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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Santorum Says That Homosexuality is Not Healthy for Society

Okay, let's see...who should I rant about today?

I know the "gays" arch enemy, Rick Santorum.

Now, Rick, that paragon of 19th Century thinking has stated that being an ole homo is not healthy for society.

Alright Rick, let's see what is healthy for society...

Millionares paying less tax than myself...check

Newt having extramarital affairs and then screaming from the rooftops about morality...check

Bailing out the banking industry while no one was held accountable for all the destruction their practices caused...check

Americans losing jobs to workers oversees...check

People not able to support their families on the checks that they receive because wages have not increased with the times...check

Americans losing their homes because they can't afford their mortgages any longer (see reason above)...check

Education taking a back seat to rising tuition costs at every level...check

After school programs, music, and the arts that no longer exist in some schools due to lack of funding...check

State funding for mental institutions and necessary medications cut for those who critically need it...check

Lack of support and jobs for returning veterans who have put their lives on hold doing their duty for this country...check

Yes Rick, you are so correct.

I could go on and on, the above mentioned ain't shit compared to the "gay problem" that you seem so obsessed about. Between trying to limit women's rights to bellowing about how gays have destroyed the country, you are an idiot blind to the real problems, bubble boy.

Those gays, I tell you, are far worse than the true state of this country.

DCFS Investigating Mother Whose Kids Died in Fire for Child Neglect

There are clearly circumstances that are sometimes out of your control.

Then there's problems that you create early on and refuse to straighten out your situation. Alicia Myles fits into this unfortunate slot.

Alicia, 25 years old has basically turned herself into a sperm receiver. It may sound harsh but it is the bottom line. Until a few days ago, she was the mother of three and expecting another child within a month.

All that changed on January 24th,2012, at 3:00am, on an early, cold, winter morning.

There are two sides to this horrible ending.

One source says Myles' 3 year old daughter started the fire. Another source says a pizza box caught fire.

Either way it didn't end well for two children.

For whatever reason, Miss Myles had been under investigation by the Department of Children and Family services in the past. There were issues with two former boyfriends and there was evidence of child neglect in 2006 and 2008.

If this baby making broad had all these issues, the first question should be - why keep bringing kids into the world that obviously you don't have the mental capacity and/or funds to handle?

Second question, if the state concluded that she was an unfit parent, why were the kids still in her care? Any 6 and 3 year old that is allowed to make snacks unsupervised in the kitchen at 3am with Mom's blessing shows some lack of supervision.

Foster care is a mess, DCFS is a mess, and to top it off Myles is fucked up. Where was her responsibility to keeping those kids safe? Those kids were basically on their own.

The system and the mother failed those kids horribly!

Those babies never had a chance.
They caught hell everyday just being around Myles.
Those kids deserved better!

So, what happens now? Life goes on.
Myles i'm sure will give birth to more kids. Business as usual.

Fast Food Employee Shoots Would-Be Robber Dead At Rally's

Petty thieves haven't figured out yet, that maybe you need to leave scary folks alone. I guess the memo arrived late.

A Rally's restaurant in Gary Indiana has proven that point once again.

This attempted crime shouldn't have happened in the first place.
If the owner of the franchise (BP -British Petroleum), had taken the necessary measures to secure a door that the employees had warned management about numerous times.

Anyway, thats another subject.

The story goes....two criminals enter the restaurant with the intention of robbery and who knows, maybe grabbing some Rally burgers.
One of the knuckleheads grabs an employee, the other one brandishes some type of automatic weapon, WHEN OOPS - one of the employees fires a weapon of his/her own.
This employee is actually a pretty good shot and gets off some well-placed shots at the attackers according to witnesses. They run out of the restaurant.

Twelve hours later, one of the attackers was found dead in a vacant lot.
Apparently, the Rally worker seriously popped a cap in that fool's ass.

The dead attacker as usual, had a history of crime like a phonebook.

A couple of things here...

1)Word to retarded criminals, there are some of us who are waiting on the right time to take your asses out when you fuck with us.

2) When you, the criminal, decide to commit a crime, make sure your buddy is a ride or die motherfucker. In other words don't leave my ass for dead at the sign of trouble or a glitch in the plan.

3)How about using a car instead of being on foot?

It turns out that the spokesperson for the police said the shooting was in self defense.

Okay, I'm just curious, what in the heck is going on in Gary, IN, that an employee needs to have a weapon sitting next to my fries or shake?

Teens Involved in Bridgeport Video Beating Placed on Electronic Monitoring

Another kid involved in that cowardly ass beating of a defenseless young man on Youtube, happens to be the son of another Cook County Sheriff.

What the hell?

So who are the other little fuckers related to? A judge, lawyer, doctor, drug dealer, pimp?

Each lawyer or parent related to this case are quick to state that none of these goons were raised that way.
I call them goons because if they were any other race, that is what the media would call them - they'd probably throw in phrases like, "pack of animals" too.

Let's crack parents, Mom isn't a chick turning tricks for meth, and Dad isn't an out of work auto worker.

So where did they learn this shit?
Is it learned behavior from a movie, rap video, or some secret family dysfunctional stuff from home?
The assumption is that these kids were raised in a good home. At least that's what they want us to believe.

It just amazes me that these otherwise "good" kids just suddenly went buckwild and ballistic like street thugs out of the clear fucking blue.

There's no excuse no matter what race they would've have been, but it is just amazing that these guys get a free pass, by just wearing electronic devices around their ankles.

You have to wonder if they were minority teens, would they'd be locked up.