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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welfare in the Spotlight in this Election – the Myths and the Truth

I'm gonna piggyback from a blog I posted earlier about the misconceptions of "Black Americans" and the Welfare system.

Newt Gingrich stated that since President Obama has been in office that there are more Americans on welfare than ever before with the implication once again that Blacks makeup the majority of the welfare rolls.
Black folks cried foul and he backpeddled and said Mr. President was "the most successful food stamp president in history". Yeah, Newt, that's better.

Rick Santorum another Republican candidate, who if he had his way, black folks would still be in shackles and all Hispanics would be put out of the country, stated that he wants "Black Americans" to stop taking free money from taxpayers and get a job. The implications was that this money was being taken from hard working white folks.
This dumb ass statement was made during a speech recently in Iowa.

So for those that may have missed the boat on the facts about welfare, let's refresh...

Starting with Food Stamps recipients, there were 34% Whites, 22% Blacks and 16% Hispanics counted as welfare recipients in 2011.

Under the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, also known as TANF, where recipients are given given cash assistance, as of 2009: 33% Blacks, 31% Whites and 29% Hispanics received help.

Keep in mind that all this misfortune happened during the Bush era. The rise in all assistance started then, President Obama happened to inherit this bullshit.

So what has Mr. President done since then you ask?

For the 5 million Americans that were receiving assistance. Subtract 1.9 million of the inheritance that the President received.

White America should be pissed that Newt and Santorum are playing the same race game.
Bring race into the mix as a smoke screen, and I'll forget the fact that Congress fucked me again.

I'll forget that Republicans keep giving the rich taxbreaks.

I'll forget that I, and you, bailed out the banking industry and the banking heads kept their bonuses, raises and salary.

I'll forget that most good paying jobs are now gone, because those jobs are now in other countries where they don't pay the worker shit and employees don't have insurance, holiday pay, or raises.

Now that's a smoke screen for your asses!

Just from looking at television, it seems the folks in Iowa and South Carolina are falling for the ole okedoke again.

Jobs vanished long before Mr. Obama even ran for President. In fact, it has been a hallmark of Republican sponsored corporate bill breaks for more than 20 years!

Americans of all races, don't blame Mr. President, blame yourselves for falling for the same shit every election.

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