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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crazy Shelly Bachmann At it Again – Says She Thinks Abortion Will be Repealed in Nov.

High functioning retard, Michelle Bachman is at it again. Her stance on abortion is back in the forefront after dropping out the Republican race.

Here's the thing Michelle, you didn't get enough support for your campaign, where's the support coming from on your stance against abortion?

And I quote the crazy, "We will never forget"," We will never give up".
Didn't Bush say this shit in a speech after 9/11?
After this stance is over, i'm certain she will find a new cause to bitch and gripe about.

The Tea Party(Tea Baggers)is like a virus or fungus, just when you think they're gone - they're back!

Bachman didn't answer questions about her running for Congress again in Minnesota.

I say to the people of Minnesota, please keep that bitch under lock and key. Keep a close eye on her dysfunctional ass. She needs monitoring!

As a woman, it bothers me when a man, especially politicians and religious leaders, want to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body.
It's very disappointing when there is a woman in the mix with that Neanderthal way of thinking.

For the next year, I'm sure I will have a field day with all the Republican candidates, as well as some Democratic candidates, they always have something illogical to say.

Listen up "Tea Bag" Party: As you all are so quick to say, America has spoken - Get Lost!