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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Denum Ellarby Refused Communion Because He Has Down Syndrome, Parents Say

Good ole church. I tell you, if not for faith where would a person be? Obviously not in the good hands of the Diocese of Leeds.

Denum Ellarby a practicing Catholic, son, wasn't allowed to take first communion because he has Downs Syndrome.
Their reason? Because her son, in their words, "lacks the concentration to prepare for communion". What the fuck does that mean?

The issue that he has a disabilty means he may not grasp a concept easily or maybe SURPRISE he will.

Who cares if he lacks concentration.

Who cares if he doesn't understand the Catholic faith or practices.

The point is his mother is a Catholic, she knows as a part of tradition what taking first communion means.

Let's take it further....should babies not be baptized because they can't "grasp" what that tradition's concept?

Unfortunate for the Denum family, the Catholic church could care less.

The Diocese of Leeds states that the Denum family does not particpate in regular life of the church, nor did they prepare for first communion properly.

According to who? Did the church monitor the Denum family's comings and goings from church?

The Diocese of Leeds wants to work with the family and as the child grows, says they will work with the Denum family to help the child succeed in life.

What does it matter? A mother wants her son to experience first communion.
What I take from this as usual the arrogance of the church.

Turning their nose up at a kid the church assumes doesn't understand. Maybe he understands more than they do about the pure unconditional love of God.

They can't forgive a family that doesn't practice faith on a regular basis, but we can forgive and have faith in the molesters that are preaching the word.


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