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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teaching has to be one of the or the hardest jobs imaginable... First hurdle are the kids. Second hurdle is trying to reach 30 or more children in one room. Third, dealing with the parents, some of which might not be the most active. Fourth, dealing with the principle, district, and an administration that might not have the best support system for your students. Teachers are like the middle class and impoverished. They are the last to get anything, but are expected to give their absolute all. That some real unfair shit. You want me to stay an extra hour? You want me to try and teach/reach an over-crowded ass classroom? You want me to deal with being cursed out and disrespected by not only the child and the parent? All for the same lousy ass pay??? Now you want to throw some more shit at me... Now being proposed by the Chicago Board of Education is a new system for paying its educational staff - to be paid by the merit system. In a nutshell, if the kids do well, I get more money, if the kids do poorly, my pay is affected. Some might say that sounds fair, but they are not taking into the account all the circumstances. Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Board of Education President Brizzard are treating teachers as if they are in retail. Answer me this, Rahm - what if the teacher is in a school where attendace is low? You can't teach a kid if they aren't present. What if the kid doesn't want to learn or has some serious learning roadblocks that haven't been addressed? Schools in all areas aren't supplied and run equally, even in 2012, as much as the Board would have us think otherwise. Exactly how is this shit going to work in the teacher's favor? It is not supposed to, Rahm at it again, with some more bullshit to swallow. Were putting teachers and students in a tough spot. They'd better be glad I'm not a teacher, if my livelihood is based on merit, I'm giving cheatsheet answers to every kid in my class. No child would be left behind, fucking with me! Bush plan all the way! That's right, little Ray-Ray would get straight A's throughout his class year time with me! And I know i'm not the first one who thought of that. (smile)

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