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Monday, December 26, 2011

By George, The Catholics Do It Again

Why is it that Chicago celebs seem to spew out the crazy for all of the world to see? Kanye, R. Kelly, Illinois Politics? I guess Cardinal George felt slighted and here we go.

Cardinal George compared the gay community to the KKK.

So for those that are Catholic and love this bitch, this read may not be for you.

This all stems from the fact that the Gay Pride Parade was rerouted for the coming year. The parade takes place on a Sunday, which means it has to go pass a Catholic Church located on the new route.
The issue George has is that Sunday's service would have to be cancelled. "We don't want the parade to morph into somthing like the KKK", he said.

Really George? The KKK?

Without getting into the fact that you pretty much demeaned every victim of the KKK's violence with that cheap statement, I wish, OMG, I just wish George, and the higher powers that be, would take the same initiative to not bail out and defend priests that take advantage of little boys.

With that extra church money they'd save, they could purchase more Prada loafers for Pope Benedict or they could buy I don't know a whore, stripper, or a mail order bride; so these freaks wouldn't feel compelled to poke a kid in the ass and steal away their innocence and perhaps faith in religion or people.

Use your time wisely. Don't worry about the gays. Get your own fucking house in order.

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