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Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Hate Crime Involving Teens

The shit and smoke hasn't cleared from the last incident of a hate crime,(Youtube 7 teens on 1), when Chicago rises to the occasion again.

I'm starting to think that the kids here are trying to one-up each other when it comes to committing hate crimes.

Let's turn our attention to Joshua Merritt.

Merritt is a 17 year old senior attending Brother Rice High School, a prestigious Catholic boy's school. Merritt who also is an African American, was invited to the home of a 16 year old who attends Morgan Park High School. Besides the 16 year old a 17 year old and an 18 year old named Matthew Herrmann were at the home as well. No harm in that, just boys hanging out, right?
The home in question is owned by a State's Attorney employee who is also the parent of the 16 year old.

I should mention now that the three people that were with Merritt were all white and Merritt only knew Herrmann personally.

Once settled in, for shits and giggles, the white kids decided to get a noose and put it around Merritt's throat.

It turns out that these guys had a problem with Merritt. It seems that Merritt had been texting the 16 year old's cousin by phone and sending messages through Facebook. It was a budding relationship that the others had decided wasn't cool.

Merritt managed to get away because of a phone call. The mother of the youngest idiot, needed to meet him. If that wasn't enough, while walking away, the 16 year old threatened Merritt with a knife and had the nerve to tell Merritt not to say anything about the noose that they had around his neck.

Joshua says "He's bewildered and confused", "That was just one bad egg in the bunch", and to top it off, Johsua also wouldn't give the names of the other two cowards.
Maybe I shouldn't say this, but where is the anger from Joshua and his father Wiiliam?
This oh golly gee things just happen attitude, quite frankly rubbed me the wrong way.

That could be why these pricks were able to corner your ass with a noose, Joshua.

I understand that you want to keep your kid safe, Mr. Merritt, I get it, but you really need to open Joshua's eyes.

Everyone doesn't love you.
There are people out there who hate you just because...

That's the sad part of it.

This is especially important to Joshua, seeing that he will probably be going away for school and away from home. It is time to grow up to the realities of the world.

Now we have to listen to another state employee claim that her kid would never behaved that way, of course that's not the way he was fucking raised, we hear this phrase everytime this kind of crap happens.

How many times does a kid have to suffer an ass beating, noose around the neck or racial slurs?

When is it going to be enough?

I don't want any apologies, hand shakes or promises.
What I do want, is someone to fuck one of these knuckle heads up to send a message.

This is 2012, I need you cowards to recognize that!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Santorum Says That Homosexuality is Not Healthy for Society

Okay, let's see...who should I rant about today?

I know the "gays" arch enemy, Rick Santorum.

Now, Rick, that paragon of 19th Century thinking has stated that being an ole homo is not healthy for society.

Alright Rick, let's see what is healthy for society...

Millionares paying less tax than myself...check

Newt having extramarital affairs and then screaming from the rooftops about morality...check

Bailing out the banking industry while no one was held accountable for all the destruction their practices caused...check

Americans losing jobs to workers oversees...check

People not able to support their families on the checks that they receive because wages have not increased with the times...check

Americans losing their homes because they can't afford their mortgages any longer (see reason above)...check

Education taking a back seat to rising tuition costs at every level...check

After school programs, music, and the arts that no longer exist in some schools due to lack of funding...check

State funding for mental institutions and necessary medications cut for those who critically need it...check

Lack of support and jobs for returning veterans who have put their lives on hold doing their duty for this country...check

Yes Rick, you are so correct.

I could go on and on, the above mentioned ain't shit compared to the "gay problem" that you seem so obsessed about. Between trying to limit women's rights to bellowing about how gays have destroyed the country, you are an idiot blind to the real problems, bubble boy.

Those gays, I tell you, are far worse than the true state of this country.

DCFS Investigating Mother Whose Kids Died in Fire for Child Neglect

There are clearly circumstances that are sometimes out of your control.

Then there's problems that you create early on and refuse to straighten out your situation. Alicia Myles fits into this unfortunate slot.

Alicia, 25 years old has basically turned herself into a sperm receiver. It may sound harsh but it is the bottom line. Until a few days ago, she was the mother of three and expecting another child within a month.

All that changed on January 24th,2012, at 3:00am, on an early, cold, winter morning.

There are two sides to this horrible ending.

One source says Myles' 3 year old daughter started the fire. Another source says a pizza box caught fire.

Either way it didn't end well for two children.

For whatever reason, Miss Myles had been under investigation by the Department of Children and Family services in the past. There were issues with two former boyfriends and there was evidence of child neglect in 2006 and 2008.

If this baby making broad had all these issues, the first question should be - why keep bringing kids into the world that obviously you don't have the mental capacity and/or funds to handle?

Second question, if the state concluded that she was an unfit parent, why were the kids still in her care? Any 6 and 3 year old that is allowed to make snacks unsupervised in the kitchen at 3am with Mom's blessing shows some lack of supervision.

Foster care is a mess, DCFS is a mess, and to top it off Myles is fucked up. Where was her responsibility to keeping those kids safe? Those kids were basically on their own.

The system and the mother failed those kids horribly!

Those babies never had a chance.
They caught hell everyday just being around Myles.
Those kids deserved better!

So, what happens now? Life goes on.
Myles i'm sure will give birth to more kids. Business as usual.

Fast Food Employee Shoots Would-Be Robber Dead At Rally's

Petty thieves haven't figured out yet, that maybe you need to leave scary folks alone. I guess the memo arrived late.

A Rally's restaurant in Gary Indiana has proven that point once again.

This attempted crime shouldn't have happened in the first place.
If the owner of the franchise (BP -British Petroleum), had taken the necessary measures to secure a door that the employees had warned management about numerous times.

Anyway, thats another subject.

The story goes....two criminals enter the restaurant with the intention of robbery and who knows, maybe grabbing some Rally burgers.
One of the knuckleheads grabs an employee, the other one brandishes some type of automatic weapon, WHEN OOPS - one of the employees fires a weapon of his/her own.
This employee is actually a pretty good shot and gets off some well-placed shots at the attackers according to witnesses. They run out of the restaurant.

Twelve hours later, one of the attackers was found dead in a vacant lot.
Apparently, the Rally worker seriously popped a cap in that fool's ass.

The dead attacker as usual, had a history of crime like a phonebook.

A couple of things here...

1)Word to retarded criminals, there are some of us who are waiting on the right time to take your asses out when you fuck with us.

2) When you, the criminal, decide to commit a crime, make sure your buddy is a ride or die motherfucker. In other words don't leave my ass for dead at the sign of trouble or a glitch in the plan.

3)How about using a car instead of being on foot?

It turns out that the spokesperson for the police said the shooting was in self defense.

Okay, I'm just curious, what in the heck is going on in Gary, IN, that an employee needs to have a weapon sitting next to my fries or shake?

Teens Involved in Bridgeport Video Beating Placed on Electronic Monitoring

Another kid involved in that cowardly ass beating of a defenseless young man on Youtube, happens to be the son of another Cook County Sheriff.

What the hell?

So who are the other little fuckers related to? A judge, lawyer, doctor, drug dealer, pimp?

Each lawyer or parent related to this case are quick to state that none of these goons were raised that way.
I call them goons because if they were any other race, that is what the media would call them - they'd probably throw in phrases like, "pack of animals" too.

Let's crack parents, Mom isn't a chick turning tricks for meth, and Dad isn't an out of work auto worker.

So where did they learn this shit?
Is it learned behavior from a movie, rap video, or some secret family dysfunctional stuff from home?
The assumption is that these kids were raised in a good home. At least that's what they want us to believe.

It just amazes me that these otherwise "good" kids just suddenly went buckwild and ballistic like street thugs out of the clear fucking blue.

There's no excuse no matter what race they would've have been, but it is just amazing that these guys get a free pass, by just wearing electronic devices around their ankles.

You have to wonder if they were minority teens, would they'd be locked up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walgreens Shooting Suspect Dead of Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Just one day after Chicago's Police Superintendent Garry McCarty boasted of no murders in a 24 hour period.

At 12:01a.m. next day,the murders began with a vengence!

A 22 year old security guard at Walgreens was gunned down. Why is unknown.

Another man, who police believed to be the suspect in the Walgreens case was also found dead in an alley, apparently from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

A third body was found in Evanston, that is somehow related to the other two murders. The victim was a 15 year old boy from Skokie was found dead from a gunshot wound.

So...Mr. McCarthy, please keep quiet - don't say anything else.

If Chicago has a peaceful year, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Welfare in the Spotlight in this Election – the Myths and the Truth

I'm gonna piggyback from a blog I posted earlier about the misconceptions of "Black Americans" and the Welfare system.

Newt Gingrich stated that since President Obama has been in office that there are more Americans on welfare than ever before with the implication once again that Blacks makeup the majority of the welfare rolls.
Black folks cried foul and he backpeddled and said Mr. President was "the most successful food stamp president in history". Yeah, Newt, that's better.

Rick Santorum another Republican candidate, who if he had his way, black folks would still be in shackles and all Hispanics would be put out of the country, stated that he wants "Black Americans" to stop taking free money from taxpayers and get a job. The implications was that this money was being taken from hard working white folks.
This dumb ass statement was made during a speech recently in Iowa.

So for those that may have missed the boat on the facts about welfare, let's refresh...

Starting with Food Stamps recipients, there were 34% Whites, 22% Blacks and 16% Hispanics counted as welfare recipients in 2011.

Under the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, also known as TANF, where recipients are given given cash assistance, as of 2009: 33% Blacks, 31% Whites and 29% Hispanics received help.

Keep in mind that all this misfortune happened during the Bush era. The rise in all assistance started then, President Obama happened to inherit this bullshit.

So what has Mr. President done since then you ask?

For the 5 million Americans that were receiving assistance. Subtract 1.9 million of the inheritance that the President received.

White America should be pissed that Newt and Santorum are playing the same race game.
Bring race into the mix as a smoke screen, and I'll forget the fact that Congress fucked me again.

I'll forget that Republicans keep giving the rich taxbreaks.

I'll forget that I, and you, bailed out the banking industry and the banking heads kept their bonuses, raises and salary.

I'll forget that most good paying jobs are now gone, because those jobs are now in other countries where they don't pay the worker shit and employees don't have insurance, holiday pay, or raises.

Now that's a smoke screen for your asses!

Just from looking at television, it seems the folks in Iowa and South Carolina are falling for the ole okedoke again.

Jobs vanished long before Mr. Obama even ran for President. In fact, it has been a hallmark of Republican sponsored corporate bill breaks for more than 20 years!

Americans of all races, don't blame Mr. President, blame yourselves for falling for the same shit every election.

Denum Ellarby Refused Communion Because He Has Down Syndrome, Parents Say

Good ole church. I tell you, if not for faith where would a person be? Obviously not in the good hands of the Diocese of Leeds.

Denum Ellarby a practicing Catholic, son, wasn't allowed to take first communion because he has Downs Syndrome.
Their reason? Because her son, in their words, "lacks the concentration to prepare for communion". What the fuck does that mean?

The issue that he has a disabilty means he may not grasp a concept easily or maybe SURPRISE he will.

Who cares if he lacks concentration.

Who cares if he doesn't understand the Catholic faith or practices.

The point is his mother is a Catholic, she knows as a part of tradition what taking first communion means.

Let's take it further....should babies not be baptized because they can't "grasp" what that tradition's concept?

Unfortunate for the Denum family, the Catholic church could care less.

The Diocese of Leeds states that the Denum family does not particpate in regular life of the church, nor did they prepare for first communion properly.

According to who? Did the church monitor the Denum family's comings and goings from church?

The Diocese of Leeds wants to work with the family and as the child grows, says they will work with the Denum family to help the child succeed in life.

What does it matter? A mother wants her son to experience first communion.
What I take from this as usual the arrogance of the church.

Turning their nose up at a kid the church assumes doesn't understand. Maybe he understands more than they do about the pure unconditional love of God.

They can't forgive a family that doesn't practice faith on a regular basis, but we can forgive and have faith in the molesters that are preaching the word.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crazy Shelly Bachmann At it Again – Says She Thinks Abortion Will be Repealed in Nov.

High functioning retard, Michelle Bachman is at it again. Her stance on abortion is back in the forefront after dropping out the Republican race.

Here's the thing Michelle, you didn't get enough support for your campaign, where's the support coming from on your stance against abortion?

And I quote the crazy, "We will never forget"," We will never give up".
Didn't Bush say this shit in a speech after 9/11?
After this stance is over, i'm certain she will find a new cause to bitch and gripe about.

The Tea Party(Tea Baggers)is like a virus or fungus, just when you think they're gone - they're back!

Bachman didn't answer questions about her running for Congress again in Minnesota.

I say to the people of Minnesota, please keep that bitch under lock and key. Keep a close eye on her dysfunctional ass. She needs monitoring!

As a woman, it bothers me when a man, especially politicians and religious leaders, want to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body.
It's very disappointing when there is a woman in the mix with that Neanderthal way of thinking.

For the next year, I'm sure I will have a field day with all the Republican candidates, as well as some Democratic candidates, they always have something illogical to say.

Listen up "Tea Bag" Party: As you all are so quick to say, America has spoken - Get Lost!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich: Morality At It's Finest

Just saw a clip from the latest Republican Debate in South Carolina.

"Getting It In" Gingrich was upset by the first question from the moderator is seems that Newt was appalled, insulted, upset, and get this he felt violated.

Any other time, I would say don't bring personal matters into a political debate but this is the same guy who while married to his then second wife, was having a 7 year affair with now wife, Callista.

If you don't remember, during his affair, "Getting It In" who as Speaker of the House, was asking for the impeachment of President Clinton.
Gingrich said at the time that Clinton was destroying the moral fiber of our nation.

I suppose that screwing some bitch for 7years while married had nothing to do with moral fiber.

For those that don't know, this fool was kicked out as House Speaker because of the bullshit he's always involved. His own party gave him "no confidence" votes - how pathetic is that?

I hope Callista never gets ill, Newt has a tendency to quit a bitch when she becomes sick and needs support.
You see, "King of Morality" divorced his first wife after she was diagnosed with cancer.
"Mr. Classy" also left his second wife via a phone conversation shortly after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and was tending to her dying mother. And according to her, when his cheating with Callista came to light, he wanted her to accept the fact, and have an open marriage. This fat fuck has a habit of wanting his cake and eating it too.

To see these dumbass GOP supporters at the debate giving this fool a standing ovation was amazing! Now "Getting It In" Gingrich has the support of more idiots wearing blinders.

I wouldn't be so upset with people like him, if these assholes weren't always living in glass houses and tossing stones.

Supporters like his, are the ones to question our President on his citizenship; but look the other way when confronted with this portly, arrogant fuck about his infidelities and habitual lying. It is a slap in the face to all of us! I guess his proclaiming that his newfound religion, in the form of Catholicism, has wiped his slate clean - Yeah Right!

I know he won't last much longer in the race, the odds are strongly against it.

"Getting It In" Gingrich and that no emotion, political Stepford Wife, Callista will be home soon, and sitting their asses down finally.

Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race….About Time

Now that Cain, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Perry have dropped out of the Republican races, it's time to play "I'll be a bitch" role.

Now, Jon Huntsman, who couldn't stand Romney and made him the target of most of his attacks now backs him.
Rick Perry who doesn't like anyone that's not from Texas, is now backing Gingrich of all people.

Folks, this is why I don't play into this politcal game.

If I had been backing Huntsman, you have to be wondering, you told me a week ago that Romney ain't shit - now you're supporting his ass?

Who's the flip flop?

Rick Perry has so much venom running through his rich ass veins, that he is pushing for Gingrich, I guess to spite Romney.

Remember, Gingrich's leadership was in question.

He was the male version of Sarah Palin, didn't finish anything and would quit, or really in his case, asked to vacate and leave. His morals were in question because of infidelity and three marriages, questionable endorsements, and shady business dealings with Washington lobbyists and insiders.

So far, no one has claimed Rick Santorum.

It could be that he reminds us of Alex P. Keaton, from "Family Ties"...wearing different colored "Lands End" sweater vests from Sears. He really is trying to make that whole sweater vest look "happen" isn't he?

His ultra-conservatism puts off a lot of people too.

I mean this is the same man who vows to turn back the hands of time and make reversing Roe vs. Wade a priority of his presidency. He also wants to limit contraceptive choices for women. I mean, in Rick's world, if you prevent conception, it is murder. WTF???
Just because you have 7 children Rick, doesn't mean that all women want to be baby-making machines without choices.

His stance on gay marriage and gays raising children is another step into the early 20th Century....this guy is definitely not a man of today or hell, even yesterday!

But it's still early yet in this Republican game of musical candidates...

'Slavery' Math Problems Fallout Prompts Ga. Teacher To Resign

Just when you think the South is getting it together, I come across this headline.

Apparently the best way for a kid to solve problems during an assignment, is to add slavery references to the mix. You know, make the darkies feel comfortable.

Example: How many slaves does it take to pick fruit, or if a slave received two beatings everyday, how many would that be for week?

Only in the South, can some teachers try and get away with this shit.

Only one of the Georgian teachers who came up with this test has resigned from this big fiasco, and we're still waiting on the other "molders of young minds" to step forward and quit.

Of course, the Superintendent in the area, Sloan Roach, is white. She offered up the statement, 'Maybe we need to go over the curriculum with our teachers.
Um, aren't you supposed to do that shit before, during, and after the school year?
It seems that Sloan was not annoyed by what the teachers were doing, she was more annoyed that they were caught.

Now this good ole Southern school district has shredded all those assignments and are starting anew with new test questions. Let's see, time, money, and energy spent on correcting a bad decision that you would have thought someone would have caught earlier, and said, "maybe this isn't a good idea".

I grew up in Mississippi and almost everyday the South makes me realize, the best the decision I made, was to get the fuck out of dodge.

I know how I am. I act out here when someone says the wrong thing to me. I can only imagine that I would be "on" 24/7 down there now.

This old way of thinking is insulting and backwards, what's even worse is when we as black folks are asked to forget about it.
Then "they" say we are way too sensitive, and need to move on or ignore their ignorance.

Why should I ignore your bullshit?

Your lack of braincells in not my problem; but when you try to put your mess on "Front Street" and ask me to deal with it, then yes, it does become my problem too.

Maybe I'm missing something...

Between a member of the KKK running for public office, to the outgoing Governor of Mississippi giving pardons to murderers, to Confederate flags flying at state capitals, and to this backwoods 1950's way of thinking, where the hell are the black folks that should be taking a stand?

I know where - in church praying that shit will go away.

Yeah, good luck with that!

Best Paid Pastors Make Hundreds Of Thousands To Millions Of Dollars Annually

Pimpin ain't easy, but some men and women of the cloth, make this shit look like a cake walk.

From televangelists, to Pastors, to Fathers, and Reverends, these guys have taken that 10% to a higher level. I came across a list that was like a "who's who" of the modern religious shakedown.

Though some have been investigated about their finances, that doesn't stop them from building mega churches and purchasing private jets, let's not forget their real estate and other ventures.

Of course there were two guys that stood out from the rest.

Pastor's name is Creflo A. Dollar, no, I'm not making this shit up. Name so nice i'll say it twice...Creflo A. Dollar.

Mr. Dollar has a private jet, Rolls Royce, book deal, cable show, and has "Franchised" his brand (Churches), in several cities - talk about spreading the word! He has a home in Atlanta and an apartment in Manhattan.

Then there's the pimp of all pimps, Mr. Joel "Sell Out A Stadium" Osteen, another pimp that was investigated, and his true worth is still unclear. It pays to have good accountants, doesn't it?

Whatever he's worth, it must be a lot, you see Osteen has a 10 million dollar home, book sales through the roof, and tours the nation to preach the word - of course he isn't spreading the word for free, that would be too much like the Lord.

The ministry now, is about the bottom line, not about saving souls and helping the needy. If you don't have the cash, do you really think these preacher/pimps are going to give you a free ticket to hear God's word at one of their sell-out theater sessions?

Obviously, I need to seriously re-think my career moves.

What they do really doesn't effect me. I don't need someone to tell me what God said. I'm pretty sure if God is having conversations with these idiots, I think he'd be giving me a holla too, God doesn't discriminate, unlike some of these judgmental fools.

I'll be glad when all these knuckleheads that follow these fools finally realize it's a scheme.
I'm not saying that these religious heads have to live like paupers while they preach "the Word"; but wouldn't God's work be better served by helping a troubled family or a sick child, rather than purchasing a gold toliet, designer clothes, or a private jet?

They call it being "blessed"...I guess Jesus was a sucker for traveling among society's downtrodden and social outcasts, and being among them while he was living. I guess now, why be among the poor when you don't have to? I mean, what can they put in your collection plate?

You would think that will all the tax breaks churches receive, they would give back more to their communities, and not just to have the occasional give-away benefit for taxbreak purposes.

You have to ask yourself, is accumulating riches the ultimate endgame for these folks or is doing good works and spreading the wealth to those who need it?

In the end, you can't blame the pimps, you can only blame the "johns" who keep giving up the cash for their Sunday morning dose of "feel good" rhetoric.

Anyone that lives like kings and queens, and builds huge monuments of worship while you are struggling, are not about you or your salvation.

Preckwinkle Blames Medical Examiner for Body Pile-up At Morgue

One of the best investments that I've made is burial insurance.

If I had to depend on the County, my dead ass would need to grab a ticket and wait in line and I am serious.

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle says the blame is solely on Nancy Jones, a long time medical examiner. Jones was given the Chief Medical Officer's post by former Cook County Head, Todd Stroger.
That explains a lot.

Jones can keep her job, as long she stays out of trouble or resigns.

Anyone that knew Stroger knows, that crooked bitch threw a monkey wrench into everything related to county services and became the poster boy for Chicago nepotism run rampant.

New Board President Preckwinkle has the same issue as President Obama - taking over an office from a nimrod.

So, again budget cuts are being blamed as usual.

Just looking at that picture of dead bodies stacked high, wall to wall, is sickening. It's not responsible and very disrepectful of the deceased. It shouldn't have to matter how much or little you have when you die, everyone is entitled to a decent, swift burial.

Okay, we'll play the blame game another way.

For now Jones & Precwinkle , we need you guys to come up with an action plan..

Update: Preckwinkle has ordered one of her top people to oversee Jones' actions concerning the morgue situation clean up until further notice. Talk about having to micromanage!

No Shootings or Murders in City for 24 Hours - Yes, This Is News

Unfortunately, this is big news for Chicago. For a whole 24 hour period, not one murder was committed and no shootings were reported.

Were there shots fired? Of course there were.
There were shots fired and folks tried to quite possibly kill someone, its just that maybe the victims were running too fast or the one with the gun had bad aim.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy attributed this shit to the tremendous hard work of the men and women in blue.
Sorry, but no Superintendent, I think the potential criminals got a little creative with crime.

And not so fast Police Supt. Garry, I would not have a news conference with my chest out, discussing our 24 hour sabbath from extreme crimes.
It's not as if those reckless idiots out there need extra incentive to act crazier. Now, they have to make up for lost time by committing more violent acts - you know, make it really count.

I'm not one of those people that needs a false sense of security from the media. I know my city, we'll pick right up where we left off.

You tell me everything is ok and I'll tell you it isn't. You could tell me the sky is blue and I'll argue that it's green.
What I'm trying to say is that I don't believe everything someone says - as Whitney would say, "show me the receipts".

When crime across the board drops for more than a couple of weeks, where you can actually see a trend, then give me a call.

Honestly, until that happens, Chicago murder free for 24 hours, is not something to brag about.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

'He is Not Fit to Live in Society': Student Who Raped and Killed Teacher When THIRTEEN Sentenced to 85 Years in Jail

Sociopath: A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the feeling and welfare of others.

There are no words to express how I feel about the horrible crimes; Brian Wonsom committed towards Hanna Wheeling, a teacher at a youth facility.

I'm upset, but mostly puzzled; this is one of those cases that leave you speechless.

I didn't want to list the past crimes he's committed that led to this last murder, and there were several, but despite it all, I can't dismiss this young man as just another dude out of control.

I'm not giving Brian a pass, I just think Brian hasn't been wired right from day one. I can honestly say that had he been diagnosed earlier, maybe people could have been saved.

One person called him a sociopath. I'm not a doctor, so I'm not at liberty to diagnose him. I don't know the history of his upbringing' but it's very painful to read that starting at 13 years old, a young man could have created such a path of destruction and misery without any feelings about it all.

This is one of those times where the system not only failed Brian, but everyone that crossed Brian's path.

Here's one of those moments, while some of us are at the State Capital discussing budget cuts and program eliminations, that maybe we need to keep mental facilities open, have the necessary drugs available and accessible, and provide the best psychiatric care that our tax dollars can buy for those who need it. Maybe, just maybe, we need to put the needs of people who can't speak for themselves like Brian first.

Literally, lives depend on it.

Now, I'm speaking from experience. I had an uncle that Tinley Park & Jackson Park Hospitals would just dope up and sent back to my grandmother's house without any real medical instruction or direction.
At the time, I was young and visiting - I had no clue of his condition. During his schizophrenic rages, I just grabbed a baseball bat to protect my granny.

I would never excuse anyone when a crime is committed. I'm one of the biggest advocates when it comes to crime and swift punishment.

But for an individual to do the things that Brian did without remorse, he either needs the best mental care available or he's a damn good actor worthy of an Oscar and can plead insanity.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dr. Kings Dream : Lost In Translation

It would have been odd for me to just say "Happy Birthday Dr. King"... I had to sit back and reflect for a moment.

While doing so I thought about all the conversations I've had with my mother, my father, and just older people in general who came from that era, and the scars that are still there.

That era in American history was extremely violent, brutal, and harsh and not that long ago. My father told me of a story where his family was one of the first blacks to move in an all white neighborhood in Chicago. He was taunted from a young age by children and adults, being told he would not amount to anything, and having to sometimes literally fight everyday just to go to school to get an education. But he and others did it, through all the opposition and problems that came with breaking barriers. Now today's parents have to negotiate with these little fuckers to just go to school.

As an adult, he watched his mother's house burn to the ground because of a cocktail bomb tossed through their front window. He was harassed by local police, profiled, and placed in jail for no particular reason - having the police beat his knees until they bled. Now, we just beat on one another for the dumbest and most senseless reasons, mostly over some stupid materialistic shit like a gym shoe.

What I admire most about my dad, is that he understood why it was happening, that what he and others were going through were part of the bigger picture. That, in itself, is an unselfish act. They were fighting for our future. So...whether you were a fan of King or Malcolm, they all had one goal - equality for all.

The shame in all of this, is that we've been back sliding every since those initial gains in civil rights, and for some reason, it is being ignored by most of us.

It seems now we have this terrible need to want acceptance for things that don't matter, you, jewelry, homes, clothes and BET endorsed bullshit.

Back in the day, we just wanted acceptance as citizens, plain and simple. Now, we look towards the buffoons of the world for guidance.

Some of the most hurtful and sad words I've heard my dad speak were, "I took all those beatings for nothing". Now, his biggest fear is that we are killing each other at a fast pace without any regard for the future.
He doesn't really worry about other races anymore . As he's warned me, be careful of your neighbors, so-called friends, or in some cases family members.

I'm certain this not what Dr. King and the many others that fought for civil rights had in mind. Somewhere along the way, we really dropped the ball and forgotten the sacrifices that were made by people that envisioned a more balanced and fair society for all its members.

This why I call out "Black Leaders" on a regular basis. There aren't any - no matter how many mainstream news stations try to tell us that Sharpton and Jesse J. Sr. are our collective voice. I am not a fan of sellouts.

If a there's a book, liquor, fragrance, music, or a movie, promoted by any half-assed, so-called celebrity - we're so there. It is a shame but we can't get the same enthusiasm for a protest or demonstration these days.

Let's name a few of the hidden agenda folk: Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jesse Jr., Jay-Z, and Puffy just to name a few.

I read or watch the news everyday. The news is always the same....shootings, rapes, drug busts, and murder, the script doesn't really change.

I'll never give up hope though - I can't, it is all I have and need.
With the good, obviously will come the bad.

I don't want to sit around and watch my world crumble around me and I don't need anyone to speak on our behalf.

I do appreciate all that men and women like Dr. King did to secure my place in this world. I want to say Happy Birthday Dr. King. I got the message.

So, that being said...What are YOU prepared to do?


Monday, January 16, 2012

Van der Sloot Sentenced to 28 Years in Peru

Joran "Douche" Van der Sloot was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Van der Sloot pled guilty to the murder of Stephany Flores, a woman he met in a casino, and murdered in a hotel room later that evening.
If you recall Joran was arrested and questioned twice about the disappearance/murder of Natalie Holloway who has been missing in Aruba, and now declared dead after five years. . Joran never admitted to any wrong doing regarding Holloway although all signs pointed to him being a prime suspect.

Joran has been ordered to pay $74,054 to the Flores family. I want to know how is he going to pay back the Flores family? Are they expecting his family to cut a check like they did when paying for his expensive legal defense in the Holloway case?

What's even more disturbing this prick may only serve a decade of his sentence. In Peru, jailbirds get a good portion of time off for good behavior, which means Mr. Van der Douche gets to ride into the sunset, and quite possibly commit another crime. It is quite possible seeing that Douche has been diagnosed as a borderline sociopath.

The problem here is that Stephany Flores' family is wealthy. So of course the police didn't drag their heels on solving her murder.
Meanwhile, Natalie Holloway's family is just middle-class American. Not well to do, just regular folk.

Even though recently, Natalie was finally given closure by a judge by being declared deceased, there will never be any true closure for Natalie's family or friends.
They never got a chance to physically say goodbye and no one is serving time for her murder.

But, Van der Douche gets closure with pleading guilty as an after thought.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Court Filing Describes Slaying of Rising Fashion Star

On Dec 19th 2011, another senseless act occurred. Dionne Deshawn Moody was murdered. The only thing Mr. Moody did wrong was try to be nice to a stranger. This stranger however, had a different motive.
The coward in question is Cortez Smith. A 17 year old whose violent act altered not just his life; but several others.

What's interesting is that Cortez lived a block away from Mr. Moody. I'm gonna assume that Cortez had seen Mr. Moody on occasion, seeing the well adjusted young man going to and from work everyday.

The problem with people like Cortez is that you see it, you want it, and you'll take it at any cost. Unfortunately while doing so, bad decisions are made.

From what the Chicago Tribune reported, Cortez approached Mr. Moody and asked him did he have change for $10.00. Mr. Moddy placed his groceries down and pulled out his wallet. Meanwhile, Cortez pulled out a gun.
Long story short, Mr. Moody tried to get into his house and Cortez shot Mr. Moody in the back of the head.

Why pull out a gun? Why shoot him? Why kill him?

The other alternative would have been to just rob him. I don't condone robbery, but I'll settle for the lesser of two evils.

This is why people like Cortez make it bad for the next guy. It is why people are so hesitant to extend a helping hand to those who might actually need it.

Cortez will spend if not his whole life, maybe 85% of it in jail. One bad decision unfortunately took two lives that night.

I've come to the conclusion that I no longer feel for people who commit senseless acts.

There's no reason Mr. Moody should not be on this earth right now. I really don't want to hear that Cortez didn't have a father. I didn't either, but I, and several other people have managed to be okay.

Now I'm sure on January 24th, 2012, on Cortez's next court date, there will be family members standing in court in solidarity to let Cortez know, they love him. Which is a joke.
Meanwhile you have another family that has just laid to rest Mr. Moody to let them know they love him.

I never met Mr. Moody but I know people who knew him. They all had nothing but nice things to say about him.
I will not call Mr. Moody a rising fashion star - anyone that is doing their own thing successfully in my opinion, has already made it.

Due to the dumb decision that Cortez made on that night, it's a shame that the rest of the world never got a chance to see Mr. Moody's work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black Disciples Leader Who Ran Drugs & Gun Trade, Dead at 60

One of the most dangerous hobbitts of this century has left this world.

Jerome "King Shorty" Freeman died unbelievably of natural causes.

You would think with all the violence he inflicted upon the community, someone would have gotten hold of him. Jerome was head of the Black Disciples gang ruling the South Side of Chicago.

At 5 ft. tall, Jerome ruled the B.D.'s with platform shoes and an iron fist. Gun and drug trafficking was his job.
Jerome became even better at this job while behind bars, which says a lot about the penal system.

I refuse to call Jerome, "Mr. Freeman" as he is referred as by some people. I cannot respect in life or death a guy that took so much and cared so little about life, in particular another person's life.

This midget and people like him, set a standard of ignorance and buffoonery like no others. Assholes like him are looked upon as kings and the young in their communities idolize them and what (little) they stand for.
The countless murders that he committed or ordered and the selling of guns and drug sales have torn our community and others like it, to shreds.

Tio Hardiman, of Ceasefire, wants to make damn sure everyone knows that Jerome, in his retirement years, began a new life of peace.
Somewhere between the killings and prison, Jerome had a moment of clarity and decided to distance himself from the B.D.'s.

Tio, try to explain that "peaceful turnaround" bullshit to a person who lost a friend or family member at the hands of Jerome and his boys.

When they are doing a long bid in the pen, these misguided bitches always wanna chop off their dredlocks, cut off their braids, and find God and peace.

There's no closure for the people he's harmed.

At 60 years old, he found peace, so forgive me if I don't wish that little fucker the best in the afterlife.

Jesse Jackson: Apartheid isn’t over : No Shit J.J.!

Ladies and Gentlemen breaking news: Jesse Jackson says Apartheid is not over. You can all go back to your scheduled lives now.

Wow! That's a load off.

Tell me J.J. I hope you meant America. Don't get me wrong folks. I'm sorry that other countries are facing new problems or dealing with old ones that are pretty major. The truth is I'm one of those folks that's tired of J.J. and them telling me and every other person that's barely rubbing pennies together to get by, that you need our help.

We need to speak to our congressman, senator, governor, mayor or alderman. Tell them to help send money or care packages to other countries - wait a minute, that's already happening!

We hear everyday that we are broke. Yet, not so long ago we just loaned China $13 billion dollars. You read right, 13 billion. The same country that's cutting education, health care, and jobs due to "no money".

Don't you dare blame this shit on the President. I blame everyone in office in Washington. They pass all this shit through. This money shifting game has been going on for longer than a lot of us have been alive.

The arrogance of the rich makes me depise them even more.

Republican candidate Rick Perry says that we need to stay in Iraq. Why Rick? Right now, your campaign is costing Texas a hefty sum. Let's not discuss that over the top pension you receive.

While speaking of arrogance, Jay-Z and his wife B-Yakki spent a reported $1.3 million dollars to shut down one wing of a hospital for "security purposes". Why not just have the surrogate give birth at home?
What's with all the dramatics?

Not hating; but those two are just a little over the top, a little too much. For $1.3 million they could have built their own medical wing, but then again, there will probably be a B & J Carter Wing at the hospital by the Summer.

But back to the matter.....they have already destroyed most of the middle class - why is it that what's left of the middle class is always asked to bail America's ass out?

Until the the "well to do" and the 1% hold up their end, J.J. and friends, I don't need to hear about the plight of another country. I ain't giving shit to Haiti, Mexico, Greece, the Honduras, China, or Africa.

Let's concentrate on getting this country back in shape and working for everyone, not just the ones with corporate interests.

You bitches in Washington are doing a piss poor job of running America.
Who knows a few years from now, "for only 30 cents a day" I'll be able to feed an entire family".

Two Charged in Slain Officer’s Murder at M&M Mart, A Suspect's Mother in Denial

Finally Chicago, there's good news!

Two out of the four cowards that senselessly killed Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis were caught and being held without bond.

Of course the mama of defendant Clay claims her son is not guilty, she's doing the "ohhh Lawd - not my baby" song and dance!

Ty-Ty,(I swear these lil bitches are given nicknames during child birth), would never do anything so horrible. The mother Lovetta Jones claims Ty-Ty is mentally slow, plays video games all day, and that because of a car accident a couple of years of ago that killed a friend, is not agile enough to have committed the crime.

These are the facts - Clay does have a criminal past. He served time for a prior conviction. He has also served jail time for violating his parole. Which leads me to believe, Clay ain't at home all day.

There a few questions I have...what mental condition does this fool have and why the fuck is a 29 year old man at home playing video games "all day".
I mean really, couldn't he use some of that limited brain power to find a job instead of playing his X-Box?
C'mon, Mama Jones, why the hell are you home all day watching this simple fuck play video games ALL DAY?

And by the way, agility has nothing to do with pulling the trigger or being the lookout.

Clay is also being described as a home body who was trying to put his criminal past behind him and stay out of trouble. His girlfriend claims that on the day of the incident, he didn't go anywhere "ALL DAY".

Again, I want to know what type of job requires you to be home all day. He's definitely not using this extra time to get a job, cause Ty-Ty is not looking for shit, why should he when he has two stupid bitches looking out for him? Hell, I'd stay home all day if I could too. we go again, these parents upholding these knuckleheads whenever they get in trouble. Lovette Jones obviously should have been somewhere fishing instead of getting knocked up with this idiot.

Go on Lovetta and Ty-Ty's girlfriend, use the rest of your savings to help out that Eagle Scout. I don't know you; but I know for certain, this isn't the first time Ty-Ty's broken your heart.

Colon, the other dummy, was the getaway driver. I wonder if he is on the "home all day" plan too.

Lovetta, who knows where Ty-Ty would have been, had you actually spent some time with him "All Day".

Saturday, January 7, 2012

LA Arsonist’s Hot Stuff Mama Deportation Set Him Off

Let's see...his mother is arrested in L.A. and all hell breaks loose! This turn of events sent her Baby Huey-esqe 30 year old son, on a rampage with matches, lighter flood, and a bad fucking attitude!

Mother is in the process of being deported for not paying for a tit enlargement and 19 counts of fraud in Frankfort, Germany. Since coming to America from Germany, Mama's been a busy little camper.

Dorothee Burkhart has been linked to several erotic massage websites. The pictures of Mama Burkhart write their own jokes. One picture has Frau Burkhart holding those enlarged jugs up with her arms because she's not wearing a support bra.

Another picture shows her wearing a Victoria's Not A Secret top that has two runs going down the side - for extra exposure. If you look close enough, there's also a armpit full of hair dangling out as well.
OMG! That's sooo sexy!

After seeing Mommie carted off by the police, it seems that Harry Burkhart decided to set the world on fire - LITERALLY!. They are still tallying up the damage but it is close to or over 3 million dollars in damages right now.

Of course, Mama Burkhart says that her son is mentally ill. This wannabe blonde MILF bombshell even produced a letter from a doctor to back up her story about her son. Yes, this is the same person who is facing numerous felony charges in the Deutchland. The police have now placed Harry on suicide watch.

During Firestarter's subsequent immigration hearing, Harry started screaming about how much he hates America.

Harry, the best thing America is doing for you right now is keeping the American citizens whose property you torched, from kicking your ass back to Germany!

You're in America now because your unstable big tit mother ran away from Germany trying to escape fraud and felony charges.

For those that don't like America just stay the fuck out. It's easy, if we piss you off that much, stay your ass away, don't buy a ticket. Trust me, we have enough of our own homegrown crazies here already.

Better yet Harry, maybe if your mother were massaging your self esteem instead of dicks maybe you wouldn't be such a bad space, TORCHY!

Man Confesses to Bombing NY Mosque

When I first read this article,I wanted to wait a few days until the scoop came about this story.

It seems recently that a guy went on a Molotov cocktail spree, tossing cocktails into a Mosque, a private home, a convenience store, and a home that he thought was owned by a "crack dealer". He had quite the busy schedule of destruction and mayhem.

Let's start with the Mosque.
It seems he wanted to use their restroom and was refused. So, like any sensible person, he took a cocktail to the building. Any other day, guys drunk or sober, usually just whip their dick out find a spot, usually an alley, and piss on point. What was so special about this place's facilities that he had to torch the place in retaliation? Marble urinals? Personalized ass-dryers? Gold handled faucets with voice control activation? I really want to know.

The second place was a private residence where private services were held.
Being the bright ass that he is, he mistook it for another place where he'd had words with the owner before....oops. I guess there will be casualties in the war for sensible thinking and thinking things through.

Let's continue shall we....

The third place was a Starbucks. I can honestly say that I'm also upset with how expensive a venti Starbucks' Frappuccino costs but it's never crossed my mind to seriously toss a firebomb at their asses. Turns out, Mr, Firebomb was caught trying to steal Frappuccinos in the bottle there in the past. And with his justice being a crude and hastily prepared cocktail bomb, I guess he got away with it at some point, because Frapp bottles were used in four of the five incidents.

The fourth place was also mistaken for another residence. The house he meant to aim at, was that of a "crack dealer". I am not kidding, the Hot Temper Kid apparently had an arguement with his drug supplier earlier.
This would be one of those time where I would promote drug use. I figure had this nimrod self medicated himself, maybe his day would have gone better, and he wouldn't have felt the need to bomb several properties.

The man with too much time on his hands reminds me of the movie "Falling Down", you know, Michael Douglas'character.

The name of "Mister Cocktail" has yet to be released yet.
We do know that he is originally from Guyana. He is an unemployed tow truck driver, with a whole lot of issues. He lives in the Jamaica part of Queens. His behavior speaks volumes, the way a person reacts in one country does not mean bring your crazy, and your issues here to America. From what was reported, this asshole has had issues with anyone that's of the Islamic faith for years.

I for one, know that I can't blame every person of Middle Eastern culture for the bullshit that took place on 9/11, before and thereafter.
That's like blaming all white people for slavery, that's like blaming all hispanics for illegal immigration problems, or blaming all black people for that dumb shit they call rap/hiphop. (Not the old school rap though).

Then I wondered was he just doing this shit for effect.

If you're that fed up kill yourself. I'd probably have more respect for the fact that you didn't hurt anyone.
But, to be so wreckless and selfish with your bullshit, you "Mr. Cocktail" deserve everything that's coming to you.

And by the way, in prison, there are a lot of people of the Islamic faith, you'd be wise to keep your ignorance quiet if you want a relatively peaceful prison stay!

Are You Kidding Me? Santorum Really Thinks Blacks Are The Main Recipients of Public Aid? Bastard.

Why is it that whenever a polictican, the news network, or some dumbass on the street wants to speak of poverty ,education, or crime, BLACKS FOLKS are singled out as an example?

Why is it that always during an election year, BLACK FOLKS are put into the spotlight and forefront to the problems in this country?
I guess when high poll numbers are in doubt, all you have to do is pander to racial stereotypes and mis-information.

That brings us to the the dickhead GOP candidate, Rick Santorum. This simpleminded fuck was recently in Iowa stating that he doesn't "want to make black people's lives better by giving them someone else's money". He stopped just short of saying, "white peoples' money".

While saying this shit, some white folks in the audience were clapping and nodding in agreement to this lie like they were at a revival meeting. That statement alone is a racist lie. CBS News who covered this comment, decided to do a little digging, and found out that only 8% of blacks in Iowa are receiving aid. The other 84% are white.
There aren't that many blacks in Iowa compared to whites, true, but wouldn't the folks who were in agreement at Santorum's new age Klan meeting know that, even at the most basic level? Obviously not.

The truth of the matter is that there are more Caucasians receiving public assistance in America than any other race. People seem to really forget this fact when they spout off these tired cliches that below out of some old pre-segregation playbook. The sad is, idiots like the ones at the Santorum rally, still take it as truth. The face of assistance is still the "welfare queen" that Reagan famously referred to in the Seventies and not Becky Jo from Appalachia.

I really could care less as to who is on assitance. That's not the problem with this country. I more than understand why he made that statement, it gets a rise out of voters.

Subliminal message: "The Presisdent is black which means he's going to keep helping "BLACK FOLKS" more than enough with poor white folks' money.

Note: Do Your Homework.
Of course, there won't be a retraction. Of course, he will say it was taken out of context, or that he didn't realize he was being so insensitive. Well, the damage is already done PRICK!

Same tactic Bush II used to get re-elected. Scare the shit out of folks and they will vote for me out of sheer panic.
So, while America is so worried about voting Obama back into office, they never think for one second that I just voted for an ass that's going to vote against: jobs staying in America, health care for all Americans; regardless of income or lack of, progression and preservation of civil rights, and fairer taxation for the masses.

What gives him or any other person the right to throw "BLACK FOLKS" into this bullshit that basically rich white folks created? Like we don't have enough shit going on in our daily lives!

It's blatant, ignorant, disrespectful, and fucking annoying! It is really tired to be used as pawns for political gain.

Again where the fuck are our so called BLACK LEADERS? I haven't heard a peep from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any of the "leaders of the week".

New Millenium America is so busy looking for a scapegoat:

First, there was open discrimination of Muslims after 911.

Second, the illegal immigration issue, even though for some reason that has come to mean that most people target Hispanics only.

Third, now its "BLACK FOLKS". No, wait a minute, it's just our turn again!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christian Group Uses “Crosshairs” in Ad to Get Support For Banning Gay Marriage

I've always been a firm believer that if you're trying to shock me into agreeing with some shit, somethings definitely wrong.

Christian groups are the most annoying at this, I've found. The Republican party checks in at a close second, but I digress...

So-called "Christians" have a tendency to tell their dumbass followers that the world's a mess and that this or that particular group is the reason. One of their favorite scrapegoats are the gays.

A certain Christian shock group is now using a picture that shows a straight couple in an open field embracing. Covering the picture is a "crosshair" symbol. Are we to assume that the gays are aiming and trying to do away with straight marriage? Christian? I think not.

Here's the problem, these types of Christian motherfuckers worry too much about everything instead of the right thing.

It seems like for every small civil right that is gained for gay people and gay couples seems to make these bastards more anxious about their standing in society - why the paranoia?

Don't worry, gay marriages if legal, won't threaten your marriage, which has more than a 50% probability of failing anyway for hetero first marriages, second marriages are even worse - they stand at about 60 -67% failure rate.

Oh, here's a good one. Why is the (straight) divorce rate up? Obviously straight folks are having a hard time staying together and that ain't got shit to do with gay folks. Why are these hypocrites so threatened?

You have to ask yourself, what is really going on?

Let's give you sour bitches some real subjects to really chew about truly free education disappearing, growing poverty levels, the horrible economy, the fact that women and girls are abused at crazy rates by supposed "loved ones", etc...

Why are you "Christians" getting caught up with judging others and all kinds of "un-Christian" shit? You should be out doing charitable deeds and being a part of the solution instead of creating another problem!

And on the subject of gays, some of the most vocal Christians don't have the best track record.

How about Reverend Long who stormed the streets of Atlanta blasting gays and their deviant behavior? Later on, it comes out that Rev. Long likes giving it to boys in the ass, okay, Rev. Longstroke!

Then, there was Ted Haggard who as the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, used to regulary "blast" gays in his fire and brimstone sermons. Turns out, Teddy had a full-time male lover at his church and a part-time piece who doubled as his masseur. Yes, folks his wife has stood by him as evidenced on "Oprah" as he grapples with his on/off again the way, he is now sorry for all the gays he hurt in his sermons....uh, okay.

Let's continue to Jimmy Swaggert who got caught in a hotel room with a prostitute and constantly solicting sex. Let's not forget Jim Baker and all the adulterous shit he did.

Last, but not least, there is Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. who fathered an out-of wedlock kid several years ago. With the exception of Jackson, these losers had you spend money blindly to build up their egos and mega churches.

Smoke screens are for losers.

The last time "crosshairs" were used in some fingerpointing propaganda, Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was critically injured and several people were shot and killed. The gunman had supposedly been partially "inspired" by some information from that mental midget, Sarah Palin's "politicians in the crosshairs" site.

The same "Christians" that are blasting gays, are the same ones doing the most dirt.

You throw stones, then I need to toss boulders at your mis-directed asses!

Man Charged in Church’s Shootings

Arthur "The Rifleman" Chaney who walked in Church's Chicken, with gun blazing, bullets flying, and shooting everything and everyone but the intended target was officially charged with murder.

Mr. Quick Draw was charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder - quite impressive for an idiot 22 year old.

What is running through a person's mind, in this case Art's, during an altercation that escalates to murder?

What and the fuck are these knuckle heads processing in their minds to make them just open fire on a restaurant full of people? I'm sure had you asked management to close early so you could finish your "discussion" she would have obliged.

What really disgust me is that these punks run fast as hell from the scene after shooting - no "manning up" from them....let's wreck havoc and take off like a coward. If you're man enough to pull a gun and shoot people, why run away? You're tough, right?

I always wanna be in court for fools like him. Arthur's whole family will come down to support him, a couple of friends throwing gang signs will make an appearance, there will be a baby's mama or two with a squealing child, and the crying mother of this mess of a son, and you know she'll get the best lawyer public assistance can buy.

I end this by stating once again: Be the man, take the bullet, and take the consequences for your actions, SON!!!

Police officer shot at 2nd job

Clifton Lewis, a Chicago Police officer who had taken a side job at a convenience store to help pay for his wedding,(he proposed to his fiance on Christmas Day), was shot and killed by two hoodlums trying to rob the store where he was employed. Reports state that Officer Lewis never stood a chance to defend himself - he was basically ambushed.

In recent years, it seems police officers seem to have a bullseye on their backs. From all personal testimonies, Officer Lewis set the standard as to how a black man and more importantly, how a good man should present himself.

He was a great father to his 11 year old daughter, was a beloved father figure to his fiance's son, who by the way, is in college, and he loved the community where he lived and was always there to help others.

We always hear about the "bad" cops which makes Officer Lewis' death even more sad. Maybe it's just me, but I'm so sick of the "gangsta league" getting away with shit.

Why can't we just pick these bitches off? No, really hear me out.

It just seems like these rejects look for uniforms and badges, so why can't I just drive by and put a bullet in everyone's head who's wearing a black hoodie or a white t-shirt and hanging on a street corner or porch all day, everyday?

I want justice for all the innocents killed by these trashy hoodlums!

The old negro spirituals method of walking down the street with arms locked and trying to reason and talk sense into these fools isn't working. I get so sick of people talking about compassion for these fools and their plight. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions and maybe choosing to do the right thing?

Sometimes a stronger stance has to be taken - how many of the good guys have to be taken out by these fools who don't value anything or anyone?

Oh, I forgot, we have to remember, that the ACLU and other civil rights groups are worried about us violating their rights.

Where the fuck are they when innocent people rights and lives are taken?