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Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweat Shops

Why are do we worry so much about other countries?

Why are we so quick to pass judgement towards countries that handle matters differently?

When will national programs like 20/20, Fox News, NBC or CBS report the obvious?

We are swift with criticism towards countries like: China, Taiwan, and other places outside

of America, when in fact we have sweat shops right here in our back yard!

Think about it. Corporate America, has seen fit to cut jobs and ask new employees to accept
 minimum RAGE as a means to survive.

Let's remember folks minimum rage is 8.25 in the state of Illinois. So imagine if you're living in the southern states. The cost of LIVING is lower which means so is their minimum RAGE.

That being said. corporate now wants me and you to bust our asses for that shitty amount.

Boehner says that what we make is more than enough.

That I can make ends meet with that pay rate.

Also understand that workers no longer get the full forty hours either.

So, Republicans/Democrats/Indepents/Tea Party how are Americans suppose to survive.

That's why corporate America should be called the corporate sweat shops of the world.

Were being treated just like folks overseas.

Companies have it al figured out.

Cut corners, by cutting cost of employees(pay rate), cut hours, work the fuck out of us, treat us like shit.

Try to take what little dignity that we have left and shove it down our throat!

I can bitch about it because, I'm experiencing this shit myself!

Seeing it first hand, how little thought, concern or sympathy goes into the decision making.

I'm referring to the little man/woman.

As for me, I have a worse than some, but far better than others.

I don't have a husband who was just laid off!

I don't have two teenage daughters\!

I don't have a mortgage!

I don't have a car note!

Now let's tack on all the other shit caving in around us.

Chicago Transit Authority is increasing our fare.

Chicago has now become the murder capital of the world!!

So lets see, I have to duck and dodge bullets trying to get to the train station!

Only to be told there's an  equipment problem. (Brand New Train)

Then get to my job and work 7.5 hours of 8.25 an hour!

It gets better...I have to do the same shit on the way home!!