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Monday, April 30, 2012

Santorum Denies Fan Photo

Really, Rick? Recently, Lindsay Lohan attended the White House Correspondents dinner. I know you are wondering, how and the fuck did Lindsay get an invite? I'm over that question, who knows how these idiots get invited, it's mostly just a popularity contest anyway, Kim Kardashian, I'm looking at you. (She was also there in attendance.) Moving forward... Santorum is denying that he asked Lohan to take a picture, you're damn right he should deny it! If Ricky baby has any more intentions of running for another public office, he better deny that shit happened. Lohan is not really someone Ricky needs to have an association with. First of all, she's not anything that his platform stands for, in fact she is like the "anti-Santorum". She's a bisexual, out of rehab drunkard, with a police record, and known for disorderly conduct. There is nothing cute about these two ever crossing paths. Yet, they have. You know why? Behind the sweater vest, wavy hair, perfect grin, and "Christian" exterior is what we normal folks call "human". Santorum is just like everyone else...A FUCKING HYPOCRITE!!!

Reckless & Stupid With Your Sh%t

A moment of intimacy between two people should be memory that you reflect back on one day and it brings a smile or a big ass grin to your know, the warm fuzzies! That memory should not be you trying to figure out if Biff or Chip gave you a STD milkshake. These days, its about how many you can nail or place another notch in your belt, basically quantity over quality. The anger that I feel and perhaps the anger of others, is how reckless folks have become with their bodies. V.D. and Gonorrhea have made a comeback in a major way in recent years. You would think with that with our fatal friend called A.I.D.S. around, folks would have slowed their desire to have sex on a regular with so many different partners without any protection. Celebrities and athletes make this shit appear glamorous, but there is nothing glamorous about contracting the latest version of gonnoherpesyphilaids. On the flip side of that body mis-abuse, athletes disturb me a little more because their dumbasses are always having "Baby Mama" drama every year with a different bitch trying to score a come up and get paid. I mean you would think these guys would get tired of going to child support court. You really have to question the women that know these guys are reckless with their shit. If he is sticking you raw, then, he is more than likely sticking others raw. You both are STD vending machines - what a price to pay, playing pregnancy roulette. Why would you, as a woman, put yourself in a position to get pregnant, and quite possibly get some other package in the deal that you didn't sign up for, all for a possible monthly check? I mean, that is if he doesn't get dropped by his team and experiences "money problems" or just doesn't want to own up to his responsibilites. Young people seem lost when it comes to common sense and view this shit as being cool and regular. Trust me, there is nothing "regular" about being a frequent patient at the clinic where they know you by first name. Another troubling fact of modern life is early pregnancy. TV shows like
16 and Pregnant
My Wife and Kids
give off the impression that it is fine to get knocked up before you can take care of yourself without mommy and/or daddy's help. There is nothing cool about having sex at the tender age of 13 or 15 years old, and bragging to anyone that will give your trifling ass an ear, that you've slept with a slew of indidviduals and all those guys are friends with each other. Guys, you're just as bad and not exempt from my anger. Don't call a girl a whore when you are slinging your shit as far and wide, you are are a man-whore, and there's no difference between the two of you but genitalia. Becoming a dad as young as 10 or 13, doesn't say you're a man, it says you made a baby that doesn't have much of a chance, especially when you are mostly absent from its life. Babies raising babies is not a good mix. If the teens have some good, mature parents to help out, maybe teen parent and child, can both finish high school, at least. So, where did this widespread, reckless, and stupid behavior come from? Some say that maybe society is different now, it moves at a faster pace and views are different. Generally, no real accountability and responsibility is taught and required. Unfortunately the end result is the same, more individuals that make bad decisions and don't think things through.

The Feds Want To Know - You Got My Money?

For those of you that were hoping the government would pass a bill that would forgive your student loan. FORGET IT - the answer is a big, fat NO! Republicans are at it again, they have voted unanimously against forgiving you. That's right, Republicans would rather you owe through the ass and let their buddies in the banking industry, collect on your ass, any way they can for the rest of your life. For those that want to continue to vote Republican, go right least they are upfront with their contempt for you, the poor and formerly middle class. Democrats aren't that far behind when it comes to making bright decisions. Folks, we should be tired of being jammed in the ass without lube by Corporate America and the people who are supposed to represent our best interests. Honestly, in the last few years, there have been too many bailouts, disappearing pensions, job cuts, fradulent mortgage scams, and schemers taking advantage of financially desperate people. The payback for this shit...NOTHING! We forgave Goldman Sachs. Oh come on, you really think these guys are going to serve real time in a real jail cell! We forgave Bank Of America, the auto industry, B.P. and countless others. But my student loan is going to make or break the government and they really need that piece ass change back because it will balance the dollar right? All the havoc and stealing that went and is still going on over on Wall Street, and no one has been charged and convicted of financial crimes? It seems the government's priorities are screwed up, or maybe they know their priorites and it doesn't concern our poor asses! A young lady I know, told me that she took out a couple of loans for her tuition. I didn't know folks still did that. Thankful for her, she paid their asses back, and probably told them to suck it! Not everyone is that lucky.

The Truth Is...

We are are currently living in a society where panic is in an abundance. And that means for every poll and statistic out there, the world always gives us something new and frantic to chew on. There are far too many subjects to discuss, so, I'll harp on just one of them. Serving up pet peeve #32...Healthcare in the U.S. Has anyone ever wondered why now we have so many autistic kids than in prior years? I mean if medicine is supposed to be more advanced now, you would think that the chances of having a healthy baby should sky rocket, right? Why is it so important now, to get a vaccination? They will actually deny a child entry to school without the full battery of immunizations,even when it has been proven that more children that have less shots get sick less often. Autism seems to be a byproduct illness of Western civilization, countries with high technology and wealth. Inhale this bit of knowledge.... * According to the CDC's 2012 study on the matter, 1 in 88 children is diagnosed with some form of autism. In just 2000, the number was 1 in 150. * Five times as many boys are diagnosed with autism than girls, that breaks down to 1 in 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls with the disorder. * The U.S. has the most required vaccines (36) for children of any country on earth. The number is actually double the world average of 18. * Kids in the U.S. are reported as being diagnosed with autism at 10 times the rate as children in other developed nations. In fact, countries with less vaccines required have both a lower infant mortality rate for children under five years old and lower autism rates. I wonder if that is a coincidence? Ask yourself why are local pharmacies and jobs trying to push this flu shot/pneumonia shot shit down our throats? This is not some bullshit ass conspiracy theory. This is coming from the same media where one moment coffee is good for you, and the next, its bad for you. Alcohol consumption is bad for you, yet drinking red wine is good for you. I know everything in moderation, but c'mon!Pork is bad for you, now its the "other white meat" - eat up! Speaking of what we consume...check out the seafood that was destroyed and fucked up in the Gulf by BP... it now has the stamp of approval of from the good ole government. Really???? Just last week, marine biologists were showing off pictures of the some of the new crop of seafood from the Gulf, shrimp with lesions, fish missing eyes and fins...I mean it was like an episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns was invited to eat a meal of a multi-eyed fish from a lake where his nuclear plant had been dumping waste! I believe that the media and the powers that be, do this shit on purpose, just to keep the public on its toes and guessing. They try and keep our asses confused by feeding us dumb, conflicting info shit, and we don't even see the obvious right in front of us - you know, that common sense stuff. That's exactly how they try to train us to be...walking through life with blinders on, watching the silly ass antics of the Kardashians or the Real Housewives of Wherever, and not seeing how they are slowly, but surely fucking us all up, from the medical "help" they give, to the poison they're feeding us. We shouldn't ask questions, just listen to Big Brother, he has our collective best interest at heart. Sure. For you motherfuckers that hang on the media and government's every word, SHAME ON YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eddie Long - Super Pimp Preacher Strikes Again!

Eddie Long Dong is at it again. First the little boys, now ole Eddie is in quite the pickle. Eddie Long Dong, along with recently accused Ponzi genius, Ephren Taylor, are now being investigated by the Securities Exchange Commission. Why, you ask? Well, it turns out that Eddie Long Dong opened the golden gates of his congregation, and allowed Ephren the serpent, to hustle church members out of more than $1 million dollars. Pardon the pun, but Eddie and Ephren have been bed buddies since 2009 when Mr. Taylor first started giving it in the ass to church congregations for his own personal gain. E.T. would find investors that actually cared about the community and wanted to give back, his specialty was preying on their desire to help others to basically help himself and his so-called business "associates". His victims figured that it was a "win-win" situation - I mean you help people and your community, and get a nice return back that you could bank besides that warm and fuzzy feeling of doing good? Too good to be true? In this case, yes. Ephren promised Rev. Soul-Glo Long's congregation a 300% return on investment. Really? 300%? I guess there were no C.P.A.s or financial planners on these churches' boards to give a qualified assessment of the improbability of these numbers. I mean, these investments were small businesses like car washes and gas stations were part of the investment. It's just now, that the truth is coming out. It always seems that people with money and the most intelligence, are the dumbest bitches on the planet when it comes to being conned and swindled. I mean, why did these folks believe him? Because he's black and "a man of God" just because he happened to give his sales pitch in the church? I mean, c'mon....shouldn't the criteria be a little higher? One red flag should have been the fact that he knew Long Dong, that down-low, manipulating gay ass bitch that many still uphold at New Faith in Atlanta! I don't need bigger, brighter, or the coolest shit or a supposed "God-annointed" money making scheme to validate who I am as a person. So, black folks, no sympathy here! Keep giving your hard-earned money, retirement, and pensions to folks like Ephren and Eddie Long! Stop giving your money to them and give it to those truly in need. Here's a hint...if you are tithing and barely making ends meet, and your pastor lives in a gated community, drives a late model luxury car, and has a private jet, then, perhaps your money is not helping anyone but your reverend. Another hint, if there are no independent audits of church funds and full transparency of where the money collected goes, then perhaps you are being hoodwinked in God's name. Stop being blind and see what is happened before you and in too many churches everywhere. False prophets are tearing you all a new one! The Pimp Game has been hijacked by the Preacher Game, for some, it is one in the same! For those who choose to believe in man and not the true God - keep getting it in the ass! That one was for you Eddie!! Dropping The Fucking Mic!!
Rahm Emanuel has turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes ever - like an unplanned pregnancy. I, for one, understand that some promises that were made, may not happen, that is just politics. It is the under the table, going through the back door, "wink-wink" shit going on in City Hall that bugs me. Let's start from the beginning. "I will not raise property taxes", he said, then Rahm raised property taxes. He appears to have become the poster child for fucking flip flopping. Well, Rahm, it seems your current past-time is fucking with CPS on a regular. School closings, longer school days and year, and that simple ass East Coast import to the Board of Education, Jean Paul "Gaultier" Brizzard, who seems to smirk whenever he discusses school closings are truly working overtime. On the issue of crime you've started using high-end terms for shit when you don't have a clue...what the fuck is a "gang audit" and why is the police chief occupying time by shuffling officers between districts and not actually policing? I really don't need my tax dollars used to overpay some Ivy League bitch to tell me Chicago has a gang problem! Now, on the heels of the red light cameras comes the blatant bullshit with the new citywide speed camera roll out and all this on the heels of the Mayor Daley's parking meter fiasco! In case you didn't know, Rahmey has ties to the company that provides red light and speed cameras for our dear city. It seems that company president, Greg Goldner helped Rahm out during his campaign and was a huge contributor. I guess this contract is the Mayor's way of saying, "thank you", I mean, why not let Goldner make his money back. He invested in Rahm and now Rahm is basically giving this bitch the keys to the city! Recently, our city council voted "yes" to speed camers in school and park zones. I'm proud to say that 14 Aldermen and Alderwomen voted against the cameras. They see the bigger picture of the cash cow crony benefits and the implications that more intrusion by Big Brother will cause the citizens of Chicago. Thank You Sandy Jackson, Bob Fioretti, Pat Dowell, and the others for voting against this stupid ass proposal. If we are now having issues with the red light cameras, wouldn't it stand to reason that we will have bigger issues with the speed cams? It doesn't matter and they don't care. Rahm and Goldner are shaking the shit out of those speed cams a.k.a. money trees and in the mean time shaking the shit out of our pockets. It is just business as usual in Chicago.
Teaching has to be one of the or the hardest jobs imaginable... First hurdle are the kids. Second hurdle is trying to reach 30 or more children in one room. Third, dealing with the parents, some of which might not be the most active. Fourth, dealing with the principle, district, and an administration that might not have the best support system for your students. Teachers are like the middle class and impoverished. They are the last to get anything, but are expected to give their absolute all. That some real unfair shit. You want me to stay an extra hour? You want me to try and teach/reach an over-crowded ass classroom? You want me to deal with being cursed out and disrespected by not only the child and the parent? All for the same lousy ass pay??? Now you want to throw some more shit at me... Now being proposed by the Chicago Board of Education is a new system for paying its educational staff - to be paid by the merit system. In a nutshell, if the kids do well, I get more money, if the kids do poorly, my pay is affected. Some might say that sounds fair, but they are not taking into the account all the circumstances. Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Board of Education President Brizzard are treating teachers as if they are in retail. Answer me this, Rahm - what if the teacher is in a school where attendace is low? You can't teach a kid if they aren't present. What if the kid doesn't want to learn or has some serious learning roadblocks that haven't been addressed? Schools in all areas aren't supplied and run equally, even in 2012, as much as the Board would have us think otherwise. Exactly how is this shit going to work in the teacher's favor? It is not supposed to, Rahm at it again, with some more bullshit to swallow. Were putting teachers and students in a tough spot. They'd better be glad I'm not a teacher, if my livelihood is based on merit, I'm giving cheatsheet answers to every kid in my class. No child would be left behind, fucking with me! Bush plan all the way! That's right, little Ray-Ray would get straight A's throughout his class year time with me! And I know i'm not the first one who thought of that. (smile)

You Are Not Alone

Yep! That's what Rahm and Police Superintendent McCarthy has said to the public. Even though when bullets are flying and you've learned to duck, dodge, drop, and roll to avoid getting hit, you are not alone - they are with you in spirit, as so they'd like you to believe. Rahm has seen fit to use the Englewood as the poster child for gang violence, it doesn't hurt his case as the neighborhood is now in the spotlight as the site for the Jennifer Hudson Family Murders. It is disturbingly true that homicides in Englewood have gone up 60 percent in a year's time with the majority being by gunfire. I couldn't imagine living in an enviroment like that everyday. I was born in Chicago and was a resident in Englewood back in the day, not telling the year, and let's just say, nothing much has changed, except maybe the frequency. Back then, my grandmother had a gun or two on standby, a baseball bat by the bed, and a butcher knife hidden somewhere in the house. Looking back it is probably where my tendency to carry shit wherever I go was born. What exactly does the Mayor and McCarthy going to do differently from the Mayor and officers that came before them? Nothing - absolutely nothing can stop that train wreck except maybe martial law, a complete checkpoint shutdown, if you will. Here's where black folks start to fuck themselves when it comes to playing politics. Voter turn out is a complete joke in certain areas. By not voting, your area is of least concern to the powers-that-be and who you choose to vote for can make or break your area's future. You have Aldermen and Alderwomen that could give a fuck about the actual well-being of their constituents, except come election day, that's the only time you'll get their attention and ear. The pimp-ass Christian churches turn a blind eye, as they buy property there at a cheap rate, pay no taxes, and don't give back to the very areas they are situated, and no one says a word - no accountability, no leadership, no responsibility. Englewood and neighborhoods like them, don't, and never will have a chance to flourish and get it together. Poor areas in America are treated like certain third-world countries, if there isn't money to be made, you are screwed. So, why bother to invest in an area, that won't invest in itself or have people demand in a unified voice for better surroundings. You need more than one or two people striving for change, you need the community to actively want better and not stop until their voices are heard and acted upon. "You Are Not Alone", the Mayor says,feeding us this line of bullshit to act as if we care. Make no mistake, fuck that, in this situation, we are alone.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pathetic Patriot

That title belongs to Ted Nugent and he wears this shit like a tailored suit for idiots. I've never been a fan of celebrities endorsing or getting involved in politics, it's not a good mix and because the ego is usually always involved. Half the time these celebrities don't have a clue and spout off something they've heard at at a cocktail party without investigating the facts and they talk too damned much!! Recently, Ted Nugent decided to pop his gums while at a NRA function, which if you saw the video, looked like a redneck militia meeting. This backwoods dipshit decides to go on one of his typical rants about the President. He mentioned "cut off the head of the snake" - the snake being our President, and said, "they're all criminals", assuming that he is referring to the President and our current cabinet members. He then went on to say to his fellow gun-toting nutjobs that "if our President is re elected, he(Ted) will either be in jail or dead - personally, I'm hoping that they lock his dumbass up and kill him. All this bullshit was done on the heels of this old fart promoting his new book. Just watching that video made me fucking cringe. I hate subjecting myself to such things but we have to know what the right hand is doing at all times. His audience was mesmerized by everything that came out of his nimrod piehole. Have we not learned anything from Sara Palin's crosshairs incident? We haven't recovered from simple members of the Aryan Nation killing people or that slow bus candidate for sending Congresswoman Kathy Giffords to an early retirement. I will never tire of asking...where the fuck were you and all of the Mr. Obama's critics when Bush/Cheney were running our shit into the ground? They were some of the biggest crooks around, lying about intelligence to propel us into some wars that we still can't completely disengage ourselves from...had Nugent said the same crap about President Bush, Cheney would have had quickly his ass dealt with. Better yet, that fool would have been charged with treason. So, now that the Secret Service wants to have a few words with Nugent, this aging pebble star(not rock), doesn't think he said or did anything wrong. Now, he wondering what he did, backtracking like a motherfucker. Which lets me know that he's really full of shit and in this for the money and publicity....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Education Is Literally Tearing You A New Asshole.

Forget what the news is telling you...unemployment is still at an all time high. If you are 37 years or older, you are fucked in the workforce. Here's why.... Most corporations are downsizing and the folks that get it in the rear first are the older employees. When a person has tenure, a company is paying a lot more for your services between pensions, if you're lucky, and paid vacation and sick days. Maybe they have implemented a point system that rates you based on your ability to make it to work, whether you're sick, dying, or have a death in the family. Or they will just get rid of the department you are in and give your work to another department that is probably already overworked and underpaid. Your experience is undervalued and they will gladly find a young, recent college graduate to do your work, working twice as hard for half the money you made. They will usually try to buy you out or forcibily retire your ass. If you are one of the select few that have managed to get a degree in your field, you find the opportunities for advancement to be very slim once you reach a "certain" age. Which brings us to the next problem... Folks are so upset about losing their jobs, that now most want to go back to school to get another degree. And for what? To delay the inevitable in a lot of cases - you're already in debt with your other student loan, car and home loans and family expenses. You're still unemployed. This corporate system does not work in your favor, don't be fooled. Again, if you are in your thirties, those days of getting what you are worth are long gone. Unless you happen to be connected. Then there are people like me, that have managed to fly under the radar without attaining a higher education degree. I was in the military, got additional training when I got out, and went into a field that doesn't require an advanced degree but common sense and a little brute force. I'm one of the lucky ones. Here's where we get screwed. It is like a Catch-22, you apply for a position, without a degree, you won't get the position because you aren't educated. If you have higher education you won't get the job, because guess what? You're too educated and corporations don't want to pay the money that your degree is worth. Ain't that shit fucked up? Which means you need to start figuring out how to pay your bills while working for minimum wage or learn the delicate balancing act of working multiple jobs to make ends meet. This is the new American Reality. So, the uneducated goes back to school, to go into debt, to get a degree for a position that probably won't be available for the many who have training in that field. Meanwhile, the educated person ends up handing out game tokens and tickets at Chuck E Cheese or serving designer coffee at Starbucks. Keep reading these past lines over and over again until this shit sinks in. Lately, education is doing nothing for this country's masses but perpetuating debt, dishonesty, depression, and quite possibly diabetes(smile). From what I've read, depending on the school, a four year education can cost at least $100,000 dollars before you get that piece of paper. All this push for an education on the radio and TV, and the work opportunities keep shrinking, and the education loan companies sink their claws deeper in those honestly trying to make a way out of their professional dead end. It is an ugly, vicious cycle. Speaking of those TV commercials, doesn't it seem like the world will be over-run with CNAs, graphic artists, hairstylists, makeup artists, and "security professionals" soon? It seems like like places are churning them out like an assembly line? Not to insult any in those fields; but how about some career diversity? Why don't they ever promote the fields that are actually really in demand? You know the fields where there is truly a lack of qualified people? It is like they don't want people to be truly prepared for the future work force. It seems like a big scam, like the ones at the top are in it together to further control the struggling 99%. Keep the masses down and get them desperate enough to accept the bare minimum of compensation, after all, they should be happy to be working, right? And no, that doesn't include benefits. But what's a person suppose to do? You have to aak yourself, will you ever get out of debt in your lifetime? Will you ever be able to live the American Dream of past generations? Will you have a cushion of funds for your "golden years"? Before you ask, I don't have an answer for this. It is just an heads up.