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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Matt Damon Criticizes The President again

I've always had an issue with Hollywood offering support to politicians publicly because when things don't work out the way their selfish asses want, celebrities get bent out of shape and start turning on their previous favorites. Which brings me to Matt Damon.

It's easy to say if we had a President with some balls that maybe the country would be in better shape. It's easy to say he didn't get it right in regards to education.

It's easy to say that he seems to roll over too much when it comes to big business like banks and the rest of coporate america.

What's not easy Matt, is getting Republicans and some Democrats to agree with you even when you are somewhat speaking on behalf of America.

It's not easy to get Congress and The Senate to agree on tax relief for 160 million Americans when we, as the majority, are not shaking hands and making deals with the same politicans who have special interests groups that give contributions to their campaign.

Also Matt, I would think as you portray yourself as an intellect, that even you notice that Mr. President has been shut down pretty much on every bill he has tried to pass.

Your criticism is directed at the wrong person. How about some fingerpointing at the people in the House and Senate who are making the lives of ordinary American citizens more difficult by voting against the best interests of the common good?

How about using your celebrity platform to expose the lobbyist and special interest groups that seem to own Washington and its politicians lock, stock, and barrel?

Washington is not like Hollywood. There aren't any scripts or neat little happy Hollywood endings. Boehner is not Steven Spielberg. You can't just walk up to him and say, "I want the GOP to pass every bill I send in your direction that can help as many Americans as possible".

Jeez Matt, if it were that simple, you would be President.

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