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Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul? Are You In Trouble Again

Attention: In respect to wannabe Presidential hopefuls and career politicians. If you have some dumb shit going on in your past, and you don't want America to know about it, then sit your asses on the sidelines like me and rant from afar!

I never like putting a lot of faith into a politician because when there is fuckery involved, you find yourself becoming bitter and jaded. Which is where I am now.

If something was found on President Obama, I would not be surprised. I've resigned myself to the fact that we are all human and not some superhumans that are mistake free. Which brings us to Mr. Ron Paul.

The dumbass statements he's made in the past about homosexuals, Hispanics, and in particular black men are wild to say the least.
"95% percent of black men in Washington are criminals", "If a black man takes your purse and starts running, the victim's not catching him, because he can run fast", etc...

I want to know which survey dictates the percentage of black men that are 95% criminal. On the purse snatching dig, he is basically saying, I'm ass out because a brother is so used to running from shit, that I'll never catch him, he has got speed on his side, I guess he has great rhythm too.

I'm not upset he said it, black folks are so used to hearing dumb shit spouted off from every other race about what we are and aren't. Don't get me wrong, I'll call you out on it, or punch you in the throat...consider it a learning exercise.

I was upset that he didn't own up to the bullshit jabs he has taken at the gays and black men. The arrogance of Ron....Ron Paul Political, Ron Paul's Freedom Report, Ron Paul Journal Report, and Ron Paul Investment Letter.
This bitch is so into himself he's had or has four publications that he puts out to the public to read and become as ignorant as him.

To say that you don't read everything that you publish is hogwash.
You read it and probably get upset if it's not insulting enough.

What is really insulting is when you were called out on these quotes initially years ago, you said your words were "taken out of context" which means they were your words. Now, years later, you are saying you never wrote anything, I believe you used the term, "disavow" too. Which is it, your words or not?

Again, Palin, Edwards, Gingrich, Perry, Cain, Paul, hell, pick any Kennedy, if you've got some shit going on in your life, stay in the private sector because your dirty laundry isn't going to become clean with a well-crafted press conference!

By George, The Catholics Do It Again

Why is it that Chicago celebs seem to spew out the crazy for all of the world to see? Kanye, R. Kelly, Illinois Politics? I guess Cardinal George felt slighted and here we go.

Cardinal George compared the gay community to the KKK.

So for those that are Catholic and love this bitch, this read may not be for you.

This all stems from the fact that the Gay Pride Parade was rerouted for the coming year. The parade takes place on a Sunday, which means it has to go pass a Catholic Church located on the new route.
The issue George has is that Sunday's service would have to be cancelled. "We don't want the parade to morph into somthing like the KKK", he said.

Really George? The KKK?

Without getting into the fact that you pretty much demeaned every victim of the KKK's violence with that cheap statement, I wish, OMG, I just wish George, and the higher powers that be, would take the same initiative to not bail out and defend priests that take advantage of little boys.

With that extra church money they'd save, they could purchase more Prada loafers for Pope Benedict or they could buy I don't know a whore, stripper, or a mail order bride; so these freaks wouldn't feel compelled to poke a kid in the ass and steal away their innocence and perhaps faith in religion or people.

Use your time wisely. Don't worry about the gays. Get your own fucking house in order.

Gas Station Killed

Jo Jo Gaines is a gentleman that traveled a long way to work, traveling from 4800 N. to 4300 S. State St.

By working on Christmas day, it was an added bonus in addition to the time and a half, that he may not come in contact with a lot of patrons.

More than certain that Mr. Gaines never thought that on Christmas day, he would be staring down the barrel of a gun being held by a cowardly fuck.

As usual, these thug ass, useless, cowards have to make a stupid statement. By doing so, that punk took an innocent man's life at Christmas time. That's not the way a family wants to celebrate any holiday, by being notified of the death of a loved one.

This is not a conspiracy theory but there is something very eerie about this particular area too. Directly across the street from the B.P. gas station where Mr. Gaines was murdered, there is a recreational park where a young thirteen year old young man was gunnned down this past summer. Not too long after that, in fall, an adult male that worked at Alice's restaurant, which is one block east of the B.P. gas station, was gunned down standing outside while taking a break.

I don't know what the fuck is going on, but we are having a lot of unecessary shit going on in that area that seems to involve a lot of innocent lives taken.

But the minute I decide to go Charles Bronson and take matters in my own hands, there's flack behind it. This is why I stay packed.

We go down together fucking with me.

Coward Thief Who Preys On The Elderly

It's bad enough when criminals approach you and rob you of your possessions, but how fucking lazy can you be to drive by an elderly person and snatch their shit while their walking about minding their business on the street? Then you decide to drag their ass around the block for good measure because they don't want to give their purse up to you.

This my friends, brings us to Billy Tribbett.

Obviously, Billy T. has entirely too much time on his hands and tries to accomplish a lot by sitting on his ass. His lazy ass game plan for robbing the elderly hasn't even been working out for him. This was not the first time at the rodeo for Billy T.
Seems ole Billy loves to target the elderly on a regular basis. Two recent prior incidents, and he just can't stay away from the over 65 year old crowd.

C'mon, society really doesn't ask much of you Bill. How lame can you be to drive and look for elderly people to rob?
This bastard is definitely not even up to getting out of his vehicle and putting in a little legwork to get the illegal job done.

Billy T. even managed to get caught by the law while, yes, sitting on his ass. Now Billy T. is again doing what he loves best - say it with me, "sitting on his ass", in jail with a $350,000 bond attached to it.

I guess now Billy T. has a lot of time on his hands to think about how he's going to fight off the male population....I guess "sitting on his ass" might work out for him after all.