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Monday, December 26, 2011

Coward Thief Who Preys On The Elderly

It's bad enough when criminals approach you and rob you of your possessions, but how fucking lazy can you be to drive by an elderly person and snatch their shit while their walking about minding their business on the street? Then you decide to drag their ass around the block for good measure because they don't want to give their purse up to you.

This my friends, brings us to Billy Tribbett.

Obviously, Billy T. has entirely too much time on his hands and tries to accomplish a lot by sitting on his ass. His lazy ass game plan for robbing the elderly hasn't even been working out for him. This was not the first time at the rodeo for Billy T.
Seems ole Billy loves to target the elderly on a regular basis. Two recent prior incidents, and he just can't stay away from the over 65 year old crowd.

C'mon, society really doesn't ask much of you Bill. How lame can you be to drive and look for elderly people to rob?
This bastard is definitely not even up to getting out of his vehicle and putting in a little legwork to get the illegal job done.

Billy T. even managed to get caught by the law while, yes, sitting on his ass. Now Billy T. is again doing what he loves best - say it with me, "sitting on his ass", in jail with a $350,000 bond attached to it.

I guess now Billy T. has a lot of time on his hands to think about how he's going to fight off the male population....I guess "sitting on his ass" might work out for him after all.

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