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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Murderer of Indian Head teen pleads nt guilty

John L. Wilson Jr., the simpleton that murdered teen Kelli O'Laughlin(Indian Head), has pled not guilty. Unbelievable.

Let's rewind a minute and start from the beginning. Junior was roaming around Indian Head this past fall. Junior wisely decides to break into the home of the O'Laughlins to commit home invasion. While he is in the process, young Kelli arrives home from school and interrupts John Jr.'s illegal activities. This big, burly buffoon decides to kill Kelli by stabbing her numerous times.

He then leaves and not satisfied with his a-hole behavior, he decides to use the phone he stole from Kelli, to call her mom and taunt her about her daughter's death.....class act, I know, but now it gets better.

Now Mr. Wilson's lawyer, John Paul Carroll is crying foul.

He feels his client is being treated unfairly. Yes, the guy who repeatedly stabbed a young teen who was under 100 pounds because she interrupted him while robbing her family's home.

In his best bitch rant, he's upset that bail was denied. He's also arguing that he wants his client transferred, because he has to travel 100 miles to communicate with him about his case.

So while he is concerned about this asshole's rights, where was the concern for Kelli's while his client, an arrogant bastard, was stabbing her? Where was the concern, when this demonic fucker was communicating with Kelli's mom adding to her pain?

Johnny Paul Carroll don't you dare ask me, the state, the judge or jury to feel sorry for your client - he doesn't deserve it like Kelli didn't deserve the premature death she got.

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