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Monday, March 26, 2012

This Piece of Shit – Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty for Second Time

I couldn't pass up this story, being the owner of two dogs, I was disgusted.

Phillip Rinn, a white dude that lives in Aurora, has a problem. His problem you ask? He hates dogs but insists on being a dog owner.

In 1993, this "dog lover", chained his dog to his car and drove down the road dragging the dog in an attempt to kill his dog.

The dog wouldn't die, so he turned the dog into a fucking speed bump, and left the dog in a ditch.

Dog's best friend excuse was that the dog chewed on the vinyl of his car and tried to bite his wife.

Phillip, you sadistic fuck, maybe it's you and your wife that's the problem.

Just maybe, the reason why he's chewing on shit because his nerves were fucking shot!

Maybe the reason he's trying to bite your wife is because he was asking this bitch for help, and she wasn't doing shit but sitting on the side lines, watching beating after beating!

If I had a nickel for everytime my dogs chewed, destroyed, or pissed on my shit, I would be rich. It is called patience, bastard, they eventually learn what not to do.

Most recently Rinn Tin-Tin pleaded guilty to a felony of beating another dog damn near unconscious. This time he went Ike Turner on a 60 pound, Lab-Shepherd mix. Luckily, a neighbor heard the racket and called the police.

Rinn is 6 feet tall and 350 pounds of angry fat fuck.

A few teeth were knocked out of the dog's mouth, jaw line swollen, and right eye fucked up! Miraculously, the dog has since made a full recovery.

Phillip Rinn-Tin-Tin, having a pet requires responsiblity and a lot of patience and understanding. If you don't have that, don't fucking be a pet owner!

We're supposed to grow to understand each other's personalities - our pets are quirky just like us.

I know my Shepherd has an issue with my phone's ringtone, so I keep that shit on vibrate....I don't feel like hearing the howling and seeing the pained look in his eyes.

One incident was all it took.

Once, when my phone rang, he walked up to me, took the phone out of my hand with his mouth, and bit down on it, cracking the back.
I wasn't upset, because I was fucking with him by making it ring, and he wanted me to understand that he wasn't having it. Since he couldn't talk, he resorted to putting my phone out of commission.

I know my Lab mix has a foul temper,(like me).
She's evil as hell. She doesn't forget shit. So if I tick her off, she schemes, and waits for the right time to resort to payback.
And that means finding a shoe with a rip, a sock with a hole, or a jacket that her vindictive ass tore, everything is in plain view, no secrets.

Again, learning personalities and having patience.

We train them and they train us as well.

But Phillip, you evil bastard, you, and people like you who hate yourself and life need your asses beat.

Jail is not enough.

I won't bring race into the picture, because their all assholes of all shades. But anyone that causes harm to an animal needs to feel the same pain as their pet or animal.

I'm still not a fan of Michael Vick's crank ass and he could break every record in the NFL, that bitch still got over!

So Phillip, how about no jail time for you. Let's just start a "soul train" line, and beat all the extra lard off your ass and see how you feel afterwards.

The question I have is why was he allowed to own another dog, after the last incident?

I'm not certain about Illinois law compared to other states regarding animal cruelty but it is amazing that he wasn't monitored in some way.

I know as a dog lover, I know that I don't need to see these folks get away with this shit with just community service, a free ride in jail, a slap on the wrist, probation, or paying a minimum fine.

I need to see some skin being removed, losing what's most important to them - their ass!!!

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