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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rahm Emanuel has turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes ever - like an unplanned pregnancy. I, for one, understand that some promises that were made, may not happen, that is just politics. It is the under the table, going through the back door, "wink-wink" shit going on in City Hall that bugs me. Let's start from the beginning. "I will not raise property taxes", he said, then Rahm raised property taxes. He appears to have become the poster child for fucking flip flopping. Well, Rahm, it seems your current past-time is fucking with CPS on a regular. School closings, longer school days and year, and that simple ass East Coast import to the Board of Education, Jean Paul "Gaultier" Brizzard, who seems to smirk whenever he discusses school closings are truly working overtime. On the issue of crime you've started using high-end terms for shit when you don't have a clue...what the fuck is a "gang audit" and why is the police chief occupying time by shuffling officers between districts and not actually policing? I really don't need my tax dollars used to overpay some Ivy League bitch to tell me Chicago has a gang problem! Now, on the heels of the red light cameras comes the blatant bullshit with the new citywide speed camera roll out and all this on the heels of the Mayor Daley's parking meter fiasco! In case you didn't know, Rahmey has ties to the company that provides red light and speed cameras for our dear city. It seems that company president, Greg Goldner helped Rahm out during his campaign and was a huge contributor. I guess this contract is the Mayor's way of saying, "thank you", I mean, why not let Goldner make his money back. He invested in Rahm and now Rahm is basically giving this bitch the keys to the city! Recently, our city council voted "yes" to speed camers in school and park zones. I'm proud to say that 14 Aldermen and Alderwomen voted against the cameras. They see the bigger picture of the cash cow crony benefits and the implications that more intrusion by Big Brother will cause the citizens of Chicago. Thank You Sandy Jackson, Bob Fioretti, Pat Dowell, and the others for voting against this stupid ass proposal. If we are now having issues with the red light cameras, wouldn't it stand to reason that we will have bigger issues with the speed cams? It doesn't matter and they don't care. Rahm and Goldner are shaking the shit out of those speed cams a.k.a. money trees and in the mean time shaking the shit out of our pockets. It is just business as usual in Chicago.

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