them and they train us as well.

But Phillip, you evil bastard, you, and people like you who hate yourself and life need your asses beat.

Jail is not enough.

I won't bring race into the picture, because their all assholes of all shades. But anyone that causes harm to an animal needs to feel the same pain as their pet or animal.

I'm still not a fan of Michael Vick's crank ass and he could break every record in the NFL, that bitch still got over!

So Phillip, how about no jail time for you. Let's just start a "soul train" line, and beat all the extra lard off your ass and see how you feel afterwards.

The question I have is why was he allowed to own another dog, after the last incident?

I'm not certain about Illinois law compared to other states regarding animal cruelty but it is amazing that he wasn't monitored in some way.

I know as a dog lover, I know that I don't need to see these folks get away with this shit with just community service, a free ride in jail, a slap on the wrist, probation, or paying a minimum fine.

I need to see some skin being removed, losing what's most important to them - their ass!!!

Newt Says Obama’s Comment About Trayvon Was “Disgraceful”

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man a.k.a. Newt Gingrich is at it again.

"Stay-Puft" stated that Obama's comment about Trayvon Martin could have been his kid is "disgraceful".

Mind you, this is coming from an asswipe that can't get his own shit in order enough to win any primary lately.

Stay- Puft says that Mr. President is dividing this country up. Really?

So, your comments about blacks, all negative by the way, wasn't divisive enough, huh? Your comments about immigration aren't a divider either right?
You're a regular paragon of positivity, aren't you?

I also need to understand why "Fat Bastard" was on Hannity's radio station, which happens to be a major source of dividing the country through the media.

This angry fart won't bow out gracefully, huffing and puffing along the way...

"I'm such a media whore", "I want to stay relevant", "I'm such a sour ass loser", "Why won't anyone take me serious enough to win an election?"

I guess had the President spoke about a white kid it would have been okay.

Here we go yet again with Newt dismissing the tragedy of a minority.

The President, I guess, should never speak of the tragedies that go on with black folks. I guess some folks are rubbed the wrong way.

I guess some think that he's playing favorites. That shit alone is funny.

So, for the idiots that only want him to speak on behalf of blacks, shut the fuck up!

For the folks that want him to speak on behalf of whites, shut the fuck up!

For the folks that want him to speak on behalf of Latinos, shut the fuck up!

He isn't the "Black President" but "The President"!

I appreciate him when he speaks on behalf of all Americans period!

To Newt, The Tea Party, Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann, Sarah "Quitter" Palin, the deadlocked Congress, Sean "The Hair" Hannity, Glenn "KKK" Beck, Rush Limpdick, and the always impartial Fox News....on behalf of the President, please SUCK MY ASS!

Mayor Emanuel Weighs In On Latest City Violence & Chief McCarthy Vows Changes

Recently, Mayor Emanuel decided to finally speak out about the sudden spike in gang violence in the city.

Note to Emanuel, this shit is not a sudden spike.

Since Chief McCarthy made that dumb ass statement a few months ago, that Chicago made it through a weekend without one person being killed via gunshots, our city has been on a tear with violence.

This is my opinion. Please remember that.

When former Superintendent Jody Weiss was in charge, the city didn't have these extreme problems. We could argue all day about his methods, but they were more effective.

These so called thug and thuggettes were afraid of him and his zero tolerance approach.

Between the ACLU, the civil liberties brigade, and some punk ass aldermen and alderwomen and let's not forget Rahm, who didn't like Weiss for whatever reason.

I don't have to like the person that's working for me if he or she is doing a good job.

Weiss was pretty much ran out of town, but not before we were stuck with the tab of paying out his hefty contract.

Money well spent to a person who is not even working in Chicago anymore.

I don't want to compare Weiss to McCarthy. But to anyone paying attention to our crime outlook then and now, it's obvious.

McCarthy is too soft.

Jody Weiss was soft spoken but had this edge to him that made you see the wheels spinning in his head. You knew when he was about to get in that ass. You saw it coming.

With McCarthy, all I hear are birds chirping while flying in a circle and a guy that is in over his head.
McCarthy's too busy saying the right things and playing to the media, too busy kissing Rahm and other politicians' collective asses.

Too busy being a good ole boy with the Police Department and most importantly, doing too little to protect the city.

Rahm states he been to a few churches and he's seen what the power of churches in the community can do. Right now, I don't need anyone singing Negro spirituals like "We Shall Over come".

Don't ask me to help out. That's why I pay taxes. That's why I voted for you.

The second I bust a cap in a knucklehead's ass for fucking with me, then I'm on trial for murder.

Results are what we need and care about...what's with these new phrases..."Gang Audit" "city anti-gang strategy" that they are throwing around now?

What the fuck does that mean?

Stop sugar coating, side stepping, going around the valley and through the woods. Be honest and say you motherfuckers ain't got a clue and you are fucking stumped!

Ray-Ray, Biff, Juan, and Chip are tearing your asses up lately and I know you wish Jody "I'll put a foot in a bitch's ass" Weiss was in charge.

Idiot! Young Man Who Shot Officer in Chest Denied Bond

Paris & Paris....Paris Sheldon and Paris Fortune.

For Paris Fortune, it turns out it was unfortunate that he knew Paris Sheldon. We'll make this sad tale short.

Paris Sheldon, while running from the police opened fire, Paris Sheldon shot an officer, then, Paris Sheldon ran and banged on the door of Paris Fortune, who would not allow Paris Sheldon entry to his home.

Paris Sheldon, determined to evade the police, decided to run home to Mama's house entering through the basement.

The police and the canine unit were able to track down Paris Sheldon to mama's house.

I guess Mama, who was probably tired of Paris Sheldon's constant bullshit, called her son on the phone, and told him to bring his brave, "I wanna shoot the police, i'm a man first" ass upstairs.

Mama was so tired and disgusted with her son, that mama gave the police permission to search the basement. Of course, the weapon that shot the officer was recovered.

And wait, it only gets better.

Remember, Paris lead the police on a chase that started at his friend, Paris Fortune's house?

Well, the police searched Fortune's house, and found a 9mm gun. Paris Fortune, whose fortune ran out, was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.

What the fuck is this ride or die shit?

What a friend. Your punk ass gets caught up, and you wanna lead the police to my felon ass knowing that my shit wasn't right either.

That's a friend for you. A stupid friend, but that's on him.

If I were Paris Fortune, it would be unfortunate for Paris Sheldon if I got my hands on him.